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Gabrielle Bourne Media supports black lives matter. We do not support Black Lives Matter the organisation. Social Justice is about Freedom of Speech and empowering change that benefits everyone. It is not about the ‘supremacy’ of one race over another. It is not about looting, rioting, lying, cheating or stealing, all the illegal and unethical aspects that BLM, the organisation supports.

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BLM Scam

BLM Inc is not a nonprofit. It has a complicated money scheme with all donations going through ACTBlue, then funnelled to Thousand Currents with only a small portion of the donations that are returned back to BLM Inc.

Meghan Markle Ignored racism - Prince Harry's swastika outfit at party

Meghan Markle Ignored racism

The media missed a big news story in 2020, whilst fawning over Meghan Markle! They claimed Markle gave a “commencement speech” to her alma mater. It was FAKE news! Whilst all this was going on, the media completely ignored the social media posts about the racism at the school.

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Sarah Jeong: ‘reverse racism isn’t real’

Sarah Jeong believes that ‘reverse racism’ isn’t real. She falls in line with countless other similar claims made by people of colour. Is she exempt from being a ‘racist’ because ‘racism’ only applies to ‘white’ people? No. Jeong is wrong. Her past tweets prove that she is a bigot and a racist.