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Prepping 101 Prep Defence 101
Prepping 101 Contributors: The Defenders | 11-October-2022

Are YOU Ready?

When the general public hears Prepping 101, they often think of people preparing for Armageddon or the end of the world. Prepping means to be ready for whatever may come down the pipeline. This could be natural disasters or an economic crisis, as the one we are witnessing in 2022. This brings us back to why we created this report. But Prepping 101 doesn’t end with the obvious. What about the hidden dangers including radicals and extremist cells where you live?

Update report for 2023 (7th October) and beyond. Israel just learned a hard and painful lesson. Moreover, radicals and extremists build nothing. They destroy and decimate. Now, they are all coming out of the fabrics of society, where they were hiding in plain sight.

Why Prepping 101 Matters

Society has become complacent. This is evidence by the lack of preparedness for any situation. During Covid-19 lockdowns, individuals and families were waiting around for their measly stimulus checks from the US Biden government. In the UK and Australia, people were going bonkers rushing grocery stores to horde supplies. Meanwhile, many citizens could not afford to pay rent or mortgage because of lock downs and business closures.

Indeed, not many thought that Prepping 101, or the basics of surviving was that important before Covid hit the world. This led to mass panic in the grocery stores and lack of calm in the general sectors.

Tulsi Gabbard
Prepping 101 Tulsi Gabbard

The Defenders go beyond Prepping 101. West coast Floridians learned this lesson during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Some homeowners stood their ground to protect their vulnerable neighbourhoods against looters.

The idea of defending one’s property seemed to be a foreign concept during the Black Lives Matter riots. Look at all the businesses that burnt down and/or were looted during the summer of illiberal nonsense about a criminal named George Floyd. It was just another excuse to steal and go bonkers. Even today, cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles allow thug violence. Finally, businesses like Home Depot is waking up and putting the middle finger up to thuggery. Better late than never!

Prepping 101: The Great Equaliser

02-February-2023 | Rob Here Trev2323 | Sheriff Grady Judd Polk County FL
Replaces: 08-October-2022 | Papas Bar – Dieter Knittel

Prepping 101: Gun Ownership & Responsibilities

06-April-2023 | USCCA | White House Not Happy?

GB Media | 3rd April 2023

Florida USA becomes the 26th ‘Constitutional Carry’ state. Additionally, Floridans won’t need a permit to ‘conceal carry’ starting 1st July. However, this does not negate ‘responsible gun ownership’. Gabrielle Bourne Media advises everyone who handle guns, to get proper training. Prepping 101 will help you efficiently ‘prepare‘. Because a gun is a ‘Great Equaliser’ when used responsibly and properly.

In the United States, please refer to USCCA (United States) for more information on gun ownership, responsibilities, training and Self-Defence Shield

Let’s be honest, the Biden administration failed America. They also failed to address black on black crimes and crimes against others. Let’s not forget that Biden was a ‘segregationist’ before he apparently tripped on ‘woke’. For a man who was not in favour of ‘black’ integration in schools, Biden is ‘whatever’ sticks work kinda guy now. Currently, the ‘hot ticket’ topic is transgender mutilation of children. He still doesn’t give a damn about blacks. If he did, he would be trying to improve inner-city life.

Strict Gun Control ‘Won’t Stop Evil’

The ‘strictest’ gun laws will never stop evil. Moreover, an individual could pass all the background checks and still commit a crime. Additionally, guns are bought and sold on the ‘black market’ and no laws have succeeded in curtailing these transactions. People with mental defect and degenerates can obtain guns legally or ‘illegally’.

In the UK, we don’t have gun problems, we have knife problems. The UK has one of the strictest gun laws. Whist rifles and shotguns are permissible, most hands guns are not. Still, degenerates and mental defects will find other means of committing crimes and murders.

22-March-2023 | USCCA | Gun Control

Be Responsible

Firstly, stop depending on the government. One of the worse systems in the world is a Socialist system. The UK and the US seem to be headed in that direction. Imagine the South Americans coming over the border to the US only to discover that it’s similar to what they left behind. Venezuela USA?

Look at the visuals. You have ‘tent city’ in downtown Los Angeles. Shootings during the day in Chicago whilst Mayor ‘Leadfoot’ sings TikTok Karaoke and ‘rumble in the jungle’ on New York subway platforms, not to mention ‘knock out’ games on their streets.

Be Accountable

Secondly, excel at self-reliance. And please don’t copy Meghan Markle’s whingeing. View her as a ‘warning and cautionary tale’ of what not to do if you want to THRIVE. Instead, start producing and resourcing. We showed you a glimpse of how to achieve this in our Coronavirus bootcamp reports on ‘Happiness is a Habit’ and ‘Harvesting Abundance’.

Many of these habits are learnt behaviour, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it the first few times you start. The only way you are going to achieve success in building resources and producing is to just start. That is where Prepping 101 come into play.

Be Aware

Thirdly, take stock of everything you own and supply the rest. You know when you are in an economic crisis when currency prices fluctuate, coupled with inflation and limited ‘supply chain’ resources. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that something is wrong. The best time to take stock and build is when you don’t need it.

Chicago USA just replaced “Leadfoot” with a Racist and a Bigot. Don’t depend on Chicago to save you. They will continue to “defund the police” and let off murderers and thugs with a slap on the wrist.

Lori Lightfoot
09-October-2022 | Fox News

Get the ‘Hell Out of My City’ 🤡

Prepping 101 Lori Leftfoot
16-March-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

What Hurricanes have in common with Prepping 101

Hurricanes are one of those few natural disasters with early warning. Unlike earthquakes, hurricanes develop over time and we can visually see its pending path days, if not weeks before the event occurs. Yet, some people don’t prepare for a hurricane, even when it is headed straight for them. Why? It’s like being at the beach and watching a Tsunami happen, when your instincts are telling you to get to higher ground.

Why is it important to have a Go Bag, cash on hand, fully charged batteries and backups and a full tank of petrol? Prepping 101, or what we call, Prep Defence 101 alleviates most of those bad scenarios you see played out on the news when a disaster or a pandemic hits. Don’t be that person going bonkers in the grocery store staring at empty shelves or looking for petrol in all the empty stations.

Prepping 101 or Prep Defence 101 is for everyone. Stay tuned for reports on creating food resources, Go Bag basics and defending your livelihood and properties.

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10-October-2022 | Neil Oliver