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Filter Bubble, Cultural bias and Dangerous Minds

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Filter Bubble and dangerous cultural bias cannot be underestimated, in politics, media or education system. We live in a world where mob rule. And ‘cancel culture’ permeates society for devious purposes. Social media gags free speech. And the internet filters out differences. We are ‘intellectually isolated’. Algorithms have replaced humans. And our education system is brainwashing the next generation. This is now the cultural norm. And it will have an adverse effect on the human race.

Culture Wars: Reclaim History and the ‘Truth’ about Slavery sans BLM lies

~ Reasoned 7-Sep-21

Wokeness is a ‘contagion’ which is ‘taking over’ the West

~ Sky News Australia 30-Mar-21

ACU Senior Research Fellow Dr Kevin Donnelly says wokeness is a “contagion”. It has taken over mainly Western nations. “There are many reasons why it’s so pervasive”. Dr Donnelly told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “It goes back to education in particular.”

Meghan Markle and “Fake” Racism Claims

When the Cultural Attaché took flight in May 2018, it was at the height of “Meghan-mania”. Meghan Markle, an American had married British Royalty. It would have been an amazing story if not for one thing. This was no fairy tale.

The worse bit was that it became a “black and white” op-ed “hit” piece supported by sycophant trolls on social media. It was because Markle was black, rather bi-racial. Thus the premise needed to cry racism. It was one of the worse sort of media bias, where the byline had a distinct “halo” glow around Markle. These same writers neglected their due diligence as journalists. Because when you peeled away the onion, it had a distinct pungent odour that didn’t smell as sweet as the coverage they gave her.

At the time of its inception, The Cultural Attaché explained why Meghan Markle would not be called “Princess”. This was due to British Royal Styles, Titles and Honorific. Granted the average citizen would have a difficult time understanding this. Such traditions and protocols are culturally rooted. They are integral to the British Royal family.

It was unfortunate that Markle never took any of this seriously. Instead, Markle was more interested in the “clout” such an association would bring rather than the “work” her role actually entailed. Markle falsely accused the British media of racism. It was obvious she had no intention of becoming a British citizen either. Of course we all know what happened LESS than 2 years (May 2018-March 2020) into the J-O-B. She quit, which was so typical of her short-lived gigs.

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~ Lasse Burholt 01-Aug-20