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Nancy Pelosi: “I take responsibility for FALLING for a setup”
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Nancy Pelosi maskless at White House event on 20th May 2021 whilst imposing $500 fine mask mandate on House floor
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Nancy Pelosi'
~ Lasse Burholt 21-April-21 | Nancy Pelosi
~ Sky News Australia 19-April-21 | Maxine Waters

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Hypocrisy

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States has been charged with High Crimes and Misdemeanors. This after the U.S. Capitol riots that left 5 dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

However, the hypocrisy continues. Charging a former U.S. President with High Crimes and Misdemeanors is a bit weird since you can’t impeach a ‘sitting’ civilian. This even after the first impeachment trial found no evidence of Russian collusion. How much will this second impeachment trial cost the American people? Let’s not forget the first one cost $32 million. The Washington Post ran the headline on 20th January 2017 that read: The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – It’s a farce

We are no fans of Donald Trump, but even we know this impeachment is a farce. The question of public trust is a moot point because the Dems have already proven their distain for the man. The impeachment process of Donald Trump (In the minds of the Democrats) began on 9th November 2016. What happened on 6th January 2021 was only an excuse to falsely charge him with High Crimes and Misdemeanors, under Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution

No sane person believes this is for the “public” good. It is shameful how the Dems could waste time and taxpayer money on this circus, whilst ‘virtue-signalling’ their efforts to “Save America”. The U.S. doesn’t need saving from Donald Trump. They need saving from The Swamp that allowed BLM and ANTIFA to violate America. Together they caused over $1 Billion in damages and loss of INNOCENT lives.

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The Washington Post

Doctored and Misquoted @RepSwalwell (Eric Swalwell)

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Rep. Eric Swalwell misreads the word Calvary as cavalry, twice. Also, he presents a digitally-altered screenshot which adds a blue “verified account” checkmark to the woman’s tweet. This typically implies the account has a large following. ~ benice777 12-Feb-21

Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA

The Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, supported the ‘needless’ violence of BLM for over two months. They were more interested in their poll numbers than the deaths from the BLM mayhem. BLM and ANTIFA seized six blocks in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle. BLM caused the deaths of law enforcement officers David Dorn, Patrick Underwood and Damon Gutzwiller. They also claimed the lives of civilians, including children.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ignored the riots, violence, deaths and destruction of properties. Biden had an about face because his neglect to address the BLM mayhem showed up in the poll numbers. After telling viewers he wasn’t judging the violence, riots and looting, Don Lemon also changed tune for the same reason. Chris Cuomo was ‘schooled’ on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by a guy munching on noodles. The Dems, Biden, CNN, Lemon and Chris Cuomo supported the BLM mayhem when it suited them, but quickly changed tune when it started to hurt them in the polls. This was a total betrayal of the Public Trust.

Civil officers can be charged with high crimes and misdemeanours in accordance with Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution, albeit members of the congress are not considered “officers”.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Biden staffers also contributed to Minnesota Freedom Fund (MMF) to bail out BLM protesters and rioters. MFF paid $75,000 in cash to get Jaleel Stallings out of jail, according to MFF interim director Greg Lewin. According to the County Complaint, Stallings ‘attempted to cause the death’ of two officers.

Kamala Harris tweeted her support of MFF. They raised $35 million in donations but ONLY spent $200,000. Honestly, if MFF found it so ‘challenging’ to spend the money, why didn’t they just donate it to the black and brown communities? We should ask the same of Black Lives Matter. Where’s the Money? It didn’t go to the black and brown communities either.

All of them accused Donald Trump of inciting violence at the US Capitol. But they only have to look at Nancy Pelosi’s 16th May 2017 tweet where she declared, “Our election was hijacked”. There was a subsequent Russian Investigation (May 2017 to March 2019), costing nearly $32 million, that found ‘no empirical evidence‘ that linked Trump associates to Russian officials.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Just rotten

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark“. Any political official with a “hidden agenda” and not champions of democratic ideals is part of the collective known The Swamp. Thus, those who break the public trust should be held accountable, as “high crimes and misdemeanours”. But the U.S. constitutional language is thus that impeachable offences only includes the President and Vice President.

Ironically, the Dems had pointed the finger at something they had done 4 years prior. They whined and cried about their “stolen” election. Hillary Clinton didn’t even show up to her election “party”. Then she ranted on the airwaves about Donald Trump. Should the Dems also be charged with their role in the BLM mayhem in 2020? Absolutely! They broke the public trust. Their inaction caused the deaths of innocent people and over $1 Billion dollars in property damage, including state and federal.

Whilst Trump was no ‘dream’ President, especially his handling of Covid-19, beware of the ‘Trojan Horse’. The American culture likes ‘shiny new toys’. Biden/Harris will bring in a new era of ‘identity politics‘. They already supported Black Lives Matter, the organisation. They turned a blind eye to ANTIFA. Now, Biden wants to fast track 11 million illegal aliens to citizenship. That number could be as high as 22 million. He is also raising refuge admissions up to 125,000. Yes, it’s an “Executive Order”. It appears that votes are really important to the U.S. Dems. Biden and Harris are grooming the next wave of voters.

U.S. Capitol Deaths – 6th January 2020

High Crimes and Misdemeanors? No evidence

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New York Times retraction 12-Feb-21.
Officer Sicknick didn’t die from blunt force trauma according to medical experts
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Joe Biden Capitol riots’
Joe Biden’s prepared White House speech 13-Feb-21.
Apparently Biden didn’t see the NY Times “retraction” or got the “memo”.
ST. LOUIS: Ann Dorn, widow of the late Captain David Dorn, a retired police captain in St. Louis, speaks out about how she feels listening to lawmakers talk about ‘violence and unrest’ after the death of her husband by looters in the summer of 2020. – with Newsmax TV’s Shaun Kraisman
~ Newsmax TV 12-Feb-21

Uncover your own Truth!

IDENTITY POLITICS – Warning: Language. It seemed very odd when President Elect Joe Biden made a statement about helping out certain businesses based on race and gender. Source: TikTok, Jim Suprenant ~ Lasse Burholt 20-Jan-21
IDENTITY POLITICS TAKE 21 – Is there a white entertainment category on Netflix, HULU and Prime? Is there a white-owned restaurant category on UBER eats? Lasse Burholt 28-Jan-21.
JOE BIDEN defended far-left anarchist movement Antifa as “an idea, not an organisation” (YahooNews). DONALD TRUMP : “Antifa is a dangerous radical group and you ought to be careful with them, they’ll overthrow you,” – Biden urged to condemn Antifa as far-left radicals take to the streets after his inauguration. ~ Sky News Australia 22-Jan-21
Antifa: “Joe Biden is a feckless puppet (05:10) – Andy Ngo has been arguing for years: anarchists like Antifa want the complete destruction of American government, which includes BOTH parties. So, why then aren’t the leftist media adequately covering them and the dangers they pose to ALL Americans? ~ Glen Beck / Blaze TV. 21-Jan-21

U.S. House judiciary hearing on the “Rise of Domestic Terrorism”

Unmasked by Andy Ngo

This is why integrity matters – Watch out! There’s an illiberal at the helm! Sheila Jackson Lee must believe the American people are stupid. Because she continues to push the “white supremacy” narrative. She sits on that other committee demanding “reparations“. These hearings are a farce, so why have them? ~GBM

~ Andy Ngo 24-Feb-21

On 24 Feb., 2021, Andy Ngo gave testimony to the U.S. House judiciary hearing on the “Rise of Domestic Terrorism.” He spoke about the organized mass violence carried out in the Pacific Northwest throughout 2020 involving Antifa groups and cells. Ngo is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”