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Welcome to the Tucker Carlson Candace Owens Antisemitic Show. Moreover, they have a lot to say, without saying much. Additionally, they are vacuous and void of any facts. Furthermore, they obviously know nothing about the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’, or even the ‘war’ on Hamas-Isis. This is obvious from their lack of context. Can Owens even find Israel on a map? Here’s a hint because it’s in the chant from her Lefty-lovey radicals she supports. Furthermore, they lack the “sophistication” required to accurately and correctly inform the general public.

Antisemitic Tucker Carlson Candace Owens Show - NY Post article

Tucker Carlson is not interested in Israel. That much is clear, from his lack of attentiveness. Carlson’s main goal is to focus public attention on the migrant crisis. However, comparing America’s southern borders to the genocidal massacre of 1200 Israelis by Hamas-Isis exhibits clueless indifference.

Candace Owens use of the phrase, “emotionally unhinged” to describe Ben Shapiro actually backfired. Owens became emotionally unhinged in her support of Hamas. Shapiro’s sharp wit to call out her ‘faux sophistication‘ hit its mark. Owens doesn’t have a clue on what she is talking about. She lacks the historical reference, as well as the basic knowledge to efficiently argue her points. Shapiro’s use of “disgraceful” to describe Owens is accurate. It is disgraceful to conjecture on a subject without knowledge. It is more disgraceful to spread misinformation in the process of doing so.

Tucker Carlson Candace Owens: Ben Shapiro

Candace Owens may have started this shit show, but Tucker Carlson acerbated it. Apparently it all started when a tape of Ben Shapiro at an event surfaced, where he ‘honestly‘ answered an enquiry on Candace Owen’s position on Israel. He had a right to be critical. Owens was a dunce on Israel-Palestine-Hamas-Isis issues. It is important to provide context because neither Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson did so during the sit down interview on his X programme.

Owens knows Ben won’t fire her, but for some reason she didn’t know what he did at The Daily Wire? Ben Shapiro co-founded The Daily Wire with Jeremy Boreing. All she had to do was look it up on Wikipedia. Whilst Wikipedia doesn’t get everything right, it’s a good source for company-related information. Besides, it is highly doubtful if Shapiro (who has no hiring/firing power) and Boreing will fire Owens, but she is welcome to quit the show.

Owens opens up with her ‘victim‘ narrative during her sit down with Carlson. She says Shapiro should be “embarrassed” over his handling of the situation. Why should he be embarrassed when in previous shows, Shapiro stated he and Owens didn’t see eye to eye on many things, including Kanye West. Shapiro is the antithesis of victimhood, whilst Owens showcases her victimhood with Tucker Carlson on X.

The first timestamp from Tucker’s tweet about the programme is ‘Candace Owens is attacked – even when she’s right’. That set the tone for the whole programme.

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20-November-2023 | Megyn Kelly | Candace Owens Brand doesn’t align with The Daily Wire

Candace Owens: Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is one of the nicest people on the political podcast sphere. He also attended Candace Owens’ wedding. Rubin was one of the early Owens supporters, inviting her to appear on his show before Owens success with The Daily Wire.

Whilst freedom of speech allow everyone to have differing opinions, facts matter. Except Owens showed very little aptitude for discussing middle east politics and history, in particular Israel-Palestine-Hamas-Isis. Owens is also a liar, which amplifies why Shapiro was correct when he called her Israel argument “disgraceful“.

Owens blatantly told Tucker that she wouldn’t make “ad-hominem attacks” against Shapiro. However, Owens consistently flung insults at Dave Rubin, who still believes they are friends. Here is what we wrote to Dave Rubin on his Youtube channel.

Tucker Carlson Candace Owens - YT comment

Owens should ‘eat crow’ because she has no qualms about attacking her colleagues, or even a “friend“. Owens claimed during Tucker, “I would hope that amongst colleagues, it would always be civil disagreements“. She continued, “I would hope that it would remain respectful, and that you wouldn’t throw your colleagues under the bus, so to speak.” Owens demonstrated the exact opposite. She picked fights with Megyn Kelly, trashed Dave Rubin on her podcast show and didn’t stop the assault on Ben Shapiro. She went on Tucker Carlson’s show, where she would have an even bigger audience, to stick a knife in it too.

We stand by what we wrote to Dave Rubin. Candace Owens is not a nice person.

Tucker Carlson Candace Owens: Israel

Whilst Carlson and Owens are not open “jew-haters“, they lean towards being anti-Israel. Owens takes cover for Hamas by stating, “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide” but provides no evidence of this. However, there are plenty of raw footages and eye witness accounts of Hamas-Isis’ atrocities on 7th October 2023. Ben Shapiro, et al have been at the forefront of piecing these critical facts together. Facts matter but apparently not to Owens. Moreover, neither Carlson or Owens were that concerned with the atrocities that included the ‘genocidal‘ murders and rape of 1200 Israelis, and the forced captivity of 238 men, women and children. Unfortunately, two hostages found dead in Gaza.

The Tucker Carlson Candace Owens interview is analogous to two pals at a cocktail party. Neither reacted to the atrocities by Hamas-Isis. Moreover, Owens was more concerned with Gaza and Palestine, and not the 240 Israeli hostages held by Hamas. The 1200 raped, butchered and murdered Israelis was an after thought. Her ‘reaction‘ equaled that of her defence of the Pro-Hamas-Isis Harvard students’ statement blaming Israel for what happened on 7th October.

Owens may not be a “jew-hater” but she hates Israel. Her mindless fascination with Palestine and her anti-Israel stance was fact-checked on her own podcast show. Knowledge matters. Facts matter. Obviously they don’t to Owens when it concerns Israel.

Candace Owens: Palestine

Owens may have swallowed the ‘red pill’ but she is far from being conservative or a Republican, for that matter. The once Left-leaning Democrat believes her evolution story, but how factual was it? The first hint of her deceit was her public feud with Megyn Kelly. Universities have been the epicentre for Israel hate since 7th October, even before Israel had a chance to respond to the Hamas-Isis atrocities.

Gangs of illiberal ‘thugs‘ took to the streets to chant ‘Gas the Jews‘ in front of the Sydney Opera House. The pro-Hamas-Isis thugs had infiltrated schools. The Jewish students at Cooper Union barricaded themselves. At Harvard, students signed a statement blaming Israel for the Hamas-Isis atrocities. Only when a doxxing truck revealed the names and faces of these students, some retracted their names from the statement. Candace Owens supported these Harvard students by running cover for them. She didn’t agree that students should lose potential job offers over it.

What happened at Harvard was not an isolated incident. Many schools took part in the Pro-Hamas-Isis rallies including Cambridge, Oxford, Cornell, NYU, Columbia, UPenn et al.

19-November-2023 | JNS TV | Antisemitism Defenders