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We added Showbiz News and Entertainment since we cover some entertainment news. This is not to say that we will post about upcoming production projects. By all means check out our IMDb. No, we started this page for reports that didn’t fit with reports in the other sections. We will also cover some social media stories, including exposing the diatribe nonsense by ‘celebrity wannabes’ and ‘Influencers’ who just want clicks and likes to scams.

The purpose is for you to find what you are looking for. So when looking for Sharon Osbourne or Piers Morgan stories, for instance, this is the page you would search. We have maintained a separate Meghan Markle page, because she is a very popular personality and not in our view, a “celebrity”. In Latin, celibritatem or to celebrate. There is nothing to celebrate about Meghan Markle. Her whole history, if one wants to learn the truth, was a precursor.

If you are interested in Meghan Markle stories, she is listed under the ‘Defenders’. Why the Defenders and not Showbiz News and Entertainment? Back in 2017, we were commissioned to investigate her. Then in 2018, she was the most requested blog. Markle continues to be part of our investigative reports. Any reports under the ‘Defenders’ is investigative in nature.

Now back to Showbiz News and Entertainment. We are working on the Sharon Osbourne ‘racial’ allegations. This included a video where she ‘supposedly’ called a co-host ‘Ghetto’. She actually didn’t. In the video she states, “It’s so Ghetto” meaning the way the other co-host was talking. In addition, that co-host parodied British speech. So the comment by Osbourne was also made in jest. The issue with Race-baiters is they only want to SEE what they want to SEE, without SEEING the actual FACTS.

Showbiz News and Entertainment: Piers & Sharon Triumphs!

~ Andrew Bolt 8-Sep-21 | Meghan Markle is a menace to free speech

Cultural Miss-appropriation? Jimmy Kimmel in ‘blackface’

Before opening up your gob, check your own history! Oops!

Jimmy Kimmel blackface
gr8latino VIA Comedy Central | 1-June-2013

Social Media Influencers Scam

Our 20+ years in ‘Showbiz’ will expose the frauds and scams! Whenever you see or hear the ‘buzz’ word ‘influencers‘ TUNE OUT. Most are dumb ‘mannequins’ whose primary goal is making $$$$. They are bait click to make others richer and you, sometimes, scammed.

~ Sunrise 22-April-21

Warning: This ad featuring Hollywood celebs is a $$$ SCAM!

“The International WELL Building Institute is the brainchild of a former Goldman Sachs partner; its parent company is worth around $800 million. “And you guessed it if you want a WELL Health-Safety Rating, it’ll cost you – it’ll cost you upwards of $12,000.

~ Sky News Australia 2-April-21