Legal Notices and Policies

Legal Notices and Policies

These Legal Notices and Policies will help you understand your obligations as a visitor at at the same time your rights to use this Site. Additionally, we have included these helpful links. It is important that you understand these policies and disclaimers, as you peruse this Site.

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Here is your guide to the GDPR compliance

As a matter of public policy, it is important to note that Gabrielle Bourne Media (GBM Group) does not data farm. Given the need to know mandate, we break the mould! Let’s face it! Following the herd just isn’t our thing. We have always stood out in a world that prefers copies, not original thought. Integrity matters, not Groupthink.

For this reason, we do not concern ourselves with likes, follows or social media click baits. Twitter gives out blue check marks to anyone, many who are ignorant, herd followers, not leaders. They rather support terrorists, not thought-leaders. Don’t play their game. Be different. Innovative. Original. Be a Mover and Shaker.

Unlike other Sites, we don’t track your every move. We also don’t advertise to you or even use annoying pop up windows. We don’t care to sell to you. And we certainly won’t sell your data. Did you know that even your doctor’s office makes money from your data? They do so in such a sneaky way. By covering up your name, but not age or demographics.

Our Site infrastructure is not based on clicks or likes. Whilst ranking is important, it is not our Site’s main objective. We are building content that is investigative in nature and often serves the public interest. There is no membership to join. No newsletters or mailing lists.

We observe UK, AU and US holidays.