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Meghan Markle Confidential – The most requested blog submission of 2018

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The Objectives

The Meghan Markle Confidential is a blog with a few objectives. Firstly, we want to keep Bogart in the public space. As you will recall, Bogart was the dog that Meghan Markle ditched. Secondly, we are not fans of Meghan Markle and want to bring to light her many misdeeds as a human being. This is not a ‘Princess” Hallmark movie, after all. The media has to get a clue. Thirdly, Prince Harry has been missing in action since marrying Markle. Whilst he had issues, he was such a relatable chap. Now, that’s all changed. In conclusion, we wouldn’t be spending time on this, if not for our readership. Just to reiterate that this was the most requested blog in 2018. It goes to show that people hate hypocrisy.

Currently, all the blog posts appear on this page. Some of the blog posts will have archive files. However, not all current blogs have them. As we add more blog posts, you might see some disappear. However  you can still view them, even if you don’t see the thumbnail. The blog posts are in order of the most recent.

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