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Food for thought Critique and Insight

The Wave Journal was launched in 2013, to provide a ‘food for thought’ critique and insight. Because it was an extended part of who we were. Social issues took centre stage because we knew the world we lived in. Moreover, we understood the immense opportunities it offered. But also the pitfalls that laid in wait. Furthermore, it wasn’t like we didn’t warn people. Because we did.

In the years since launching GB Global, many truths came to life. Additionally, the Government has gotten bigger. More citizens have become dependent. Why are people waiting for a ‘hand out’? Why are people less responsible and accountable for their own actions? The taxpayers should not be bailing out ‘woke snowflakes’, personal debt or student loans.

Do you feel any safer now than you did 10 years ago? Has big tech taken over your life? Are you more dependent or more self-reliant? There are no right or wrong answers. It mainly has to do with how you are feeling. It depends on how you assess your current situation.

For many feeling the ‘pinch’, understand this ‘sobering’ thought. Inflation and Recession is “human-made”. When countries like the United States are printing money at an alarming rate and handing out “blank cheques” in the billions, it will trigger an economic meltdown. Its statistics and economics.

Stacey Plaskett: ‘Useful Idiot’?

“We need to elevate the Constitution of the United States” (Robert F. Kennedy)

GB Media | 20th July 2023

Why is the United States government involved in censoring ‘free speech’? Furthermore, why are they directing social media sites like Youtube to do the same? Moreover, why are Democrats like Stacey Plaskett trying to silence Robert F Kennedy? Indeed, Plaskett is the problem. She actively courted Jeffrey Epstein to help her campaign for a congressional seat. Hmmm….something is ‘fishy’ about this ‘useful idiot’. Albeit Mr. Kennedy believes in kindness, there is nothing redeemable or kind about Plaskett.

20-July-2023 | Forbes Breaking News | Robert F. Kennedy

Chip Roy: ‘Stop Kissing Each Other’s Rear Ends!’ 👍🏻👍🏻

The actual problem is the rest of the spending even though discretionary spending is still one and a half, 1.6, 1.8, 2 trillion dollars, or is it seven trillion dollars? Does anybody know? Does anybody care? Hey we shut down the whole country under Covid. Hell we’ll just write a five trillion dollar check. Why not because that’s what we do. We just keep writing checks that we can’t cash. (Rep. Chip Roy R-TX)

18-November-2022 | Forbes Breaking News

Integrity Matters to this Federal Judge! 👍🏻👍🏻

GB Media | 12th November-2022

Joe “Where am I” Biden’s FREE money for student loan handout was blocked by U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman. Biden not only sees “dead people” but listens to whinging cry-babies about their personal debt and the climate. Why should taxpayers and law abiding citizens BAIL out these ‘woke snowflakes’? Get a J-O-B and be accountable and responsible human beings. Stop sponging-off the system. Doesn’t Starbucks Coffee company have 100% tuition coverage?

Food for thought Critique and Insight: The Mob Rule for all

People live in the world of their own-making. But in this era of ‘cancel culture’ and group identities, people are less inclined to speak out. So why is this? We have a weak system that allows mob rule. Although the mob comprises the minority, they are still allowed to have a greater voice. We saw this with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne.

Currently the mob is being driven by race. Yes, race is everywhere. If you don’t agree, you are a racist. Soon, the mob will deem ‘watermelon’ racist. They already got rid of Aunt Jemima. Darn! We should have grabbed a bunch to store in our special bunker! Soon we will be living in a Fahrenheit 451 dystopian world. Burned any books lately? The ‘purge’ of books have begun in the schools. The world is just getting more ridiculous but no where more than the United States of Amerika.

Diminishing Returns

There are so many moving parts in this Wokerati world, that nothing will function anymore. You have a President with diminishing cognitive process. BIG tech bullies. And a race war initiated by the black mob and their ‘White Saviours’. Since everything is about race, NOTHING is about race. There is no logical case for an argument anymore. Since arguments based on skin colour is for the dumb and dumber.

Three Crowns