Tariq Nasheed pure evil?

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Tariq Nasheed Holiday Inn Epic Fail

Tariq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed Holiday Inn was an epic FAIL! If Nasheed wanted to start a race war, well it went over like a lead brick. THUD! This race baiter idiot thought he would get a ‘reaction’. He sure did. ‘BACKLASH! You see, even this ‘self-proclaimed’ #1 racebaiter forgot one thing. No one wants to see the mentally-challenged ‘race baited’. Even if they are white.

Tariq Nasheed Holiday Inn F-A-C-T-S Fail

If you check out The Daily Wire, you will see a timeline of events. Nasheed’s followup tweet accused the Holiday Inn employee of being drunk on the job. He wasn’t. Please note the disclaimer that the Reddit post is not verified. However, Caleb C. has not refuted it.

Nasheed is either illiterate, doesn’t care about the truth or both. He blatantly misrepresented the facts.

Tariq Nasheed
Tariq Nasheed

The bad-ass motherf***er.

Nasheed’s reposting of this video also goes to the problem with the black race baiting ‘culture’. In a video link by The American Conservative Glenn Loury (Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University) and John McWhorter (Columbia University, Lexicon Valley, The Atlantic) discusses this issue.

McWhorter says “that in the black community, there is a value placed on being a bad-ass motherf***er”. He goes on to say that a “critical mass of people salute these men for the resistance. The idea being that’s the black thing. You don’t put up with any shit”. He concludes by stating he doesn’t know what to do with that.

Caleb C. Happy ending

Jeremy Hambly started the campaign raised more than 86K as of this report. We disabled the link to the funding site as they have exceeded their goal. Love him or hate him, Hambly is the king of crowd funding. This is another proof that most citizens are tired of the ‘motherf***er’ black a-holes who prey upon the mentally challenged. The ones behind the camera are the real racists.