Category: Sarah Jeong Exposé

Sarah Jeong Exposé is a collection of tweets that branded her a racist. Jeong epitomises race hustling, and did so openly working for the New York Times. This wasn’t about “free speech”. Jeong obviously hates ‘white’ people since she denigrated this whole race and went on a series of racist rants against white people on Twitter. We cover some of her tweets from 2014-2017. Secondly, Jeong doesn’t believe she is a racist because she is Asian and that ‘reverse racism’ isn’t a real thing. Even so, she must believe in ‘affirmative action’. It benefited people of colour. Thirdly, anyone can be a racist, even blacks against Asians. The Los Angeles riots is such an example where Koreans and blacks came to blows, literally! Blacks wanted to burn down Korea town and the Koreans defended their shops with guns.