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Gabrielle Bourne Media lives by the mantra, “To thine own self be true“. Integrity Matters! Moreover, self reliance and self-less service powers us, whilst ‘political incorrectness‘ sets us free.

Furthermore, being mindful of race, gender and equality makes you a caring human. This has nothing to do with ‘political correctness‘, which is designed to limit your liberties. By the same token, “truth” is important, but don’t rely on“your truth”. It won’t not set you free. Only the truth can do that.

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Why Integrity Matters

Groupthink has placed a ‘strangle hold’ on freedom of speech. Evidently, this has resulted in diversity of thoughts and opinions now being challenged by ‘Wokerati’ rants. Easily offended “Snowflakes’ make up the minority, yet their constant whinging is deafening.

Equally, rampant ‘celebrity’ hypocrisy goes unchecked by the sycophantic media. Henceforth, headlines is the new “fashion”. Therefore, they believe the public is too stupid to know the difference, unless we draw attention to this. Given these points, let’s explore.

FREE TO DISAGREE – Many of the groups who have been involved in Defend Free Speech have joined a sister campaign in Scotland. Free to Disagree, is opposing a controversial Scottish Government Hate Crime Bill, which could undermine free speech. Lawyers, police, academics, commentators on the left and the right, feminists, Atheists, Christians, Humanists and civil liberty groups have all warned that the Bill poses a serious threat to free speech. To find out more visit:

The Prince of “woke” explains why he doesn’t ‘get’ the First Amendment

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The Constitution of the United States | BILL OF RIGHTS | First Amendment 

Ngozi Fulani is a Meghan Loving, White Hating RACIST

GB Media | 1st December 2022

Critical thinkers are not buying what Fulani is selling. She has proven herself to be a “card carrying” member of the Sussex Squad and a racist who would love nothing but to bring down the British Royal Family. One only has to review her past tweets and comments as evidence. Fulani is a joke and a Joker who wants to teach diversity training at the Palace? What a Sook!

Has she taken a good look at her soul lately? Fulani, aka Marlene Headley, is tainted by prejudice, malice and dishonesty. She may be born in the UK, but she definitely came from somewhere. She must be so embarrassed by her own ethnicity, she denied anyone asking the question, “Where are you from”?

Why is Fulani so uncomfortable with that question? What is she hiding? Why even show up wearing African garb, if she didn’t claim to be African, but holding tight to a citizenship she despises? Fulani is a disgrace and a liar.

01-December-2022 | GB News | Nigel Farage
Integrity Matters Fulani LIAR

Integrity Matters: Fox News Exposed

29-November-2022 | John Stossel

Fox News Censorship is REAL – Blame “Gary” 🤣

GB Media | 29th November 2022

TEAM Australia hit a snag with Fox News USA when they disagreed with one of their guests. After amassing almost 20 likes on the comment, Fox News decided to delete it. That’s probably because likes and follows must really, really, really matter to Fox News and our comment was tracking too much for their censorship Czars. They promote themselves ad nauseam at the end of every video to like and subscribe.

Gabrielle Bourne Media can only surmise that since this “Gary” fellow is a “friend” of the channel, any dissent is seen as anti-Gary. Apparently Gary works in the financial sector, but obviously not interested in providing solutions for hard working Americans, albeit Fox News promoted his financial company on air.

This Gary is WRONG, of course, “Savings Rates” haven’t all of sudden plunged. Americans have been struggling since the Covid lock downs to save enough. Additionally due to US Feds raising interest rates, the online bank “Savings Rates” have been going up, WAY UP to 3.00% or MORE. Fox News didn’t want to read any of this. No. They want to keep the viewers stupid and uninformed, so they could control the narrative.

TEAM Australia referenced bank rate to check for online savings accounts that paid out these high “Savings Rates”. The comment below is the second comment left for this particular video. We are no longer posting Fox News videos on all our media.

Reference: “Fiat Currency”

“Fiat currency” or “Fiat Money” is tied to nothing. In 1971, President “dumb dumb” Nixon decided, “Hey, let’s remove gold out of the equation”. So, if the US currency ever collapses due to hyperinflation, blame Nixon and Biden who’s printing money like crazy to send to Ukraine and maybe for Climate Reparations. But who the f*ck cares because if you don’t rely on paper currency, like we do, you have nothing to worry about.

Integrity Matters Fox News Censorship
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Integrity Matters in Leadership: “Do as I DO”. Lead by Example

25-November-2022 | Neil Oliver
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The Shannon Coulter ‘Shit Show’ 🍿

Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown

Integrity Matters Investigates: Balenciaga Kiddy Porn

GB Media | 22nd November 2022 (Updated)

It looks like Balenciaga scrubbed their Instagram and started over with 9 *New* posts. If they had nothing to hide, why did Balenciaga scrub their Instagram and post mundane fashion images the day after the controversy? Updates to their posts were made on 22nd November 2022.

Balenciaga Instagram zero post

No, this isn’t a fake story. Balenciaga used kiddies for a ‘bondage’ photo shoot. Within its disturbing imagery of stuff toys in bondage was a document related to Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition where U.S. Supreme Court struck down the 1996 ban on ‘computer-created’ child pornography. The document in the photo shoot clearly showed, “Speech Coalition” and the word, “pornography”. There isn’t much sleuthing needed to put these pieces together.

Newsweek reported that the ‘kiddy bondage’ photo was a ‘separate photo shoot’. Apparently Balenciaga publicised a ‘joint’ campaign with Adidas photographed by Chris Maggio. The Balenciaga Objects photo shoot, titled “Balenciaga Gift Shop,” was photographed by Gabriele Galimberti. Still, it is weird to conflate the two photo shoots using “bondage” and a “pornography” court document. This was deliberately done. This is not art. This is exploitation.

Integrity Matters Balenciaga child
Integrity Matters Balenciaga child
Integrity Matters Balenciaga child
Integrity Matters Balenciaga Adidas Chris Maggio
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19-October-2022 | Australia
Integrity Matters Koalas Australia
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Oh My God, For Real, like Working? Seriously? 🤷‍♀️🤣

16-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee

Integrity Matters: Why Twitter’s verification ‘check mark’ is Overrated

Integrity Matters Twitter blue check
Image: Internet stock

GB Media | 4th November 2022

Why are verified ‘check mark’ Twitter users losing their sh*t over Elon Musk’s $8USD monthly payment for this ‘privilege’? Frankly, Gabrielle Bourne Media (GB Media) will not be participating because we were never impressed by Twitter’s verification process, even when they offered it to the ‘peanut gallery’ aka, the general public, back in 2017. We were never driven by likes, follows and clicks.

Now, we hear that some may have actually ‘paid’ for their verification check mark before the launch of the $8USD subscription. How pathetic and desperate!

The verified “check mark” doesn’t mean these people are “influencers”. It’s supposed to mean something — but who knows what that is since most of the verified can only influence sheep, not leaders or critical thinkers. GB Media neither ‘blindly’ follows or influenced by ‘status symbols’. Moreover, ‘colour by numbers’ followers and subscribers count never impressed us. Of course we use ad blockers.

Many of these woefully inadequate personalities that end up with the ‘check mark’ don’t offer anything of value. Their modus operandi is to shout and level insults. Are we to be impressed by these wing nuts?

They don’t know history, nor understand cultures. They can’t analyse data. So what do they bring to the conversation but their own biases and conjectures? Who wants their “opinions” anyways since they are not based on facts, if they even know what that means.

Sponsor a Lib for $8USD? 🤣

11-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee
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Bankman-Fried’s $1BUSD Pledge to Democrats, IF He Gotten Away With It

Connect the Dots: FTX + Bankman-Fried + Ukraine + US Dems 🤔🤥

GB Media | 9th November 2022

Black Lives Matter Via ActBlue 2.0? US Republican PAC received upwards of $4M from Co-CEO Ryan Salame who launched, “American Dream Federal Action”. The “lion-share” however was donated by Bankman-Fried to elect Joe Biden in 2020 and for the Democrats mid-term in 2022. Gabrielle Bourne Media will continue to follow the money and update, as needed.


Whilst Gabrielle Bourne Media does not advise on investment matters, here is something of significant note. FTX created their FTT tokens “out of thin air” meaning, it never existed. Some Investors also kept their digital “hot” wallets on the exchange, which was custodial in nature and any private key to access the account was part of the exchange. An Exchange account is not secure to begin with and could be easily hacked. Cryptocurrencies are NOT SIPC or FDIC insured.

One of the safest ways to secure Bitcoins and Crypto is in a cold wallet or paper wallet. These wallets are not connected to the internet. On the short, they may be less “convenient” but on the long, they are the most secure ways to safe guard your cryptocurrencies against hacks and theft. ~ GB Equity Investments

Integrity Matters FTX
Graphics: Fox News | Jesse Watters

Integrity Matters Investigates: Ukraine FTX Cryptocurrency FUNDRAISER

Connect the Dots: S.E.C. + Alameda + FTX

Integrity Matters FTX family connections
Image: Cold Fusion

Connect the Dots: FTX + DC Insiders = Washington DC for Sale

Integrity Matters FTX Washington DC
FTX Washington DC
Image: Fox Business
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Phoenix rising🔥

Amaury Guichon

Integrity Matters to Kari Lake Arizona USA 🔥

Integrity Matters Kari Lake certified under duress

Integrity Matters to Amy Gallagher🔥

Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist. You can make a donation to Amy’s cause at #StandUpToWoke Tavistock Discrimination Lawsuit. “Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time” (The Culture Forum).

23-October-2022 | The New Culture Forum
15-August-2022 | StandUpToWoke

Integrity Matters: The Problem with Rotherham. Put Young Girls First!🔥

GB News | 25th August 2022 | Calvin Robinson and Samantha Smith reacts to Rotherham becoming UK’s first ‘Children’s Capital of Culture’.

Three Crowns

Integrity Matters: “The Blue States are the Problem” 🤔

09-November-2022 | The New York Times
Liberal Hypocrisy is Fuelling American Inequality. Here’s How | NYT Opinion

Meanwhile…Biden, together with Harris, “Bungles” Along

02-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee
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Integrity Matters: Fact-checking started on Twitter @Potus

Biden fact-checking should have started before he reached the Senate ‘120 years ago’ or was it ‘180 years ago’? 🤔

31-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

Elon Musk is ‘Chief Twit’ of Twitter

This is how Elon ‘styled’ himself when he took over Twitter. Since then, he became its Chief Housecleaner. Gabrielle Bourne Media covered Twitter’s IPO launch in 2013. They haven’t profited since. Will Musk change the stars? Only time will tell. Twitter goes private, but will they return to public life like Dell Technologies? Only the future Elon Musk will know the answer to that question.

Integrity Matters Elon Musk Twitter
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Cambridge University “Anti-Free Speech” Backlash 👍🏻👍🏻

It’s about time Universities get a taste of their own medicine. They need to stop capitulating to “cry-baby” student body, too triggered by their own inadequacies. No body gives a f*ck about your “feelings”, especially the Alumni.

07-November-2022 | GB News

“We are Losing Our Sense of Free Thinking”

29-May-2022 | GB News


After being released from our YouTube suspension, join Digital Editor Jack Houghton as he takes you through some of the moments on Sky News Australia from this week that Silicon Valley stopped you from seeing.

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The Dangers of Groupthink

‘Groupthink‘ is conformity dressed up as diversity. In reality, divergence of thoughts or opinions are squashed. Furthermore, aspects of critical thinking and thoughtful evaluation are missing. Likewise, celebrities don’t have all the answers and often hypocrites to their cause. Headlines, not causes are important to them. When peeling back the layers, these hypocrites don’t even know the issues. They only mimic, mime and spew virtue signalling statements. Here are some examples:

  1. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is a mega wealthy black woman preaching about ‘white fragility’. Hypocrisy.
  2. Meghan Markle is a serial plagiarist, who ditched her dog. She supported black lives matter, but ignored racism claims at her alma mater. Markle also admitted to being a fraud (in her own words}, so we should believe her. What else did she lie about? Equally, she framed herself as an ‘eco-warrior‘, whilst trouncing around in private jets. She pronounced support for the Ukraine War, but didn’t know how to draw the Ukrainian flag? Fake Humanitarian.
  3. By the same token as Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen told people to boycott Goya, but was caught with a can of Goya during a cooking segment. Teigen is what’s wrong with Cancel culture. Moreover, Tiegen tweeted that she ‘accidentally’ purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine? Indeed a Tone-Deaf Jedi! This Markle bestie is also a bully. Like hypocrites flock together, it seems.

Democracy Dies in Dumbness 🇬🇧🇦🇺🇺🇸

17-June-22 | Real Time with Bill Maher
Three Crowns

‘Democracy dies in Dumbness’: Please ‘Spare’ Us Harry & Meghan!🤫🤥

GB Media | 27th October 2022

There is no end to Meghan Markle’s ‘deceptive nature’ and ‘abject dishonesty’ (Megyn Kelly).

Why Meghan Markle is Guilty.

Harry and Meghan’s desperate attempt at an image change? It looks like they tried this before. Remember when Harry and Meghan copied each other? Now, they are doing it again. Firstly with the cover of Variety and secondly with Harry’s new hagiography, “Spare”. Ethereal halo glow and airbrushed, “soft” contouring? Really? They are no saints. In fact, the exact opposite.

Integrity Matters Meghan Media obsessed Macs cartoon
Mac’s Cartoon

Meghan Markle Demonstrates How to Whisper ‘Creepily’

14-November-2022 |The Traveling Architect

Meghan Markle has proven with each new Spotify podcast how irrelevant she really is. Her podcast was a novelty, more a curiosity, when it started. Now it’s just a joke, memes and a punch line. She’s not cracking any barriers, but proving her ‘archetype’ as The Whinger. In the Urban dictionary, “Markled” is listed for all the wrong reasons.

Meghan Markle ‘whinged’ about the cover caption in Vanity Fair’s “Wild About Harry” issue. She ‘whinged’ about her portrayal in The Cut, with rumours swirling she got the writer, Allison P. Davis fired. Maybe. Will she set her next ‘whinging’ at Variety? What’s with the weird “barbie doll” shoulders? The Variety cover looks ‘alien’ 👽.

Indie Think Tank, Not Main Stream Media

Gabrielle Bourne Media exposes media outlets, editors, journalists, royal reporters who don’t believe that transparency and integrity matters. They continually cover up the truth, calling blatant lies, “exaggerated” whilst ignoring facts. Check out Vanessa Feltz TalkTV host exposed.

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“The UK Economy is Utterly Broken”

05-November-2022 | GB News | Mark Dolan

Long hard Winter for the United States? Are YOU Ready?

Integrity Matters Diesel shortage
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Wake Up United States: BRICS Won’t Play By Your Rules

BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

Integrity Matters Brazil BRICS

Integrity Matters Investigates: Zelensky’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment

Zelensky tries the three-card monte trick but fails.

Integrity Matters Zelensky lies Poland

Tulsi Gabbard: Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex

Why is the UK and the US being ‘dictated’ by a guy in a green shirt?

11-October-2022 | PowerfulJRE

Drone Wars: Zelensky ‘hires’ Luke Skywalker

Integrity Matters but not to Zelensky
11-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

The War in Ukraine ‘feels’ like ‘Wag the dog’

GB Media | 13th September 2022

We have been questioning the Ukraine ‘war’ since March 2022. Questioning the Ukraine ‘war’ and Zelensky may not be popular, but being popular isn’t our goal.

The Ukraine ‘war’ ‘feels’ like the film, ‘Wag the Dog’. All about distraction. Do we believe there is a ‘war’? That’s what we heard and read. There is no doubt that Putin is an aggressor, but Ukraine hasn’t succeeded in shaking off their corrupt history either. This was an invasion, that was building up since 2014. Putin’s objective was to scale down Ukraine’s military and destroy their ideology. It became a “proxy war” with the involvement of the West, in particular the UK and the US.

Zelensky is an “attention-seeker” who also pushed for Ukraine to join NATO. No doubt this pissed off Putin. Zelensky failed. In order to acquire NATO membership, other members have to unanimously vote on your entry. Ukraine has been trying for membership since 2008. The most disturbing are Zelensky’s relentless publicity grabs. The Vogue photo shoot was WEIRD. Zelensky’s appearance at the Grammy awards was even WEIRDER. But then, Hollywood is just nonsensical these days.

Zelensky and The War of Politics

‘Wag the Dog’ is a film we attributed to the Iraq war back in 2004. Look how that turned out. The Defender-in-Chief was also an early warning Whistleblower in 2002, especially the ‘dangerous’ recruitment practises by the Battalions. The REAL war was in Afghanistan, but did anyone care? Iraq had the oil and Bush wanted a regime change. Bush is infamous for saying that Saddam was the guy that ‘tried to kill my dad’. So, Bush and Tony Blair led the US and the UK into war “under false pretence”, claiming there were weapons of mass destruction.

Joe Biden is playing ‘wag the dog’ with this proxy war against Russia. Biden even called for a regime change. The problem with a regime change is what are you going to replace it with? Iraq is worse off and the world isn’t any better because of the Iraq war. Afghanistan is run by extremists who hate the West.

Well, when governments, including the United States are printing money at an alarming rate, nonchalantly handing out “blank cheques”, stop producing resources to help their citizens (Keystone XL pipeline), you are bound to have a world economic crisis. This has nothing to do with Russia or the Ukraine ‘war’. But keep telling yourselves that lie.

Integrity Matters Zelensky
Integrity Matters Zelensky
Disclaimer: Unconfirmed, but interesting
Rebuttal: Forbes US

Integrity Matters questions Ukraine’s ‘Propaganda’

Why did Kira Rudik’s presence on GB News ‘feel’ more “Propaganda” than “Humanitarian”? As a matter of fact, it looked like she read from a prepared script. She was demanding the west send more weapons. More weapons? But why? Good thing GB News saw fit to cut her off, because when a disaster happens, isn’t your first concern the people? This coupled with other reports that Zelensky was ‘urgently’ requesting more weapons, as well. As with Iraq, we are leaving this as a PLACE CARD until further notice. Something doesn’t ‘feel’ right about this.

15-September-2022 | GB News (00:38)
Integrity Matters Zelenky weapons

Integrity Matters ‘trigger warning’: The problem with Zelensky


29-July-2022 | Sky News Australia
Zelensky ‘not all he’s portrayed as’ by Western media

The Racialise Regime of Joe Biden


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28-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

California is the Biden Administration’s role model for America?

What are they thinking? The state loses 170,000 people every year.

06-April-2021 | John Stossel

This is why America is in Trouble

27-July-2022 | Kyle Dunnigan
“Who’s My Name?” New track from President Joseph R. Biden

Before Joe was President…

07-March-2022 | Sky News Australia

Joe Biden is now the punch line: ‘Clean up on aisle 46’

26-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

‘No Oil for You’

Integrity Matters Sleepy Joe Biden

Now, calling ‘Nurse’ Kamala Harris

30-October-2022 | Sky News Australia
Integrity Matters Joe Biden ranking Kamala Harris
Integrity Matters failure Kamala Harris

Integrity Matters??? LOL! It’s Kamala “Veep” Harris, the Comedian

04-October-2022 | Sky News Australia
Even The Daily Show is poking fun

Calling First Lady ‘Nurse’ Jill Biden

Integrity Matters and the American citizens have a right to know. Does Joe Biden have Alzehimer’s? Gabrielle Bourne Media posed this question in The Curious Mind of Joe Biden on 3rd August 2020. We also kept tabs on some obvious “signs” of his cognitive, memory and motor decline. Among Biden’s blundering claims include his “15 months” Presidency since January 2021 (as of June 2021). In May he claimed he came to the U.S. Senate “180 years ago”. This contradicted his March statement where he stated it was “120 years ago”. There is no covering this up. #Elderabuse

01-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

President Joe Biden needs his wife, Dr Jill, to prompt him because he is “cognitively impaired,” according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine. Ms Devine pointed to a recent interview the president did with the American-Spanish language Univision TV, in which his wife Dr Jill Biden had to prompt him on occasions when he “forgot words”. She said it is clear Mr Biden is “cognitively impaired”. “It waxes and wanes but he is still very foggy”. “No one really knows how much he’s processing. You worry about those behind the scenes pulling the strings.”

Joe Biden: ‘One of these things’

07-June-2011 | Sesame Street
One of These Things
Joe Biden
Virtual call – One is not like the others

Joe Biden Sees DEAD PEOPLE

Meanwhile Kamala Harris tells South Koreans, during a visit to the DMZ, “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with North Korea“.

03-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

Joe Biden’s Handlers working overtime including ‘White House Bunny’

19-April-2022 | Sky News Australia | Bunny to the rescue
13-June-2021 | Sky News Australia | GF Gaffes

Integrity Matters: Who’s “really” running the show?

#PresidentHarris #Elderabuse

18-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

The Biden Administration ‘Handed over’ $85B in equipment to the Taliban

The Biden Administration ‘Handed over’ ‘Kill List’ of US Allies to the Taliban

Integrity Matters: Southern Border Crisis

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‘This human misery they’ve created is a source of joy’

Joe Biden: “Illegal immigration is a gift”.

31-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

Kamala Harris is direct From ‘Central Casting’

04-July-2021 | Sky News Australia
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Kamala Harris'
14-April-2021 | Daily Mail

Integrity Matters: Kamala “No Class” Harris

Harris is just rude and crude.

21-May-2021 | Global Viral News
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Kamala Harris'

Integrity Matters: The U.S. #MediaCoverup

Well, we warned you America! You voted in a liar and a serial plagiarist. Biden definitely has these in common with Meghan Markle. He will be losing his mind in public too. Back in the day, Newsweek had journalistic integrity and exposed him. Now they are covering up his fumbles, along with the “state media” CNN.

25-Feb-2021 | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Alan Jones says President Joe Biden continues to “blunder on” while enjoying a “dream honeymoon” from the US media.

“When Donald Trump was President, the typical CNN fare was chronicling Trump’s ten worst abuses of power,” Mr Jones said. “How does the Western world survive and democracy thrive, if there is not honest and objective assessment of this already flawed President”.

Mr Jones said the president continues to “walk on both sides” of issues including on values, climate change, and foreign politics. “As I keep asking, are some of these politicians dumb or duplicitous, or both?” He said. “He upholds the values of America, but let’s in illegal immigrants; will create jobs, but destroys thousands in shutting down a pipeline; hates cultural norms, but accepts that China’s brutality is a consequence of ‘different norms in each country’.”

Integrity Matters: Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist

Joe Biden’s record of plagiarism goes back decades but in 2021-2022 he’s using the same lies and quoting Mao, in addition to spewing dangerous socialist propaganda.

19-May-2021 | GOP War Room
14-July-2020 | Lasse Burholt

Integrity Matters! Protect your Rights and Liberty

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The Defender-in-Chief was created in June 2018 to expose the hypocrisy of Meghan Markle because integrity matters trumps hypocrisy! It was the most requested reader submission of 2018. Archives are available. It has since expanded to include other investigative topics such as race hustlers and scams.

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In the Cultural Attaché, created in May 2018, social issues take centre stage. We also explore media misinformation and ‘fan-girl’ sycophancy, in addition to culture biases.

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The Wave Journal was created in January 2013. It covers a wide range of social topics.

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The Coronavirus Bootcamp was created in April 2020, as a guide on how to thrive during the pandemic, and beyond. More than ever, such guidance is needed as the world is wrought with financial and economic failure.

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The Kassándra Chronicles is our latest offers futurist projections from the present.

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Wonder Woman is a unifying super hero. That’s because she is a strong female power and energy. She is intelligent, compassionate and has integrity. Since 2009, we blogged about TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Today more than ever, our liberties are being attacked. We stand our ground, neither scared or easily influenced by these distracting noises. More over, we have influence, and we pride ourselves in our ‘multicultural privileges’, expanded into six continents,18 countries and in every realm.

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