New Year

A fresh start to the new year begins with purpose and commitment. Welcome to 2023, that will signal in wisdom, introspection, perception, and more ‘intellectual’ approach to life. Here we emphasise the importance of Strategy and Tactics as we begin our next phase.

A Fresh Start to the New Year Kate Spade and The Queen

The Queen is dead!

When her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September 2022, it ushered in a new Chapter at Gabrielle Bourne Media. The year 2022 signalled in “rebirth” thus the accession of King Charles III. The Coronation of His Majesty The King will take place on Saturday 6th May, 2023. Hopefully the Royal Family can bottle the “good will” and energy of its people and help heal the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Here is the first snafu of 2022. King Charles III & Prince William’s ‘Woke’ Reign began with the disgraceful handling of the Lady Susan Hussey affair. Hopefully, they won’t make a habit of it in 2023. Steadfast resolve and ‘intellectual’ approach is necessary. Race-baiters, race hustlers and illiberal dullards, like Ngozi Fulani, should neither be recognised or accepted.

A Fresh Start to the New Year Lady Susan Hussey
1-December-2022 | Daily Mail | Lady Susan Hussey

But.. A fresh start to the new year…

Wisdom, introspection, perception, and more ‘intellectual’ approach to life.

A Fresh Start to the new year- Daily Mail Dignity

Welcome to 2023!

The Defenders are back! Our training has taken us to seven continents, in some of the remotest parts of the world. In 2022. In 2023, our practical training guide and action plans should help you thrive ‘during a downturn economy and ‘woke’ policies. You should have been preparing since the Covid lockdowns. But it’s not too late to start. Gabrielle Bourne Media believes that change is a good thing, when that change can bring an exciting fresh start. After all, is it not the reason we make new year’s resolutions ‘every’ year?

Our life is brimming with those things Kate Spade stated. Kate should have lived to her full potential. But life is messy and navigating its maze can be a challenge. This is why stepping away from the immediate and critical thinking can save your sanity and even your life.

For this reason, we consciously chose not to live in an ‘echo chamber’. Whilst we have strong beliefs, we don’t let it get in the way of maintaining an open mind. We believe in freedom of speech. Because we should be free to disagree. But we should do so in a civil manner. This can be achieved through structured debates that is void of vitriol, victimhood and yes, ‘race baiting’.

We will continue to do our bit to call out anomalies that can harm. We will continue to debate the issues and not kowtow to the mob.

A Fresh Start to the New Year, FIRST LOOK

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