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Meghan Markle BBC Interview

The outrageous lie Harry and Meghan told in ‘Finding Freedom’ comes at 16:19. Harry is asked about the introduction of Markle to his father and brother. Harry starts by saying, “it was exciting!” He continued with “Catherine has been absolutely amazing” and Markle chimed in “wonderful.” Harry stated that “William was fantastic support.” He goes on to say that the “Family, together had been absolutely solid support.” Harry and Markle trashed William and Catherine in the book version of their ‘fantasy.’

Archive: Meghan Markle is Nebulous

As a society, we fail to see beyond the “superficial.” We have this “halo-effect” around certain people that makes us blind and indifferent to what is right in front of us. I believe she is playing a three-card monte on us. She distracts us to look elsewhere — ‘Hey here I am an humanitarian and feminist’ — so that we forget she just traded these values in for a “gilded cage.”