Category: Social Media Trolls and Bullies

Social media trolls and bullies hide behind computer screens and mobile to spread vile and repulsive ‘conspiracy theories’ and hate messages. Social media is a cesspool. It’s also a conduit for the mentally unstable. Some are verified accounts. Others are easy to identify and still many are fake accounts. And just like the Gremlins, they have a regenerative ability to multiply themselves. This after Twitter closes their account for failing to adhere to the community guidelines. Gabrielle Bourne Media entrapped two live trolls back in 2018. Suzanne Soto and Lindsey Bloom are sick women who needed help. Both Soto and Bloom picked on a 16 year old girl expressing her views on Twitter. Karen Geier’s sick mind was a full display when she posted vile tweets about HRH The Duke of Edinburgh after his death. Sarah Jeong is a race-baiting, white hating journalist who worked for the New York Times.

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Karen Geier Twitter Troll

Civil discourse aside, Karen Geier made some lofty allegations that she has yet to prove in any of her tweets or writings. She is a Canadian and an anti-Royalist. Ok. She purports to be an expert without even knowing the subject matter. In the end, she’s just another Twitter troll.