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Government grip and control around the world was far worse than Coronavirus. However, those who prepared were far better off than those who ‘mindlessly’ followed confusing and incorrect mandates.

GB Media | 9th September 2023 (updated)

Health and Fitness is an integral ‘mindset’ at Gabrielle Bourne Media. Moreover, our organisation started as a wellness campaign. We worked closely with various non-profit health organisations, including on the Board of The American Heart and Stoke Associations. That’s because we knew the value of living a healthy and ‘fit’ life.

Our wellness motto at the time was ‘Fit for Life’, not to be confused with the book of the same name. However, we also note how one of the leading public health organisations, The American Heart Association, got it so wrong! Moreover, with continuing efforts by illiberal governments to “control” their citizens, through harmful vaccine boosters, masking and additional lockdowns, maintaining a viable health and wellness routine is critical in thriving.

As such, we are starting a new chapter aptly titled, “To Your Health”. However, don’t expect vegan or veggie lifestyles. No, instead we are getting back to basics: Eggs, Suet, beef drippings, butter, Coconut oil and authentic Olive Oil. Furthermore, we are going back in time…to an era how people cooked and ate before the obesity epidemic and processed foods made the world sick.

07-September-2023 | GB News | Junk Food Britain

Thriving during a Pandemic and a Recession

We started The Coronavirus Bootcamp to help you thrive during this pandemic and beyond. Moreover, Gabrielle Bourne Media provides the latest Covid-19 updates and critique, in addition to tips, tricks and prepping techniques.

Dr. John Campbell and Neil Oliver are our “voices of reason” for this report. We also include other relevant discussions and insights, and villains and thieves who robbed the public of their liberties. Main Stream Media (MSM) call these people ‘heroes’. Gabrielle Bourne Media labels them ‘cowards’ and ‘liars’ who did more harm than good.

26-July-2023 | TheDC Shorts | Ice Cube & Tucker Carlson

The public relied on these experts for knowledge-based information. All they provided were conjecture and ‘assumptions’. They imposed lockdown rules that they broke themselves.

Freedom of Speech? Obstruction and Silence

Internal Meta emails say pressure from Washington was behind a decision to take down posts attributing pandemic to man-made virus. (Dr John Campbell)

29-July-2023 | Dr John Campbell

Dear Matt Hancock – F🤬 You, and F🤬 Your Apology

28-June-23 | ChilliJonCarne

Disclaimer: Gabrielle Bourne Media never believed that Covid-19 was a ‘hoax’. However, we never believed it was a ‘death march’ either. Additionally, there were conflicting reports on it origination. Since our first reporting, updates have occurred with new factually-based evidence. We will continue to update as needed.

It is important to point out that on 15th May 2020, with the introduction of ‘Operation Warp Speed’, GB Media went ROGUE. Moreover, it was not possible that BIG PHARMA could deliver. No government should make absolute statements. We believed common sense prevailed. For this reason, we were against the vaccine mandate from the get-go.

Peter Hotez – Vaccine Expert??? 🤣🤥

12-June-2023 | Matt Orfalea
Integrity Matters Boston Research playing with Fire

Coronavirus: What Really Happened in Wuhan?

This report tackles the origination of Covid-19.

14-June-2023 | Sky News Australia | Sharri Markson

Covid-19 Origins: Wuhan Lab

Gaslighting 101: Scammer Fauci ‘Exposed’

The people in this community are SMARTER than Scammer Fauci. Furthermore, they weren’t buying what he was peddling. Because Operation ‘Warp Speed’ was a scam. Fauci continued to make outlandish “absolute” statements, which he had to later walk back. Fauci claimed the vaccine prevented Covid. Additionally, the vaccine made Covid symptoms less severe. He was WRONG on every front.

22-March-2023 | TUCKER CARLSON
The Coronavirus Bootcamp Important Mask Update
02-March-2023 | Dr John Campbell

Big Brother is Watching You: 77th Brigade (UK)

30-January-2023 | Dr John Campbell

The Coronavirus Bootcamp: ‘No’ to Covid Amnesty ✋🏻🛑

GB Media | 14th November 2022

Amnesty is an excuse for not taking responsibility and accountability for their own actions. Gabrielle Bourne Media does not believe in the Covid Amnesty programme, designed by those who should be blamed to come out ‘blameless’. Those who pushed and promoted ‘draconian’ lock downs and Covid vaccine mandates should be held accountable. Full stop.

For the rest of humanity, this is a wake up call. PREPARE. Be on the ready for whatever comes down the pipeline. Be fully stocked and supplied. Organise and fortify your household, office and businesses. This is not a drill.

14-November-2022 | GB News | Dan Wootton & Neil Oliver

The Coronavirus Bootcamp alert. New York Supreme Court ruled that NYC was ‘wrong’ to fire 1700 city employees for not taking the Covid vaccine. They should get their jobs back with back pay. But NYC wants to fight this? NYC chose “Elites” over their own workers. Double standards in favour of the wealthy, yet again.

The Coronavirus bootcamp
22-October-2022 | Dr John Campbell | ‘The Risk of Human Arrogance’: Boston Virus

The Coronavirus Bootcamp: ‘Question Everything’

The Coronavirus Bootcamp is more than just learning how to thrive during a ‘pandemic’. It’s a manual to thrive during an inflation and a recession. Gabrielle Bourne Media provides accurate information (in their own words) on the latest developments. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly, and in the case of Pfizer who ‘LIED’ to the world about the Jab. Don’t take our word for it. Pfizer admitted it. Most importantly, QUESTION EVERYTHING.

14-October-2022 | Neil Oliver
18-December-2022 | Russell Brand | Rumble: The Covid Redemption with Tim Robbins

The Pfizer documents: What it revealed or didn’t…

Dr John Campbell | 09-March-22 | The Pfizer documents

Neil Oliver: ‘Hey Government, we are not stupid’

GBNews | 23-Oct-21

The Coronavirus Bootcamp: Genesis & Updates

This blog was created in April 2020 as a resource guide and opinion piece. The Coronavirus bootcamp was launched in July 2020, with ‘Harvesting Abundance’. The blog received so many positive feedbacks, it inspired people to start a garden and make Kombucha at home!

Activity is the best medicine for “stir crazy”. We will continue with these types of resources, but most importantly, we will help you better prepare for the next world crisis, ‘man-made’ or natural. If you are signed up all ready, you will continue to receive our quarterly Thrive guide.

Updated in 2022, we have included Prepping 101 or Prep Defence 101 that goes beyond just thriving during a pandemic. Citizens around the world are worried, deeply worried about their financial futures and economic outlook. Savings and investments deplete, whilst food, energy and petrol prices spike. Many are looking for relief. Many have made their fears and uncertainties known to us. We have taken those fears and turned it into another bootcamp activism.

The Coronavirus Bootcamp: How we keep you engaged

We understand the physical and emotional toll this virus can take, especially with government interventions that don’t make any sense. Don’t believe the Media hype. Fear mongering is the new fashion. Therefore, we have included tips to thrive during the ‘pandemic’ of 2020 with “The Coronavirus Bootcamp”. Moreover, we expanded this to include thriving during an economic downturn in 2022 and beyond. The time to prepare is now. More about that in Sustainable Living.

Unlike many, we were not clueless. As a team, we tracked the virus since 2019, aka Covid-19. As a direct result, we started to prepare long before it was on the government radar. This included the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. That’s because when the sh*t hits the fan…literally fanned by Media disinformation, world citizens go BONKERS. How many rolls of toilet paper do you really need?

You too can be better prepared before the next world crisis hits, whether that is a man-made or natural ‘pandemic’ or economic meltdown. And you can be sane about it too. Coronavirus wasn’t a hoax, it was real, but it wasn’t a death march either.

The U.S. Surgeon General was clueless

We also called out key officials who failed to do their part. We were troubled by their lack of integrity, to be honest and to tell the truth. Updated in 2021, we have included the “Fauci Files”.

The U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams sent out conflicting messages on masking. As a result, we wrote a piece in April exposing his incompetence. He later backtracked and followed CDC guidelines on masking. We also wrote a report about the “mask debates”, as many “conservatives” took issue with wearing one.

Gabrielle Bourne Media believes in the viability of masks. This based on research, prior exposure and historical experience. Those who argue against the efficacy of masks probably don’t know how to wear one properly. Furthermore, not all masks are alike. So, the argument that “All” masks don’t work is bunk.

Barriers not Big Pharma + Herd Immunity

At Gabrielle Bourne Media, we believe in barriers, not jabs. We believe that masks act as barriers for full transmission or potency. We also put it to the test. Over 80% of our TEAM members are not jabbed, but we all achieved heard immunity. That’s because we all had Covid at some point during this ‘exercise’. We all experienced various symptoms, but it was NEVER a ‘death march’. The Media disinformation and fear mongering on Covid is FALSE.

As we explained, not all masks are alike, so select the best mask for the job. Cloth surgical masks are the least effective because they are porous. Additionally, they are only meant to be worn once. TEAM members who wore masks either didn’t get Covid or didn’t receive its full potency. Herd immunity for many was achieved sans mask. Those who wore masks in 2020, ended up getting Covid in 2022 when they weren’t masked since governments lifted masking policies.

Other barriers include good hygiene and being socially aware. This includes washing hands, wiping down surfaces. social distancing in large gatherings and quarantine if you were exposed and/or tested positive for Covid. It’s the same common sense practises one should use against the flu.

Big Pharma Placebo

Having Covid and surviving it doesn’t prevent you from not getting Covid again. That’s just fact. Getting the jab doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid or even spreading it to others. That’s fact, as well. It’s what we call the “Placebo effect”. It may make you feel confident in the the short term, but it’s short lived when the reality hits that it’s not even 100% effective agains Covid.

Gabrielle Bourne Media doesn’t have a mandate for anything, neither masks or the jab. However, we advise that if you test positive for Covid, “self quarantine” to limit the spread to others.

There are no guarantees, just like life, but we prefer masks over the jab. Your choice. Bike with or without a helmet. Again, your choice. What about safety belts? Just because something doesn’t work a 100% of the time is not a good argument for not trying it before being a “lab rat” to big Pharma.

The Government and Big Pharma LIED

Whilst we believe in Covid testing to assess transmission, we don’t believe in getting an “untested” jab. These jabs with unproven drugs are going into your biology. Do you know the ‘side effects’? We don’t. They can be harmful, especially to those with pre-existing conditions. Trump’s ‘Operation Warp speed’ and Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate, is a dangerous cocktail.

Here is the wake up call. The jab DOESN’T PREVENT COVID. If you can still get the flu when you are vaccinated, what makes you think you won’t get Covid when you get the jab? Big Pharma made billions and the world citizens got shafted. Besides, if you don’t have any serious pre-existing conditions like obesity, you can survive Covid, without any serious effect.

The argument that getting the jab will make the symptoms less severe is BUNK. There are no concrete data points that prove this to be true. What is true is that people who got the jab still got Covid and spread it to others.

The Coronavirus bootcamp: We believe in Human Rights

Gabrielle Bourne Media doesn’t mandate the jab, but we believe in quarantine if you have Covid. TEAM members have the option to be self-tested at any time. We provide free test kits and quarantine thriving tips. By the same token, we support anyone who wants the jab. We believe in human rights, as long as they don’t interfere with the rights of others. For this reason, we also don’t mandate masking either.

15-December-2022 | Russell Brand | You’re Not Going To Like This

The Coronavirus bootcamp: Sustainable Living

We also believe in Sustainable living. This was true even before the Coronavirus. We are not only consumers, but we are producers as well.

It is vital to be “self-reliant”, not wait for a government handout, and create solutions instead of whingeing. This does not mean you are an isolationist. It means you rely on your own motivating power to be inventive and creative, and always be on the ready. You don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline. And that’s the point. Don’t be caught off guard.

Citizens prepare for natural disasters, but don’t prepare for anything else. Many live for today, spend for the now, instead of saving for the tomorrows. You can protest on the streets all you want, but that will not change anything when the sh*t already hit the fan and you are behind the eight ball’.

Don’t wait around for a bail out. Instead, create your own plan and programme to thrive. Join us in the next level of Prep Defence 101.

Self-Reliance and Action Oriented Goals

There is no blueprint to become “self-reliant”. The most important factor is to just start. You can start by making little changes. Most people talk a good game but they don’t back it up with action. That would be a perfect New Year’s resolution! Let’s all “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”.

Frankly speaking, actions mean more than just words. Action tells your brain to move forward. Reaction, on the other hand, tells your brain to go backwards. Just keep moving forward!

Many people who moved forward during the lockdowns discovered new passions. Did you know one of the most popular activities during lockdown was bread making? We even cooked up a dozen jars of Ghost Pepper hot sauces! But thriving is just more than creating food. It’s having enough abundance when you really need it.

You can’t rely on a feeble government who haven’t created any resources for their citizens, whilst simultaneously, eroding their identities and cultures. Crossing the pond is not going to preserve your way of life either. You have to do that for yourself by standing your ground and just getting it done.

Misinformation and Dangerous Leadership

Let’s be very clear about something. The lockdown was important to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. However, there is no need for multiple lockdowns. Poor leadership has resulted in multiple ‘redundancies’ and failure to act before the need arise.

People like Sadiq Khan are ‘seriously flawed‘ individuals in power. Complacency can lead to serious consequences, including reduction of productivity, mental unease and lack of viable resources. It is through vigilance and consistency can Covid-19 be quelled, however, not at the expense of energy production or personal gains such as employment and commercial ventures.

We also advise not to get the Coronavirus jab’ IF you still have more questions about the vaccine. Gabrielle Bourne Media is against any Covid vaccine mandates and passports.

GB News | 11-June-22 | Are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid? Which is it? asks Neil Oliver
Credit: Johannes Leek
Credit: Mark Knightbridge

Fauci Files: Did Dr. Fauci know more than he let on? Yes

Covid-19 is NOT the Spanish flu of 1918. The world citizens of the world were misinformed where Covid-19 originated. We were told it started in a wet market in Wuhan, China. But as sources have revealed, it was possibly that it started in a lab in Wuhan, instead. Later, it was revealed that Anthony Fauci led organisation funded research at Wuhan lab.

Sky News Australia | 03-June-21
Credit: Brett Lethbridge
Three Crowns