Rob O’Neill is Toxic Hell

Rob O’Neill is toxic hell, yet Piers Morgan and Megyn Kelly keep supporting him. Morgan hosts O’Neill on his show and Kelly is a fangirl. Megyn Kelly can’t help but brag about him. Both appear to be ‘decent’ journalists, YET, they failed to do one thing. Investigate. If they had, they soon would discover, O’Neill’s cover story about Bin Laden is full of holes. O’Neill is a braggart. That’s why Rob O’Neill is toxic hell.

Rob O'Neill is Toxic Hell - Rob O'Neill Seal Team
First published: 11th January 2023

Rob O’Neill is Toxic

Can you imagine this idiotic response? If Rob O’Neill did a deep dive, he would discover that Prince Harry is a “racist”.

Dan Wootton, the GB News presenter ends his segment with the “Union Jackass”. Well the votes are in and our “Jackass” is Rob O’Neill, ex-SEAL Team Six. Rob O’Neill reared his UGLY head in a Sky News segment on Prince Harry’s Afghanistan “kill count”. We are not posting that video here, but it is still available on Sky News Australia Youtube channel.

In the segment, O’Neill makes light of a serious military breach by Prince Harry. Additionally, in a weird statement, O’Neill said that Prince Harry calling the Talibans ‘chess pieces’ is “giving them a compliment”, noting that the Apache helicopter is a “kill helicopter”. Whereas, Prince Harry was a co-pilot gunner. Consequently, O’Neill added “I think he was nice about it. If it was up to me and they were actually terrorists, I wish he would have killed more”. Consequently, this from someone who ‘boasted’ he killed Osama Bin Ladin, but his account challenged by military personnel.

O’Neill also ‘downplayed’ the “amplification of the fact he’s a member of the royal family doing this”. Moreover, he didn’t believe it would put a “bigger security risk target against the royal family, against him and his family now in California and potentially against the British troops. This disputed by several well-respected military personnel in Britain, including Prince Harry’s fellow warriors.

Megyn Kelly ‘fangirl’

Most times, Megyn Kelly is spot on. Sometimes, she is that ‘dumb blonde’. If Kelly did a deep dive, she would discover Rob O’Neill is NOT the hero he pretends to be.

Megyn Kelly says she is “done using ‘preferred pronouns’ and will base her conversations on trans ideology in reality and truth (2nd June). Gabrielle Bourne Media never used ‘preferred pronouns’. Moreover, we base all our conversations on ‘reality’ and ‘truth’. Megyn Kelly should also WAKE UP to the fact that Rob O’Neill is NOT the hero she touts on her show. This is how TEAM Australia commented on 1st July 2023.

Rob O'Neill is Toxic Hell - Megyn Kelly Rob O'Neill