New Year

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A fresh start to the new year!

This is our fresh start to the new year. The New Year will welcome changes to the website. We will maintain some ‘old’ favourites with some new spin and branding. Gabrielle Bourne Media believes that change is a good thing, when that change can bring an exciting fresh start. After all, is it not the reason we make new year’s resolutions ‘every’ year?

Our life is brimming with those things Kate Spade stated. Kate should have lived to her full potential. But life is messy and navigating its maze can be a challenge. This is why stepping away from the immediate and critical thinking can save your sanity and even your life.

For this reason, we consciously chose not to live in an ‘echo chamber’. Whilst we have strong beliefs, we don’t let it get in the way of maintaining an open mind. We believe in freedom of speech. Because we should be free to disagree. But we should do so in a civil manner. This can be achieved through structured debates that is void of vitriol, victimhood and yes, ‘race baiting’.

We will continue to do our bit to call out anomalies that can harm. We will continue to debate the issues and not kowtow to the mob.