Not Black Enough

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By Race-baiter standards, Meghan Markle wouldn’t be ‘black enough”. But playing the “race card” makes her black enough to race hustlers. ‘Black Twitter’ (aka Sussex Squad) says she is whilst tweeting racist comments about HRH The Duke of Endinburgh.

Not Black Enough Thomas Sowell
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Idris Alba’s Luther “Isn’t Black Enough”

14-April-2021 | Reasoned

“Personal experience” is not proof of Systemic Racism

Calvin Robinson is a respected British Conservative commentator. Robinson is capable of having a racial debate, without wallowing in “victimhood”. Well, this was too much for his opponent, who saw racism everywhere. When Robinson asked the man for “proof” of his systemic racism claims in the UK, he went off on a rant, citing his “personal experience” as proof. But Robinson clapped back and said that was nonsense.

The topic of Meghan Markle can be a divisive one. Indeed, ‘racists’ can only see ‘skin colour’ and not the content of someone’s character. Whilst Meghan Markle never claimed to be black, and lived as ‘white’ in Hollywood, she is also guilty of perpetrating the racial divide.

The Oprah Winfrey interview was the biggest lie ever sold. It did more damage than the Black Lives Matter scam. Because it was a targeted smear campaign to cripple one of the most prominent institutions in the world, The British Royal Family. Markle sold this lie without any proof, only based on skin colour. Not her skin but her son Archie’s skin.

The never-ending circular argument of a RACE-BAITER

“Community activist” Ken Hinds demonstrates Race-hustling 101. Meanwhile, Calvin Robinson explains why he walked out on racism debate.

08-April-2021 | talkRADIO
Calvin explains why he walked out on racism debate

“We are equally British. We are all in it together”

In March 2021, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report concluded that there was no evidence of “Institutional racism”.

02-April-2021 | Turning Point UK

Darren Grimes argued that the Left feeds off persuading people they are victims, so don’t expect them to back the landmark report that says the United Kingdom isn’t ‘institutionally racist’.

Mercy Muroki, a senior researcher at the Centre for Social Justice tells Andrew Neil about the shape of racism in Britain today. A report into racist discrimination was commissioned by the government following the Black Lives Matter protests in summer.

05-April-2021 | The Spectator

Calvin Robinson said the report “moves away from this divisive idea that everything is institutionally racist” and “looks at the core issues.”

01-April-2021 | talkRADIO
Three Crowns

Black Enough to be a Racist

Deluded racist black ‘Karen’ caught on tape

04-May-2021 | Fox News