Israel-Palestine - Gabrielle Bourne Media - New York Post caught in the act poster thieves
02-November-2023 | New York Post

Israel-Palestine Two State Solution?

Anyone clamouring for an Israel-Palestine Two State Solution should keep dreaming, as long as there is Hamas and their idiotic sympathisers. Besides, there is no such thing as “proportionality” in war. The BBC, Guardian, MSNBC, Vox, et al. are on the wrong side of history.

Furthermore, Media Matters is no ‘watch dog’ either. They are biased and pro-opposite of anything conservative leaning. Finally, a media organisation not afraid to say it like it is. The New York Post and rising alternatives such as Megyn Kelly have taken the lead on Israel-Palestine.

In the words of the infamous Pro-Hamas sympathisers at Harvard, Shame, Shame, Shame to these idiots ‘caught in the act’ of vandalising hostage posters. Moreover, we are throwing it right back at their faces. Anti-semitism rears its ugly head once again, as it had done during BLM. Unlike Black Lives Matter, the Pro-Hamas Palestinians are being quickly recognised by a large margin. That’s because the Woke have pushed so far that they became the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’.

Gabrielle Bourne Media - Robert Kraft defunds Columbia

ColumbiaU has gone KOOKOO for COCO PUFFS and looking like a typical Democratic city in the U.S.

23-April-2024 | Sky News Australia | Billionaire pulls funding from Columbia University following anti-Israel protests

On 7th of October, Israel became the “canary” in the coal mine. The terrorist group Hamas slaughtered 1200 Israelis. This was the ‘worst’ genocidal attack on a single day since the Holocaust, which started with “Kristallnacht” in November 1938. But the assault on the Jews in Germany started in 1933, when the Nazis came to power. The Nazis captured schools where they ‘brain washed’ young minds to do their bidding. Sound familiar? Additionally, the Nazi youths prevented Jewish students from attending school and participated in Kristallnacht, where they vandalised Jewish businesses, homes and tagged Star of David graffiti on buildings. Nothing has changed in 2023. (GB Media)

05-December-2023 | JTV | Harvard, MIT, Penn: Genocide of Jews OK?

GB Media | 16th November 2023

The headline below should have led viewers to the full report that was once posted to the Amnesty International website. Amnesty International removed the report and in its place, viewers now see, 404: Page Not Found. This is not surprising since they now take cover for Hamas in the latest battle with Israel. Moreover, the cowardice is on full display as they urge for an ‘immediate cease fire’.

Even in the ‘Strangling Necks’ report, Amnesty International ‘fans the flames’ of genocidal outcry against Israel because of the civilian casualties in Gaza, despite the fact Israel was not the instigator of the Gaza war (2014), aka ‘Operation Protective Edge’. Leading up to Gaza 2014, Hamas had kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers, in addition to launching dozens of rockets into Israel. In such a conflict, civilian casualties result. Full stop.

Moreover, the ignorant media and NGOs who know nothing about military combat should be aware that spreading such misinformation harms the public trust. There is no such thing as “proportionality” in war. It is also clear that Amnesty International is history illiterate and ignorant of the region they profess to know well. Gaza has been “occupied” by Hamas since 2006. Israel cleared out of the Gaza Strip, including its settlers and army in 2005.

In response toward wide spread cover-up by the media and NGO’s, we are making this report available on this website.

Israel-Palestine - Amnesty International 2014 In this report, al-Shifa hospital is used by Hamas as a torture facility. WARNING: Many images in this report are graphic.

Israel-Palestine - Hamas Leaders worth Billions
23-November-2023 | AIJAC

GB Media | 30th October 2023

This video from PragerU was posted in August 2021, but is relevant today. Moreover, the illiberal who chant in support of Hamas are swept up by the fervour, without knowing or understanding the facts, history or even geography of the region. Unfortunately, Harvard, Yale and Columbia, are no longer institutions of ‘higher learning’, but a wasteland of idiocy and hypocrisy. Furthermore, the illiberal believe that identity politics is more important than the truth.

How do we make life better for those who live in Gaza? According to Palestinian political analyst Bassem Eid, we start by recognizing who is really responsible for the suffering that happens there. (PagerU)

30-August-2021 | PragerU | A Palestinian Explains Hamas

Israel-Palestine: Dr. Phil Takes a Stand

Dr. Phil denounces Hamas’ attack on Israel. He also calls out elite U.S. universities that fail to condemn pro-Hamas students. Dr. Phil urges Americans to continue fighting against evil and explains why we need to support Israel. (TBN Israel)

23-October-2023 | TBN Israel

GB Media | 29th October 2023

In 2006, Hamas was elected into power by a great majority in the Palestine Legislative Council election of the West Bank and Gaza strip. Hamas gained 74 seats majority, defeating their opposition Fatah. The significance of this election cannot be denied. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas was elected to a four (4) year term as President of the Palestinian National Authority in 2005. He is still in the same position as of this report, serving an “indefinite” term.

This video debunks the Palestinians’ claim and shows that Abbas has been lying about the origins and history of the conflict. Palestinian leaders have rejected partition plans that would have given them much more land for their independent state than the Jews were offered for theirs. Rather than being the innocent victims of a “dispossession” at the hands of the Israelis, the Palestinians rejected reasonable compromises and instead pursued their aim of getting rid of the only Jewish state in the world. (Encounter Books)

19-September-2011 | Encounter Books | Debunking the Palestine Lie

Radical Ignorance Marching

American college campuses have become focal points for these demonstrations, with a significant proportion of them aligning with the anti-Israel perspective. These protests on campus underscore a noticeable shift within educational institutions, with students now more interested in identity politics and social justice than their own education. “Unfortunately on American University campuses, there is a long and inglorious history of standing with forces of civilisational arson and frankly just all out evil,” Newsweek’s Josh Hammer told Sky News. (Sky News Australia)

02-November-2023 | Sly News Australia
Israel-Palestine - Bill Ackman

Pro-Hamas called out at Harvard

The Candace Owens supported Harvard University in ‘illiberal’ Massachusetts was a beacon for being the ‘best of the best’. Moreover, it was a badge of honour to be a graduate of this once illustrious institution of ‘higher learning’. Well, not anymore.

Affirmative Action hire, Claudine Gay, along with her Pro-Hamas loving Numpties never learned ‘right from wrong’. Additionally, they just couldn’t distinguish between ‘innocent civilians’ and ‘terrorists’. Furthermore, how would they react if terrorist thugs broke into their relatives’ homes and tortured and killed everyone? Consequently, would they blame their relatives for being tortured and murdered, even celebrate their deaths, or is that reserved only for Israel? Additionally, would they march in the streets in support of the terrorists who murdered their relatives, or is that reserved only for Israel?

Harvard is morally wanting, if not morally corrupt. Moreover, this is not an isolated incident. Therefore, joining them includes Cambridge, Oxford, Cornell, NYU, Colombia, UPenn, et al.

Israel-Palestine  - Harvard School of Hate New York Post
12-October-2023 | New York Post
Israel-Palestine - Ken Griffin - Harvard donor

Education Fail: Idiots of Harvard

GB Media | 16th October 2023

This is what ‘affirmative action’ looks like at Harvard. Illiberals who haven’t a clue about geography or history for that matter. This magnifies the sad state of education in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Moreover, this is classic ‘destroy from within’ tactics. No longer does the enemy require the need to blow sh*t up, when they have human missiles who will accomplish their objectives from within.

Hate has been objectified at Harvard. No matter what the Illiberal ‘affirmative action’ President, Claudine Gay says to spin the obvious. Harvard is a puppet for anti-American ideals; a cesspool of Marxist ideology and free speech hypocrisy. Harvard is no longer the ‘gold standard’ in higher education.

All students and faculty who celebrated Hamas should be called out of ‘occupied’ Harvard. Full stop.

Israel-Palestine - Idiots of Harvard

Israel-Palestine: Who is Teaching your Kids?

Ameer Hasan Loggins was a lecturer at Stanford University. Dr. Mika Tosca, a climate scientist and associate professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). NYU hired Eve Tuck, a Hamas sympathiser who leads the school’s new Indigenous Studies Center.