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ESG and DEI Why they don't matter

ESG and DEI: Why ‘They’ Don’t Matter

The world has gone ‘Woke’ mad with ESG scores and DEI hires. But what is ESG and DEI and why they don’t matter. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance scores are given to corporations and businesses. Moreover, scores are tallied based on certain criteria. Consequently, that’s where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion rears its ugly head. That’s because, it’s not enough for corporate to be “environmentally woke”. They need to “hire woke”. And thus, society took a turn off the cliff. Take for example the Pride parades 2023.

DEI is actually “Diversity Equity Inc.” That’s because it’s a business scheme. Furthermore, it’s perfectly acceptable now to mutilate children and indoctrinate them into trans ideology. The insidious ‘gender-affirming care’ is a lucrative practise. Consequently, if you push society too far, they revolt. For instance, Bud Light thought hiring Dylan Mulvaney was a good idea. It backfired. Group Vice President for Marketing Daniel Blake and Bud Light Marketing Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid are “gone gone”. Following suit, Target believed in their tuck-friendly swimsuits. Now, they ‘eat crow’. In Glendale California and elsewhere, parents fight against LGBT Pride agenda.

23-December-2021 | Mr. Rupert | ‘DEI Nativity’

ESG really doesn’t matter unless you are an institutional investor. Investors and traders, in general invest based on the “bottom line” profits and returns. Moreover, they don’t care if a company is environmentally-friendly or hiring more blacks and POCs, in an effort to sustain CRT. They will quickly jump off a sinking ship like Bud Light and Target rather than hold a losing investment.

Cartman has a nightmare that all of his friends have been replaced by a diverse group of women who express their grievances about the patriarchy. (South Park Studios)

27-October-2023 | South Park Studios

Pride Month 2023: Woke Agenda on display

Pride parades have always been a bit raunchy, to say the least. In 2023, however, it was “full-frontal”. Indeed, in Seattle, there were naked men on bikes. Whereas, in Toronto naked men were marching. One of these Canadian naturists wore a hat, sunglasses and a mask. He was incognito. LOL! What total hypocrisy!

Pride parades are not kiddy-friendly. However, adults who bring children demonstrate why they should never be parents. Moreover, if they don’t know between right and wrong, how will they morally position their children for a better society? What adults do in the privacy of their homes is their business. However, let kids be kids!

ESG and DEI Why they don't matter - Kids watching naked men on bikes
Image credit: Lindsey Wasson

ESG and DEI: Why They Don’t Matter

There used to be a time when character mattered’. Moreover, hiring agencies and companies did sufficient background checks on character before they hired. This included looking up social media accounts of candidates. Would you allow these people to teach your kiddies or even near them? That’s why ESG and DEI don’t matter.

29-June-2023 | TheDC Shorts

Gays Against Groomers

A ‘Gays Against Groomers’ representative ripped a pride flag during a council meeting in Rolla, MO. (TheDC Shorts)

15-August-2023 | TheDC Shorts

Society “Erasing” White Males

Martin Daubney shares his thoughts on Pride Month, Black History Month and equality of ‘white men’. (GB News)

30-June-2023 | GB News | Martin Daubney

Case Study: Diversity Equity Inc at it’s most Profound

GB Media | 22nd June 2023

Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate, may not have said it, but he hired based on DEI. Who he didn’t hire were the ’50-year old white guys’ with vast experiences because they had the same backgrounds. “You don’t want every person to have the same experience”. Instead, he’s ok hiring the ‘varsity athlete’ and the guy who ‘surfs in the winters in Iceland’. In his mind, all his hires had to be “young” and “inspirational”.

The problem is ‘inspiration’ does not always lead to ‘safety’. When Apollo 13 was stuck in space, NASA relied on their skilled, experienced and learned older white guys’ to bring the crew home. No amount of ‘training’ will surpass knowledge, skill and experience.

OceanGate CEO comment
21-June-2023 | TheDC Shorts
OceanGate Titan comment
22-June-2023 | Daily Mail