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Suzanne Soto is a Twitter bully

Here is why Suzanne Soto is a Twitter bully. In July 2018, she bullied a 16 year old on Twitter. The 16 year old Twitter user made a comment about Megan Markle’s pronunciation of ‘scone’. Gone instead of bone. This was such a mundane conversation. But, along came Suzanne Soto with her first zinger.

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It wasn’t the instance of this first tweet. It was a continuous barrage of tweets, which she since deleted. Soto wasn’t there to have a conversation. She was on the hunt. She lost the narrative when she met a challenger. Bullying can be stopped when other’s get involved. That was what happened. The 16 year old took the high road and never lost her place. Meanwhile, she received support. As they say, bullies are the weak when confronted. They can’t stand up to a challenge.

Gabrielle Bourne Media picked up this story. We featured Suzanne Soto in our anti-bullying campaign, along side her  ‘Twitter Twin’, Lindsey Bloom. The last thing a social media user needs is to be harangued for making comments within their rights. Soto’s tagline, “The Boss of Me” is laughable. She’s not the boss! Notably, she tried to boss a 16 year old. With this in mind, she also blamed the 16 year for trying to ruin her ‘reputation’. Soto even had the gull to call her actions a ‘disagreement’. That’s what bullies do. They blame everyone but themselves.

Soto worked in communications for Deloitte Canada, so she should know how to craft a message better.

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