Integrity Matters

The Rise of the Future Queen Consort! 🇬🇧

~ 60 Minutes Australia 23-May-21

Integrity Matters to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, presents ‘Hold Still’

~ Royal Insider 7-May-21
The proceeds go to two charities | The Duchess calls Hold Still participants

2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours list recognises 1,190 Australians

~ Sky News Australia 13-June-21

Prince Philip Medal for the first time awarded to a female engineer 

~ ITV News 10-June-21

Why Integrity Matters

To thine own self be true is a mantra that is ingrained in “our” culture. Whereas, integrity matters, self reliance and self-less service power us and ‘political incorrectness‘ sets us free. If you are mindful of race, gender and equality, it is because you are a caring human. It has nothing to do with ‘political correctness‘. By the same token, groupthink has placed a ‘strangle hold’ on freedom of speech, as well as the rampant celebrity hypocrisy. Let’s explore what we mean.

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The dangers of Groupthink

Firstly, we reject the idea of ‘groupthink’. Conformity is a spirit killer because there is no diversity of thought. Critical thinking and thoughtful evaluation are missing. Secondly, ‘celebrities’ don’t have all the answers and often hypocrites to their cause. Here are some examples:

  1. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is a mega wealthy black woman preaching about ‘white fragility’. Hypocrisy.
  2. Meghan Markle is a serial plagiarist, who ditched her dog. She supports black lives matter, but ignored racism claims at her alma mater. She admitted being a fraud. So, what else did she lie about? Equally, she framed herself as an ‘eco-warrior‘ whilst trouncing around in private jets. Virtue signalling.
  3. In the same way, Chrissy Teigen told people to boycott Goya, but was caught with a can of Goya whilst cooking. Cancel culture. Remember the time she tweeted that she ‘accidentally’ purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine? She has become a Tone-Deaf Jedi. Meghan Markle bestie is a bully. We all knew she was a bully. Now the world knows it too.

In conclusion, it is important to check all the facts. Do not follow the herd but be a leader among sheep! Beware of the two horned media bias. It will entrap you. And YES, blacks can be racists too. Website content including commentary, images and videos may be disturbing. View at your own risk. You have been warned.

Integrity Matters but not to ‘Snow Flakes’

~ Tom MacDonald 4-June-21
~ 60 Minutes Australia 6-June-21

For Haz, Flower and Fredo – study before opening up your gob ignorance

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The Constitution of the United States | BILL OF RIGHTS | First Amendment 

Integrity Matters! Now let’s be Free to Disagree!

FREE TO DISAGREE – Many of the groups who have been involved in Defend Free Speech have joined a sister campaign in Scotland. Free to Disagree is opposing a controversial Scottish Government Hate Crime Bill, which could undermine free speech. Lawyers, police, academics, commentators on the left and the right, feminists, Atheists, Christians, Humanists and civil liberty groups have all warned that the Bill poses a serious threat to free speech. To find out more visit:

More people ‘logging off’ Toxic Twitter PLUS Feminist ‘boys’?

~ Sky News Australia 22 July 21

The Media Is LYING To You About Cuba

~ Candace 14-July-21

Karen: A Blatantly Racist Film | Black Propaganda Inc.

~ Candace 12-July-21

Go ‘Woke’ Go ‘Broke’: ‘Box ticking Fail


Kamala Harris is direct From ‘Central Casting’

~ Sky News Australia 4-July-21

‘Privileged’ Don Lemon ‘gaslighting’ America

~ Fox News 21-June-21

‘Privileged’ Don Lemon’s Illiberal ‘logic’ about CRT

~ Fox News 18-June-21 | Don Lemon biased and unhinged

I have a Dream…

~ Charlie Kirk 17-May-21

How do I have two medical degrees when I’m sitting here oppressed?

~ Charlie Kirk 17-June-21
~ Candace 8-July-21

Chris “Fredo” Cuomo just doesn’t get it…

~ Sky News Australia 17-June-21

“The Woke nonsense infiltrating our schools, colleges and Universities needs to stop”

~ Turning Point UK 15-June-21

Critical Race Theory is “Bigotry of Low Expectations”

~ Fox News 10-June-21

Congrats to Savvy on her FIRST National television interview!

This is Savvy
~ This is Savvy 9-June-21

Integrity Matters in Hungary so does R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Hungary BLM NO
~ Reasoned 9-June-21

Integrity Matters fail at Yale CRT: Aruna Khilanani wants to “unload a revolver into the head of any white person” that got in her way

~ Dr. Carol M. Swain: Be the People News 6-June-21

‘Defund The Police’ BACKFIRES For the Dems

~ Candace 8-July-21

American cities are just trash! #WashingtonSquarePark

In recent months the park’s northwest corner has turned into a crack- and heroin-filled “drug den”, Meanwhile, booze-soaked raves around the central fountain have been keeping neighbours up and trashing the historic green space. Usually it shuts by midnight. But in a bid to stem the chaos, a 10pm closing time was brought in. ~ Excerpt by The Sun – video removed –

~ CBS New York 25-May-21
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Interview with Superdad and Awesome daughter duo!

~ Sky News Australia 3-June-21

“Yeah, you can make friends whatever colour they are”. Stop CRT. Period.

A video, depicting a father educating his young daughter about the dangers of Critical Race Theory, has gone viral on the internet as Republican state houses across the country move to ban the academic theory.

~ Sky News Australia 2-June-21

Our schools are Bonkers!

~ Sky News Australia 25-May-21

Call to Action: Petition for ALL (Peerage, Titles, Honorifics)

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Integrity Matters! Never apologise to the mob!

~ Charlie Kirk 6-April-21

‘Fiddling with the truth’

~ Sky News Australia 24-May-21

Integrity Matters Fail: ‘Meghan Malarky is a F**king Moron’

This woman not only lies, plagiarises, ditched her dog, is NOT a vegan but she can’t do research either. Her dad paid her education but even Northwestern can’t Fix Stupid. She admitted to being a Fraud. So, we should believe her.

~ Alex Belfield 11-May-21

Integrity Matters Fail: Markle’s “semi-literate vanity project”

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~ Sky News Australia 8-June-21

Why $$$$ and Fame not Integrity Matters to Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama and Lebron James think they’re oppressed?

~ Fox News 11-May-21

Crazy Woke-ist MP Accusing a Black Minister of Institutional Racism!!!

~ Mogg The Week 16-May-21

Minister Badenoch deals with a completely radical, woke Labour MP who has clearly not read the race report. She encourages her to engage in sensible debate as opposed to simply be ‘reading the Guardian’. A must watch! In Parliament, Questions to the Minister for Equalities, (20/04/21)

Labour supported Palestinians want to RAPE Jewish daughters!

~ Turning Point UK 18-May-21

How much do the Top 1% of Americans pay in taxes?

~ Ben Shapiro 7-May-21

Integrity Matters to Critical Thinkers!

~ Charlie Kirk 6-May-21

Integrity Matters but not to this Deluded Racist Black ‘Karen’ caught on tape

~ Fox News 4-May-21

Never Forget: Cheng Li Propagandised in China

~ Sky News Australia 29-April-21

Former China correspondent Rowan Callick says Australia needs to keep the case of Australian Journalist Cheng Lei “constantly under attention”. Ms Lei, who was a host on Chinese state television, was detained by Chinese authorities last year over allegations of supplying state secrets. The Australian journalist has reportedly been denied access to a lawyer and is being held without charge in a Beijing prison.

“I believe that to honour her, the best thing that we can do is keep her case constantly under attention,” Mr Callick told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “I believe those of us who are her friends or who know her, or people like yourself who might respect her and what she stands for, might talk about her constantly and remind our own government that we need to continue to make representations.”

Integrity Matters exposes China’s underbelly: Cheng Li Arrested

~ Sky News Australia 8-Feb-21

BIDEN’S CHINA – China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world. Communist China should be “given no respect” when it arbitrarily detains and arrests foreign citizens like Australian citizen Cheng Lei, according to former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger.

Australian Journalist Cheng Lei was detained in China six months ago, Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne has now confirmed she was formally arrested last Friday, accused of leaking state secrets. Mr Kroger said the Chinese spokespeople push “nonsense and bulldust” and then expect the rest of the world to “believe this drivel” about respecting their processes.

“This is a government where 99 per cent of people charged are found guilty,” he said. “It is a dictatorial, repressive, communist regime. It’s one of the last and worst communist regimes in the world, and they should be given no respect at all on issues like this”. Former Labor minister Stephen Conroy told Sky News China is becoming increasingly adept at “hostage diplomacy”. He said the arrest is a broader more “chilling message” when it comes to issues around Hong Kong, free trade, and Taiwan. “This is just another little message to the rest of the world.”

China’s “weirdest” press conference

~ Sky News Australia 7-April-21

Sky News host Paul Murray says China’s “weirdest” press conference in Canberra shows their “contempt” for free press in Australia which has criticised the Chinese government’s actions; particularly against their treatment of Uyghurs.

Socialism + Marxism = Communism

~ Gothix 21-April-21

Cultural Marxism in Action: Indoctrination in school

~ Sky News Australia 26-April-21

Sky News host Rita Panahi says we are seeing “cultural Marxism in action” after Year 11 schoolboys were “shamed” for their gender, religion, and skin colour during a talk on privilege and pronouns. “Parents are rightly appalled … it’s the culmination of the long march through the institutions that began decades ago,” she said.

The schoolboys, from Parkdale Secondary College, were subjected to a “racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant tirade” in the name of “equality and diversity,” according to Ms Panahi. “They were labelled ‘oppressors’ by a Kingston City Council employed youth worker”. “It’s tantamount to bullying if you ask me and all the more shameful because it was perpetrated by an adult in a position of power.”

Ms Panahi noted the “same toxic ideology” was at play last month when schoolboys were “similarly shamed” at Brauer College in Warrnambool. “Perhaps schools, and state and local governments, could focus their attentions on driving academic excellence rather than social engineering,” she said. “Parents must take a stand against the politicisation of the curriculum and the relentless leftist indoctrination in the guise of tolerance and equity.”

This is Communist China!

~ Sky News Australia 12-Feb-21

We cannot afford to turn our back on the lessons of history, lest we be “doomed to repeat it”, says Sky News Host Cory Bernardi.

The world is turning a blind eye to what’s going on in China. They are doing so mostly for financial reasons. It seems nothing soothes righteous anger like a bucket load of communist party money, he said. As our world enters a more authoritarian phase of governance, it is only prudent to recall how previous authoritarian moves have ended.

You see, we’ve been here many times before, where a political movement thinks the ends justify the means, where ruling by the elites is characterised by cancel culture, restrictions on liberty, polarisation, division, the exclusion of certain individuals, and even death. The results have often been bloody and catastrophic.

Political Ideology and a lust for personal power

More often than not, these atrocities are led by political ideology and a lust for personal power. Mr Bernardi said prime examples of this included the rise of National Socialism in Nazi Germany where six million Jews were systematically exterminated. Before that, beginning in 1922, the communist regime of Joseph Stalin murdered an estimated 15 million by famine, purges, labour camps, and massacres. “Stalin’s atrocities have been largely forgotten as the unreconstructed communists among us seek to sanitise their ideology,” Mr Bernardi said.

I’d hazard a guess that few school children today know the facts surrounding the Soviet era, or Nazi Germany, the Young Turks, or the rise of the Chinese communists. “Instead, they are fed a diet rich in self-loathing where the West are the tyrants and everyone else is the victim. That’s why we see history repeat. Ignorance and inaction in the face of similar circumstances.

When so many are happy to publicly pontificate about the Marxist and manufactured BLM or other manufactured and invented social constructs, they are strangely silent when it comes to suspected genocide by a world power. The thing is, tyranny doesn’t just go away. History shows that it gets worse and worse until it is actually stopped.”

What a Sook! Alyssa Milano is ‘owned’ by an educated black woman

~ Sky News Australia 3-May-21

Integrity Matters! NBC and Lester Holt suppressed the F-A-C-T-S

~ The Officer Tatum 28-April-21

Rose McGowan: “Democrats, most especially are in a deep cult”

~ Fox News 27-April-21

Why Integrity matters in the racism debate

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Integrity Matters and the Truth!

~ Larry Elder with Epoch Times 10-July-21

Tyler Perry: “I refuse hate”

~ GMA 26--April-21 | ABC USA 25-April-21 (made video private)

Media’s obsession with ‘systemic racism’

~ Larry Elder with Epoch Times 30-April-21

After watching the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on trial for the alleged murder of George Floyd, Larry compares it to Tom Wolfe’s novel “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” The story details how the media obsesses over a trail of a wealthy white man on Wall Street who is accused of murder.

The constant news coverage is to further their own political and social agendas. Sound familiar? In this episode, Larry illustrates how the last priority in Chauvin’s trial is truth or justice and why the media uses it to push the idea of systemic racism in America.

Kemi Badenoch savages Labour MP Dawn Butler after she uses racially charged language!

~ Turning Point UK 20-April-21

FNN didn’t cover this? No, white cops don’t hunt down black men

FNN has been busy scrubbing the internet of Meghan Markle inconsistencies. Yes, too busy doctoring images to make BLM less ‘violent’. They have been so busy with their headlines too. When a ‘white man’ kills Asian women, it’s called “White Supremacy”. But how do they frame two black girls killing an Asian man? It’s called an “accident”.

~ The Sun 19-April-21

A FORMER Sheriff’s detective has been arrested for allegedly killing his estranged wife, daughter and the girl’s boyfriend after he was fired for assaulting a teenage family member. Alyssa Broderick, her mother Amanda and her boyfriend Willie Simmons were named as the victims in the fatal shooting, according to a 13WHAM reporter.

Brandon Tatum: The U.S. is not Systemically Racist

BBC: Whaaaat? Whaaaat? 🤷🏽‍♂️

~ The Officer Tatum 22-April-21

Not black enough?

By Race-baiter standards, Meghan Markle wouldn’t be ‘black enough”. Yet, ‘Black Twitter’ (aka Sussex Squad) says she is whilst tweeting racist comments about HRH The Duke of Endinburgh.

~ Reasoned 14-April-21

The never-ending circular argument of a RACE-BAITER

“Community activist” Ken Hinds demonstrates Race-hustling 101. Meanwhile, Calvin Robinson explains why he walked out on racism debate.

~ talkRADIO 8-April-21

“We are equally British. We are all in it together”

Darren Grimes argues that the Left feeds off persuading people they are victims, so don’t expect them to back the landmark report that says the United Kingdom isn’t ‘institutionally racist’.

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report

~ The Spectator 5-April-21

Mercy Muroki, a senior researcher at the Centre for Social Justice tells Andrew Neil about the shape of racism in Britain today. A report into racist discrimination was commissioned by the government following the Black Lives Matter protests in summer.

~ Turning Point UK 2-April-21
~ talkRADIO 1-April-21

Calvin Robinson said the report “moves away from this divisive idea that everything is institutionally racist” and “looks at the core issues.”

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment.


How did these ‘race-baiter’ DULLARDS get Twitter verified?

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Integrity matters So Why can’t Main Stream Media stop lying?

~ The Officer Tatum 26-March-21
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Integrity Matters to the truth about violence against Asian Americans

~ Andy Ngo 22-Mar-2021

On the latest Spectator USA podcast episode, I discuss the truth about the violence happening against Asian-Americans. The reality based on federally collected data may be too upsetting for most to accept, which is why we are being told a false narrative blaming “white supremacy.” Full episode (1:05)

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First, you find a house and scope it out

Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts

Second, you find a crew and a driver, someone who ring the doorbell

And someone that ain’t scared to do what it do

Third, you pull up at the spot

Park, watch, ring the doorbell and knock

Four, make sure nobody is home

They gone, okay it’s on

YG – Meet The Flockers

Barack Obama called this ‘hate speech’ ‘free speech’

“I am very disappointed that President Obama refused to ban rapper YG’s song. This song (constitutes) hate speech because it incites violence against Chinese Americans, a specific racial group. He should have at least condemned it. If this song had targeted African or Muslim Americans, President Obama would have immediately banned it. Just like his attitude toward college admissions, unfortunately, President Obama’s social justice only applies to some racial groups he favors, not Asian-Americans.”

Yukong Zhao, president of the Asian American Coalition for Education

The problem with circular argument Race-baiters and Three-card Monte tricksters

Micah demands to know why the usual suspects have done nothing to help the communities they claim to represent.

~ Turning Point UK 21-April-21

California is the Biden Administration’s role model for America?

What are they thinking? The state loses 170,000 people every year.

~ John Stossel 6-April-21

This is why America is in Trouble

One Of These Things (Is Not Like The Others)
One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong?
If you guessed this one is not like the others,
Then you’re absolutely… right!

Joe Biden
Virtual call – One is not like the others
Joe Biden


~ Charlie Kirk 20-May-21

Like we have been saying #elderabuse!

Sky News host Alan Jones says putting Joe Biden in the position of “leading the world’s democracies” is “elder abuse” and there must be a “presidential resignation” soon.

“China is militarising ports across our region. It has invaded Taiwan’s airspace. What did the leader of the free world have to say in his first address about any of that? Nothing,” Mr Jones said. “And no mention of Israel, with reports in the last 48 hours that former Secretary of State John Kerry, now Biden’s Climate Change Tsar, dished details of covert Israeli actions to the Iranians.

“And you mean to say this bloke, Biden, isn’t cognitively delinquent?” Mr Jones pointed to a video grab from President Biden’s address to Congress where the president appeared to stumble over his words and lose his flow of speech. “Putting Biden in this position of leading the world’s democracies is elder abuse. His incoherence is not new, but it surely can’t go on – there will have to be a presidential resignation shortly. “If we don’t think the free world is in a mess, we are bad students of the current international situation.”

~ Sky News Australia 26-April-21


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The Racialised Regime of Joe Biden

~ Sky News Australia Mar 28, 2021

Integrity Matters! Southern Border Crisis – ‘this human misery they’ve created is a source of joy’

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~ Daily Mail 14-April-21
~ Sky News Australia 31-March-21

Integrity Matters! Who’s “really” running the show? #PresidentHarris #elderabuse

~ Sky News Australia 18-Mar-21

Integrity Matters fail: Kamala “No Class” Harris is just rude and crude

~ Global Viral News 21-May-21
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Does Joe Biden have #Alzheimer’s?

Read our report and findings on 3rd August 2020 when we wrote, “The Curious Mind of Joe Biden“. This report includes Biden’s blundering statements. Among Biden’s claims include his “15 months” Presidency since January 2021 (as of June 2021). In May he claimed he came to the U.S. Senate “180 years ago“. This contradicted his March statement where he stated it was “120 years ago“.

Integrity matters but with these G7 Gaffes – handlers working over time!

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Joe Biden'
~ Sky News Australia 13-June-21

Nurse First Lady Jill Biden

~ Sky News Australia 01-Mar-21

President Joe Biden needs his wife, Dr Jill, to prompt him because he is “cognitively impaired,” according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine. Ms Devine pointed to a recent interview the president did with the American-Spanish language Univision TV, in which his wife Dr Jill Biden had to prompt him on occasions when he “forgot words”. She said it is clear Mr Biden is “cognitively impaired”. “It waxes and wanes but he is still very foggy”. “No one really knows how much he’s processing. You worry about those behind the scenes pulling the strings.”

This why Integrity Matters! The U.S. Media #Coverup

Well, we warned you America! You voted in a liar and a serial plagiarist. Biden definitely has these in common with Meghan Markle. And he will be losing his mind in public too. Back in the day, Newsweek had journalistic integrity and exposed him. Now they are covering up his fumbles, along with the “state media” CNN.

~ Sky News Australia 25-Feb-21

Sky News host Alan Jones says President Joe Biden continues to “blunder on” while enjoying a “dream honeymoon” from the US media.

“When Donald Trump was President, the typical CNN fare was chronicling Trump’s ten worst abuses of power,” Mr Jones said. “How does the Western world survive and democracy thrive, if there is not honest and objective assessment of this already flawed President”.

Mr Jones said the president continues to “walk on both sides” of issues including on values, climate change, and foreign politics. “As I keep asking, are some of these politicians dumb or duplicitous, or both?” He said. “He upholds the values of America, but lets in illegal immigrants; will create jobs, but destroys thousands in shutting down a pipeline; hates cultural norms, but accepts that China’s brutality is a consequence of ‘different norms in each country’.”

This is why Integrity matters! Presidential #Plagiarism #Lies #justcreepy?

~ Sky News Australia 24-May-21 | NO Student debt Relief

Yikes! Imagine saying this to a 9 year old but Biden did!

~ Sky News Australia 2-June-21

Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist

~ Fox News 21-May-21

Joe Biden’s record of plagiarism goes back decades but in 2021 he’s using the same lie and quoting Mao.

~ Lasse Burholt 14-July-20

Integrity Matters! Protect your Rights and Liberty

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The Defender-in-Chief was created in June 2018 to expose the hypocrisy of Meghan Markle because integrity matters trumps hypocrisy! It was the most requested reader submission of 2018. Blog archives are available.

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In the Cultural Attaché, created in May 2018, social issues take centre stage. We also explore media and culture bias.

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The Wave Journal is a long running Blog, created in January 2013. It covers a wide range of social topics.

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The Coronavirus Bootcamp was created in April 2020. A guide on how to thrive during the pandemic, and beyond.

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The Kassándra Chronicles is our latest Blog with futurist projections from the present.

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Wonder Woman is a unifying super hero. That’s because she is a strong female power and energy. She is intelligent, compassionate and has integrity. Since 2009, we blogged about TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Integrity matters to us

We believe that integrity matters. But we must always uphold it every time deceit, greed and manipulation are present. We present subject-matters that may not be popular, but that are most relevant to the discussion. Because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, integrity is very important to us.

Each new generation builds upon our strengths and numbers. As we pass the torch, we welcome new voices into the fold. Today more than ever, our liberties are being attacked. But we will not crumble. We will not give up. And we certainly won’t run away. We will stand our ground and fight. We are neither scared or easily influenced. Rather we have influence and can influence change. We pride ourselves on ‘multi-cultural privilege’, expanded into six continents and 18 countries.

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