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Who was Kassándra?

The Kassándra Chronicles exposes CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense.

Kassándra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, consequently of the ill-fated Trojan War of Greek Mythlology. The gift that Apollo bestowed upon Kassándra was prophecy. She was a Priestess and loved by Apollo, but she rejected him. She was cursed as a punishment. Kassándra saw the fall of Troy. But no one believed her.

There are modern day Kassándras and most are right leaning conservatives. The illiberal left calls these predictions “conspiracy theories”. Yet, predictions such as gender ideology indoctrination in schools are coming true. Will the “depopulation” predictions come true as well? Contrary to the claims made by Bill Gates, et al, the world population has been slowing and declining. Furthermore,“puberty blockers” can make kids receiving them infertile.

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense

These nonsensical ‘attributes’ will have an adverse effect on society. Besides Identity Politics, Gabrielle Bourne Media will expose the harm caused by ESG scores and DEI hiring. In other words, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, together with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Additionally, the rash of gender ideology and transgenerism will expose the weakness of the West and give rise to new super powers.

Furthermore, these unsustainable and sometimes ‘lethal’ cocktails of illiberal nonsense has regressed the Western societies, especially the United States, back to a “pillage and plunder” ecosystem. Moreover, this has given rise to ‘Black Power’ movements on the streets of Democratic strong holds like NYC and Chicago, where criminals run amuck, whilst the government and police salute Trans flags.

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense
23-June-2023 | TheDC Shorts

“We are Losing Our Sense of Free Thinking”

Say what?!!! There are a hundred different definitions of gender? The BBC told staff there were more than 150! This is why the BBC needs to be defunded. Don’t be a sheep, think on your feet!

29-May-2022 | GB News

The ‘Western’ Obsession with Socialism

Socialism always fails! But people still want it. Certainly, why they should listen to Gloria Alvarez. In 2020, Gabrielle Bourne Media posted, Scandinavian Socialism Myth because Bernie Sanders is an old rich guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

02-May-2023 | John Stossel

What is the Point of Pride?

Lukas Degutis is joined by Douglas Murray and Julie Bindel to discuss Pride Month and how it has changed over the years. For better? Or for worse? (The Spectator)

11-June-2023 | The Spectator

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense: Pronouns 🤡🤣

19-September-2022 | Flashgitz

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense: Gender Confusion 🤡🤣

When an alien visits Planet Earth…

29-June-2023 | The Babylon Bee | How Many Genders?

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense: Fake Influencers

Do not be deceived by Twitter or Meta (Facebook) check verified accounts either. Moreover, some of these are Illiberal Noisemakers and not ‘influencers’. Besides, they can only influence sheep, not leaders or critical thinkers. Furthermore, they are taking society down the wrong path. Many don’t believe in free speech, albeit they tell you that they do. Additionally, watch what they do and not what they say. Because, their words and actions don’t match. That’s a tell sign.

Parents, students and graduates should demand money back from the ‘woke’ universities. Because they are total BONKERS! Do you know what they are teaching your kids? Are you the subject of such poppycock at your employment? Illiberal nonsense is a contagion, and unfortunately, it’s everywhere from universities to companies.

We are the BIG RED flashing sign that says, ‘DANGER’. In other words, ‘iceberg’ ahead. Some people think that an iceberg just floats around. They don’t realise that some icebergs are the size of mountains, but most of it is under water. We are here to expose the bits that you cannot see.

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense: CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS

Alan Miller of the Together Declaration tells Neil Oliver that the push for low-traffic neighbourhoods and 15-minute cities is ‘an attack on cars, our freedom of movement, and our independence’.

11-March-2023 | GB News | Neil Oliver

CRT Makes you crazy?

Aruna Khilanani (Yale University) wants to “unload a revolver into the head of any white person” that got in her way.

06-June-2021 | Dr. Carol M. Swain: Be the People News

What is Identity Politics, CRT and other Illiberal nonsense?

Everything goes through a racial lens. CRT is confused with diversity but there are differences. That’s because when you discuss any racial issues, it’s about inclusion. But diversity is not just about race. It’s about culture, social and even ecosystems. Race is a small component of diversity.

The downside to CRT is the fact the primary focus is on ‘white supremacy’. Just take a look at where this theory originated. Basically, whites are bad. They have privilege so we want some. “Give me, give me, give me” is all we hear. When you listen to these arguments, you wonder what happened to history and critical thinking. This circular argument reminds us of just what happed to CHAZ/CHOP. We called that experiment a “Successful Failure”.

Identity Politics = ‘Box Tickers’ 🤡

Identity politics favours one group over another. These policies determine which group is the most ‘oppressed’. And just like CRT this practise is through a racial lens. In other words, it’s a “box ticker”. For example, candidate A is white and passed over because candidate B is black, even though candidate B is LESS qualified. That’s the problem with box tickers. That’s why Gabrielle Bourne Media doesn’t do business with ‘box tickers’.

CRT and Illiberal Nonsense - Sam Brinton

This is a comprehensive article of what is wrong with “woke” warriors who don’t do their due diligence but instead play up identity politics in lieu of common sense. These include failures by the Biden administration, LGBQT communities and the Main Stream Media as public “gatekeepers”.

CRT and Illiberal Nonsense - Sam Brinton article

CHAZ/CHOP and CRT Failure

Back on 3rd July 2020, we reported on CHAZ/CHOP and why it was a successful failure. During the seize, you had the “Black Liberation Movement” (BLM) and ANTIFA occupying six blocks of Seattle known as Capitol Hill. POC and blacks were in charge and the whites were in ‘indentured servitude”.

They not only created black only areas but gardens for the people of colour (POC). The whites had no rights. apparently. The whites guarded the black only areas, whilst blacks and POC lounged around in an open grassy field. Two murders later, CHAZ/CHOP became the highest crime statistics per capita in the U.S.

‘Privileged’ Don Lemon’s Illiberal ‘logic’ about CRT 🤡

18-June-2021 | Fox News | Don Lemon biased and unhinged
Three Crowns

The Rise of the BRICS

Despite the warnings she was not to be believed. Henceforth the rise of the BRICS may be the end of the West.

CRT and other Illiberal Nonsense - Kassándra Chronicles - BRICS Rising