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Showbiz News and Entertainment

Showbiz News and Entertainment was added since we cover some entertainment news. This is not to say that we will post about upcoming productions and projects. By all means check out our IMDb, which provides limited value information. Most of our productions and projects are not publicised.

We started Showbiz News and Entertainment in April 2021 for reports that didn’t fit our other sections. The catalyst was The Sharon Osbourne story, which was important to tell. Gabrielle Bourne Media exposes race-baiters, race hustlers and entities who use ‘race’ and identity politics to “control” and “cancel” free speech. In the United States, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech. In the UK, we have freedom of opinion and expression.

We will also “uncover” some social media stories, including the diatribe ‘celebrity wannabe’ nonsense culture and other useless ‘Influencers’ who care more for clicks and likes and the ‘bottomline’. In the process, they ‘knowingly’ or ‘unknowingly’ participated in financial frauds and scams, including promoting FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried.

‘Celebrities’ vs Meghan Markle

Gabrielle Bourne Media maintains a separate Meghan Markle report. You can find a “treasure trove” of her ill gotten gains. We aptly named her The Whinge, for her constant complaining, race-hustling and tantrums. In our view, Meghan Markle is no celebrity. She is a ‘headline grabber’ and ‘celebrity wannabe’.

In Latin, celibritatem is to celebrate, There is nothing to celebrate about Meghan Markle. She was a mediocre actress who became famous after she married a Prince. Now, she is capitalising on her titles to make her even more wealth than she could ever have imagined.

Showbiz News and Entertainment: Hollywood Goes Woke

Sky News | 20-June-22 | ‘Nonsense’ for actors to ‘have to be the exact thing’ they want to play

Sharon Osbourne triumphs over ‘Racists-baiters’ and ‘Race-hustlers’

Sharon Osbourne was the catalyst to start the Showbiz News and Entertainment, because it was important to expose the Sharon Osbourne ‘racial’ allegations story. It was fake news, promoted by CBS and the ‘fangirl’ media.

We included the video where she ‘supposedly’ called a co-host ‘Ghetto’. She actually didn’t. In the video she stated, “It’s all Ghetto” meaning the way the other co-host was talking. In addition, that co-host parodied British speech, in jest. So the comment by Osbourne was also made in jest. The issue with Race-baiters and Race-hustlers they dismiss FACTS for their ‘fantasy’ of the truth. Their ‘truth’ is actually a lie.

Gabrielle Bourne Media exposes entertainment personalities, companies, segments, shows and films that uses “race” to promote more “racism”. Frankly, we had enough of this diatribe.

The Pinocchio Syndrome

Whilst we disagree with Piers Morgan on many issues, he was correct about Meghan Markle. He coined her “Princess Pinocchio”. In 2018, we used Pinocchio’s nose as a yard stick to measure Meghan Markle’s very short “charity” work. She lied like Pinocchio back then, and her lies have gotten more grandiose.

Markle surpassed Pinocchio in the lying department. She does so all the whilst using her titles for commercial gain. She accuses Harry’s family of being ‘racists’ with ZERO proof. But Meghan Markle and her ilk are the true racists. Meanwhile Harry is just effeminate and pathetic.

Gabrielle Bourne Media also attributes Pinocchio to all race-baiters, race hustlers and those who use identity politics to “control” freedom of speech. They offer no proof or evidence of their claims. Their truth is a lie. Whilst we believe that racism exists, these Pinocchios whinge based on race. If everything is about race, NOTHING is about race.

Showbiz News and Entertainment: Piers & Sharon Triumphs!

~ Andrew Bolt 8-Sep-21 | Meghan Markle is a menace to free speech

Piers Morgan’s Ofcom win a ‘victory for free speech

GB News | 02-Sep-2021

Showbiz News and Entertainment? 🤣


Cultural Miss-appropriation? Jimmy Kimmel in ‘blackface’

Before opening up your gob, check your own history! Oops!

Showbiz News and Entertainment - Jimmy Kimmel blackface
gr8latino VIA Comedy Central | 01-June-2013

Social Media Influencers Scam

Our 20+ years in ‘Showbiz’ will expose the frauds and scams! Whenever you see or hear the ‘buzz’ word ‘influencers‘ TUNE OUT. Most are ‘parrots’ and ‘mannequins’ working for a ‘paymaster’. Their primary goal is making $$$$. They are click bait to make others richer and you, sometimes, scammed and broke.

Sunrise | 22-April-21

Warning: This ad featuring Hollywood celebs is a $$$ SCAM!

The International WELL Building Institute is the brainchild of a former Goldman Sachs partner; its parent company is worth around $800 million. And you guessed it if you want a WELL Health-Safety Rating, it’ll cost you – it’ll cost you upwards of $12,000“.

Sky News Australia | 02-April-21
Three Crowns