SM Trolls & Bullies

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Karen Geier epitomise the Social Media SM Trolls and Bullies

Karen Geier

Social Media (SM) trolls and bullies are nothing new. They have been wrecking havoc since the beginning SM. Moreover, Gabrielle Bourne Media spotlights some of the worse. These ‘sub-humans’ troll the internet and SM sites to spew their hate. However, when confronted, they scurry and hide like spineless numpties.

We started this report because we won’t stand idle whilst vile trolls and bullies run rampant, without a check. Moreover, Karen Geier was so vile, she became our poster troll for this report. Her inflammatory messages about HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was hateful and crass. Therefore a proactive response needed to occur. Otherwise, you allow people with no moral compass get away with it.

As we had stated many times before, Twitter verification is a farce. These “check mark” accounts are not influencers. Some are bullies and trolls, as is the case with Karen Geier.

There is a difference between criticism and being repulsive. Notwithstanding even death, trolls prefer to amplify pain. They seem to get off on it too. Then of course it becomes a whole troll chorus. Many of these are faceless trolls patting each other and cheering on the assault. But what if it’s a bona fide and verified checked ✓ twitter troll? Then you should report it. And that’s where we came in.

Several of you contacted us and submitted the article on this very subject matter. It was about Karen Geier to be exact. The article was written by VoteWatch (redirect here) They were deeply troubled by Geier’s tweets, in particular the one below. In response to The Royal Family’s tweet. This is what Geier tweeted. “Deeply Saddened to hear it was peaceful. He deserved so much more (pain)” That’s how Karen Geier became our ‘Poster Troll’ for this report.

SM Trolls & Bullies: Black Twitter 

Whilst we all value free speech, it shouldn’t give people carte blanche access. This includes trolling and bullying. People think that by hiding themselves behind a computer or mobile gives them rights. Not if those rights trample on the rights of others.

It’s ironic that ‘black twitter‘ was trending on 9th April 2021. Many tweets were vile and disgusting. These trolls think that because Black Lives Matter exists, they can troll unabated. Imagine the level of ignorance you must have to believe that. These are the same trolls that try to explain away how blacks can’t be racists, when their own tweets and actions prove that they are. Blacks also have the highest crime statistics against Asians too, in addition to a slew of other criminal offences.

The pushback has already begun.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Karen Geier'

Suzanne Soto & Lindsey Bloom

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Twitter bullies are in possession of bad moral judgment. Therefore, they must be wanting. This is a play on words using the famous opening lines of Pride and Prejudice.

Trolls and bullies have been around since the beginning of the human race. SM trolls and bullies hide behind profiles, some are even made up. Lucky for us, Suzanne Soto and Lindsey Bloom used their own names. Later they tried to changed their profile images and description to hide their identities.

Technology has made it easier for trolls and bullies to go on the attack. All they need is access to the internet and a social media account. Mobile phones are ubiquitous. Mobility also aids in speedy delivery. You don’t need an actual computer anymore. Anyone can create a social media account and use a fake profile right from their mobile.

These two ‘nut jobs’ we profiled back in July 2018, picked on a 16 year old girl expressing her views. Granted the subject matter of Meghan Markle can be very divisive. However, the only remarks made by the 16 year old pertained to the pronunciation of ‘SCONE’. Gone instead of bone. We don’t care how you prefer to pronounce it. The bottom line was, along came two grown women with a lot of venom and no class. They weren’t interested in a debate.

The assault was bad enough, but the 16 year old was a blue star daughter. This made us jump right in. Suzanne Soto and Lindsey Bloom are social media bullies. They also trolled Twitter looking for a “fight”. They chose to be despicable. Indeed, integrity didn’t matter to either of them.

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