The Puppet Master of the Year

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ‘Fleeces’ the West

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is our pick for The Puppet Master of the Year. A guy in a green shirt has been pulling the strings all along. The UK and the US are just pawns.

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Contributors: Lisel Strumpf | Jason Thomas | Defender-in-Chief

GB Media | 24th November 2023 (Updated)

Kassandra was the sister of Paris who prophesied the end of Troy.  Why does history repeat? Why don’t people heed warnings, when it is staring them in the face? Additionally, throughout history, there have been monsters, hiding behind ‘useful idiots’. Such is the case of Volodymyr Zelensky and the United States of Amerika. It wasn’t enough for Joe Biden, voted in by illiberal sock puppets, to completely screw up Afghanistan ‘exit plan’. Now, Biden made Zelenskyy and his cronies rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Of course Zelenskyy is only too happy to prolong Biden’s proxy ‘war’ with Russia, despite the fact he has been losing. He’s getting exactly what he wants, including extending his ‘dictatorship‘ for the foreseeable future. Just like Mahmoud Abbas, Zelenskyy has prolonged his power. Abbas has been the President of the Palestinian National Authority since 2005. Abbas cancelled elections several times to remain in power.

9-November-2023 | Tulsi Gabbard

The Puppet Master of the Year Pulls the Strings

Zelenskyy is not the puppet of the Western Elites. Moreover, he is ‘calling the shots’. Furthermore, he has been bending western milk toasts to his will since the beginning. These spineless participants included Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden. They haven’t learned from the BLM Lie. Now, they are kneeling before the altar of Zelenskyy.

Besides the spineless Media, Zelenskyy has corrupted the Grammys and Cannes Film Festival with his nonsense politics. However, on the bright side this year, the Oscars and FIFA rejected Zelenskyy’s request to appear. Thank goodness for common sense!

Integrity Matters - Variety Zelensky barred Eurovision

Gabrielle Bourne Media support the people of Ukraine. Zelenskyy and his cronies are a different matter. Whilst many in the western civilisation are still asleep, we will do our part to expose illiberal nonsense like supporting this puppet master.

integrity Matters - Ukraine de facto NATO Zelenskyy

The problem with the Puppet Master of the Year

Zelenskyy tried the three-card monte trick but failed…AND exposed.

The Puppet Master of the Year Zelensky lies Poland

Zelenskyy ‘not all he’s portrayed as’ by Western media.

29-July-2022 | Sky News Australia | Cory Bernardi


Tucker Carlson: China is a far bigger threat than Russia

Tucker Carlson joins Freddy Gray on SpectatorTV in a conversation that covers everything from Vladimir Putin’s intentions in Eastern Europe to Tucker’s dislike for overhead lighting. Asked why he’s against an American intervention in Ukraine, Tucker says: ‘We’re already funding a proxy war. So why would we be doing that? I mean, is there a vital American interest that serves?

01-February-2022 | The Spectator

The War in Ukraine ‘feels’ like ‘Wag the dog’

GB Media | 13th September 2022

We have been questioning the Ukraine ‘war’ since March 2022. Questioning the Ukraine ‘war’ and Zelenskyy may not be popular, but being popular isn’t our goal.

The Ukraine ‘war’ ‘feels’ like the film, ‘Wag the Dog’. All about distraction. Do we believe there is a ‘war’? That’s what we heard and read. There is no doubt that Putin is an aggressor, but Ukraine hasn’t succeeded in shaking off their corrupt history either. This was an invasion that was building up since 2014. Putin’s objective was to scale down Ukraine’s military and destroy their ideology. It became a “proxy war” with the involvement of the West, in particular the UK and the US.

Zelenskyy is an “attention-seeker” who also pushed for Ukraine to join NATO. No doubt this pissed off Putin. Zelenskyy failed. In order to acquire NATO membership, other members have to unanimously vote on your entry. Ukraine has been trying for membership since 2008. The most disturbing are Zelenskyy’s relentless publicity grabs. The Vogue photo shoot was WEIRD. Zelenskyy’s appearance at the Grammy awards was even WEIRDER. But then, Hollywood is just nonsensical these days.

Zelenskyy and The War of Politics

‘Wag the Dog’ is a film we attributed to the Iraq war back in 2004. Look how that turned out. The Defender-in-Chief was also an early warning Whistleblower in 2002, especially the ‘dangerous’ recruitment practises by the Battalions. The REAL war was in Afghanistan, but did anyone care? Iraq had the oil and Bush wanted a regime change. Bush was infamous for saying that Saddam was the guy that ‘tried to kill my dad’. So, Bush and Tony Blair led the US and the UK into war “under false pretence”, claiming there were weapons of mass destruction.

Joe Biden is playing ‘wag the dog’ with this proxy war against Russia. Biden even called for a regime change. The problem with a regime change is what are you going to replace it with? Iraq is worse off and the world isn’t any better because of the Iraq war. Afghanistan is run by extremists who hate the West.

Well, when governments, including the United States are printing money at an alarming rate, nonchalantly handing out “blank cheques”, stop producing resources to help their citizens (Keystone XL pipeline), you are bound to have a world economic crisis. This has nothing to do with Russia or the Ukraine ‘war’. But keep telling yourselves that lie.

The Puppet Master of the Year: ‘Enrichment’ Propaganda

Ukraine’s FTX Cryptocurrency FUNDRAISER

Integrity Matters FTX
Graphics: Fox News | Jesse Watters

The Puppet Master of the Year: ‘Filthy’ Rich?

Integrity Matters Zelensky
Puppet Master of the Year Zelensky 850M

The Puppet Master of the Year: Western Weapons for Sale

Integrity Matters Zelenky weapons

Let’s face it. The West including the UK and USA are stupid. The bumbling idiots can’t track their own supplies and aide in this ‘Wag the Dog’ conflict.

Why did Kira Rudik’s presence on GB News ‘feel’ more “Propaganda” than “Humanitarian”? As a matter of fact, it looked like she read from a prepared script. She was demanding the west send more weapons. More weapons? But why? Good thing GB News saw fit to cut her off, because when a disaster happens, isn’t your first concern the people? This coupled with other reports that Zelenskyy was ‘urgently’ requesting more weapons, as well. As with Iraq, we are leaving this as a PLACE CARD until further notice. Something doesn’t ‘feel’ right about this.

15-September-2022 | GB News (00:38)

Drone Wars:

The Puppet Master of the Year ‘hires’ Luke Skywalker

Puppet Master of the Year Zelensky is a genius comment
11-October-2022 | Sky News Australia