Sarah Jeong: ‘reverse racism isn’t real’

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Sarah Jeong and POC Racists

Sarah Jeong and the POC racists are in denial. Jeong believes that ‘reverse racism’ isn’t real. She falls in line with countless other similar claims made by people of colour. Is she exempt from being a ‘racist’ because ‘racism’ only applies to ‘white’ people? No. Jeong is wrong. Her past tweets prove that she is a bigot and a racist.

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What is Reverse racism?

Reverse racism is real. But not how Sarah Jeong framed it in the above tweet.  It is defined by social programmes. These favour the minority groups and promote the advancement of people of colour. Personally, we don’t have any issues with programmes like ‘Affirmative Action’ or even ‘Black History month.’ But others strongly argue against it. You will find this to be true among black conservatives. They claim that such programmes hamper blacks from advancing. This is because they were developed as a ‘great equaliser’ for minority groups solely based on skin colour and not on achievement. Such programmes are seen as a ‘hand out’, rather than a hand up. These social programmes provide advantages only to minority groups. They don’t benefit everyone, regardless of race, for instance Asians. Therefore these types of social constructs are coined as ‘Reverse Racism’.

On the broader scheme, POCs use reverse racism to explain why they can’t be a racist. But, their argument fails on merit. Because race is divided by physical appearance. And racism has to do with the act of superiority. In addition to prejudice, discrimination and antagonism toward another race. In a nutshell, it’s just “racism” whether you are white or POC. And anyone can be a racist. You can’t explain away not being a racist using “reverse racism” as the cover, if you are a POC. That makes no sense. But Sarah Jeong and other POCs use this same argument to explain why they aren’t a racist.

When Sarah Jeong tweets on 23rd December 2014, “White people are genetically predispose to burn faster in the sun“, she weaponised the tweet. But she continues to be defended by the likes of The Verge and The New York Times.

Sarah Jeong and POC Racists: Nick Canon

Majority of blacks on the left argue that reverse racism is a myth and therefore doesn’t exist. Their chief argument, that “Blacks and other minorities cannot be racist because they do not have institutional systemic power” (the Angry Black Woman) is false. The formula, RACISM = PRIVILEGE + POWER is erroneously used by the daily dot. The widely used formula, ‘PREJUDICE plus POWER’ is used to explain two elements required for racism to exist. This was first proposed by Patricia Bidoilol in a 1970 book, although in 2020, blacks and other minorities are using similar formulas.

Those who favour this formula, argue that blacks  CAN’T be racists because they don’t have (1) racial prejudice or; (2) social power. But what about all the blacks who have social power and are considered social “influencers” including Beyonce, Samuel L. Jackson and Barack Obama, to name a few? Wouldn’t President Obama (#44) also hold ‘institutional power’ as the leader of the “free world”? Whites, whom out numbered blacks in the United States voted for Obama TWICE. Prejudice exists in all races and cultures and is NOT mutually exclusive to whites. 

~ PragerU 17-Jul-2020

Nick Cannon says white people are “closer to animals” and “savages”. Imagine saying something like this. And this guy has children!

Does Sarah Jeong know what racism means?

Sarah Jeong, being Asian, makes the same argument as the majority of left leaning blacks. She believes reverse racism doesn’t apply to her because she is Asian, therefore, she is exempt from being a ‘racist.’ Does she even know what racism means? When Jeong tweets that ‘whites‘ are ‘predisposed to burning faster in the sun,’ she has already labeled herself a racist, all the whilst denying she is one.

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Sarah Jeong and POC Racists : Priyamvada Gopal

In addition to Sarah Jeong, we added Priyamvada Gopal, a ‘racist’ of the most highest offensive degree. She made it absolutely clear that she hates white people. Her tweets were so offensive, many on Twitter called her out on it. In addition, Twitter said she violated their rules against ‘hateful conduct’.

We first spotted her in 2018 where she promoted her status and ‘privilege’ demanding she be called “Dr”. In a tweet this year, she claimed her Twitter account was hacked, but her past racist tweets already established her as a known racist online. She subsequently locked her account due to the backlash. (Updated 22/07/2020)