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The Sarah Jeong Exposé and other Race baiters & hustlers

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The Sarah Jeong Exposé: Creation date and Purpose

This blog was aptly named The Sarah Jeong Exposé, albeit other race-baiters and race-hustlers are exposed. This blog was created in July 2020. It coincided with our story on Tariq Nasheed, the ‘black Racist’. Jeong epitomises people of colour and minorities who think they aren’t’ racists. This is laughable, of course because one only has to view her tweets for the deeply troubling signs that she is one. Moreover, The New York Times, a once highly regarded media outlet, was culpable. They condoned her ‘racist’ behaviours, even promoting her. Thus, Jeong became our ‘poster child’ for this class of social degenerates.

The Objectives

The Sarah Jeong Exposé is a blog with a few objectives. Firstly, it is a collection of tweets that branded her a racist. We cover some of her tweets from 2014-2017. Secondly, Jeong doesn’t believe she is a racist because she is Asian and that ‘reverse racism’ isn’t a real thing. Even so, she must believe in ‘affirmative action’. It benefited people of colour. Thirdly, anyone can be a racist. Racism isn’t exclusive to whites. For instance, Jeong as a Korean must realise the history between her race and that of the blacks. The Los Angeles riots is such an example.

We also bring to light the role of the New York Times, in this instance. The New York Times admitted they hired Jeong after they reviewed her tweets. The hatred for the police and white people must be an epidemic at The New York Times. They support Black Lives Matter but never fully vetted the organisation. They printed an opinion piece that claimed police brutality was pervasive. There is no evidence that it is. Matter of fact, communities without police presence have high crime rates.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II has ‘flushed out the haters’

13-September-2022 | Sky News Australia

The Race baiters, hustlers and Racists among us

Tariq Nasheed is another well known race baiter and race hustler. We exposed him in 2020. And we will continue to do so. He is so vile, he even got banned from entering the UK! He is the very worse of human kind. His misdeeds should be exposed. He is with the bottom feeders of society including Nick Canon, and professors Priyamvada Gopal (Cambridge University) and Ibram X. Kendi (Boston University). Talk about ruining young minds!

People of colour can be race baiters and racists too. The colour of your skin doesn’t nullify hate. It amplifies it. You can no longer blame the ‘white race’. It’s all you. It’s all on you.

CNN and MSNB employee some of the worst race baiters and race hustlers. Don Lemon and Joy Reid, both black “journalists” are the worst offenders. Instead of unity, they prefer division, along racial lines. They are both negligent and unimaginative dullards!

In March, Reid claimed, ‘the world caring for Ukraine is racist’.

~ Sky News Australia 9-March-2022

‘Race-hustlers’ Joy Reid and Don Lemon are Just GROSS!

~ Sky News Australia 24-Sep-21
Gabby Petito’s family owed an apology over comments by Joy Reid

Exposing Race Hustler Ibram X. Kendi

~ Candace 22-July-21

Circular argument Race-baiters and Three-card Monte tricksters

~ Turning Point UK 21-April-21

The Sarah Jeong Exposé: Race baiter dullards

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