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Karen Geier is a Twitter Troll who wanted Prince Philip to die in ‘Pain’

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Karen Geier'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Karen Geier'

We told you that the pushback was coming. And it did come for Karen Geier. Rightly so! Karen Geier is a Twitter Troll who wanted Prince Philip to die in ‘Pain’. Furthermore, she wasn’t hiding it. She tweeted this out upon reading he had died. This feeds into the issue of ‘mental health’. Let’s not mince words here. It is a growing epidemic among social media users. In other words, social media is a conduit for the mentally unstable.

Unlike others, Geier did not hide her identity. But like many, she believes that hiding behind a computer screen or mobile gives her rights to say anything she wants. Her tweets weren’t just crass, they were repulsive. This wasn’t about free speech. It was about depraved indifference.

Karen Geier is a Twitter troll. So how did she receive a Twitter verification? How is she an influencer? What has she exactly contributed on Twitter or to society, for that matter? Even Republicans are standing clear of this train wreck. The Guardian, one of the references on her Twitter bio, disowned her, as reported in the Daily Mail.

Here’s her list of ‘accomplishments’. She wrote one article for the Guardian on 4th July 2016. Her “latest” piece for Vice was dated 13th February 2019. She wrote one piece for The Cut on 3rd December 2018. Some other articles are from 2015. She writes mainly on Medium, but the platform is easy to get on if you are a writer or have a blog.

Karen Geier is a Twitter Troll

In conclusion, people have a right to express their opinions. Civil discourse aside, Karen Geier made some lofty allegations that she has yet to prove in any of her tweets or writings. She is a Canadian and an anti-Royalist. Ok. She purports to be an expert without even knowing the subject matter. In the end, she’s just another Twitter troll.

Regardless, the Guardian disowned you!

At least 34 states in the United States allow cousin marriages

Mrs M scores a point! Cousin marriages is still practised in 2021. For instance, in the United States at least 34 states allow first cousin marriages. Some with conditions, but nevertheless approved. Third cousins share an 8 degree of relationship. Coefficient of relationship of 0.78125% DNA. This measure is the degree of consanguinity. Instead of blind tweeting, Karen Geier should do some real research in the real world.