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Gabrielle Bourne Media lives by the mantra, “To thine own self be true“. Integrity Matters! Moreover, self reliance and self-less service powers us, whilst ‘political incorrectness‘ sets us free.

Furthermore, being mindful of race, gender and equality makes you a caring human. In other words, you exhibit good manners and consideration for others. This has nothing to do with ‘political correctness‘, which is designed to limit your liberties. By the same token, “truth” is important, but don’t rely on“your truth”. It won’t set you free. Only the truth can do that.

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Why Integrity Matters

Groupthink has placed a ‘strangle hold‘ on freedom of speech. Evidently, this has resulted in diversity of thoughts and opinions now being challenged by ‘Wokerati‘ rants. Easily offended ‘Snowflakes‘ make up the minority, yet their constant whingeing is deafening.

Likewise, those who infringe upon the rights of others to exercise their freedom of speech, by their very actions, are not proponents of freedom of speech. They are agitators. Moreover, government agents, law enforcement, corporate entities, universities, colleges, et al. who violate a person or group’s rights to counter protest and exercise their freedom of speech, should be named and shamed. Violence, intimidation, vandalism, destruction of personal property, toppling of statues, desecrating monuments, et. al does not fall under the umbrella of freedom of speech.

Equally, rampant ‘celebrity’ hypocrisy goes unchecked by the sycophantic media. Henceforth, headlines is the new “fashion”, or whatever “social media trends” of the day. Therefore, they believe the public is too stupid to know the difference, unless we draw attention to this. We are not swayed by political views and party lines left, right or centre. Integrity matters. Given these points, let’s explore.

Free To Disagree

Many of the groups who have been involved in Defend Free Speech have joined a sister campaign in Scotland. Free to Disagree, is opposing a controversial Scottish Government Hate Crime Bill, which could undermine free speech. Lawyers, police, academics, commentators on the left and the right, feminists, Atheists, Christians, Humanists and civil liberty groups have all warned that the Bill poses a serious threat to free speech. To find out more visit:

The Prince of “woke” doesn’t ‘get’ the First Amendment

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“I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers.”

Integrity Matters: Free Speech Nation 🎙🎬🍿

Gabrielle Bourne Media Integrity Matters - First Amendment United States
The Constitution of the United States | BILL OF RIGHTS | First Amendment 

GB Media | 5th December | 12th November 2023

In the United States, you have Hamas-loving Rep. Rashida Tlaib and in the UK, we have Iran-Hamas-loving former Labour MP Chris Williamson. Most likely they are also Holocaust deniers, because both Tlaib and Williamson denied that the 7th of October ever happened. That’s because this goes against their fantasy-narrative that Hamas Isis are “resistance fighters”.

Undoubtedly you cannot fix stupid because who in their right minds believe that the murder of babies, children and the murder and raping of women is about “resistance”? Even if they never saw the 45 minutes of footage filmed by Hamas Isis, don’t forget the shocking video of Shani Louk.

The video showed Louk’s half naked body paraded on the back of a pickup truck, whilst Hamas sympathisers (males) rejoiced and spat on her. The position of Louk’s body was shocking. Sexual assault cannot be ruled out. There was signs of trauma. The back of her head was bloodied. She was either bludgeoned or shot. Her skull fragment was later recovered at the music festival massacre. She was identified through DNA.

Disturbing testimonies of Hamas’ use of sexual violence as a weapon of war aired at the UN. (i24NEWS’ Emily Frances filed this report)

05-December-2023 | i24NEWS | Hamas atrocities against Israel Women Testimonies
04-December-2023 | AIJAC | The Mission of Israel to the UN

Author and Journalist Caroline Glick sits down with Avigail Gimpel – educator, author and burial society member who handled the bodies of the Oct. 7th massacre. With so many claiming that the atrocities are exaggerated or untrue, it is crucial that we hear from someone who witnessed the brutality firsthand. (The Caroline Glick Show)

01-November-2023 | JNS TV | The Caroline Glick Show

GB Media | 29th November 2023

‘Something wicked this way comes’ as students at the University of Michigan vote on AR13-025. This referendum largely pushed by Students Aligned for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), calls action against Israel. SAFE pushes dangerous and misleading information calling Israel an “apartheid state” whilst falsely accusing them of genocide against the people of Gaza. Apparently, ‘higher education’ is lost on them since neither accusations are true of Israel.

29-November-2023 | CBN News | University Michigan Vote

GB Media | 24th November 2023 (Updated)

Kassandra was the sister of Paris who prophesied the end of Troy. Despite the warnings, she was not to be believed exactly captures how Troy was destroyed. Throughout history, there have been monsters, hiding behind ‘useful idiots’. Such is the case of Volodymyr Zelensky and the United States of Amerika. It wasn’t enough for Joe Biden, voted in by illiberal sock puppets, to completely screw up Afghanistan ‘exit plan’. Now, Biden made Zelenskyy and his cronies rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Of course Zelenskyy is only too happy to prolong Biden’s proxy ‘war’ with Russia, despite the fact he has been losing. He’s getting exactly what he wants, including extending his ‘dictatorship‘ for the foreseeable future. Just like Mahmoud Abbas, Zelenskyy has prolonged his power. Abbas has been the President of the Palestinian National Authority since 2005. Abbas cancelled elections several times to remain in power.

9-November-2023 | Tulsi Gabbard
Israel-Palestine - Amnesty International 2014

Hamas pretends to be the “nice guy” while we begin to hear about the horrors endured by the hostages and the terrifying nature of Palestinian society. Yet the Biden administration pushes onward to a Two State Solution of disastrous proportions. (The Caroline Glick Show)

28-November-2023 | JNS TV | The Caroline Glick Show

Noa Argamani was kidnapped to Gaza. Her mother, who has cancer: “My physical condition is deteriorating, I’m afraid I won’t see her” – Chen Liberman, Uvda, Keshet 12. (StandWithUs)

22-November-2023 | StandWithUS


Let’s not forget that not ALL the hostages have come home. (GM Media) 25-November-2023

02-November-2023 | StandWithUs

Integrity Matters: Phoenix Rising 🔥

Gabrielle Bourne Media believes Integrity Matters. We celebrate brave men and women who stand up, speak up and even fight the insane establishment policies. ‘Fear is the mind-killer’ and these heroes are fearless.

Amaury Guichon

This is Why Integrity Matters!

‘You can never call yourself a Feminist again’. European Parliament Member Assita Kanko has a message for self-proclaimed feminists who have stayed silent in the wake of Hamas’ mass sexual violence targeting Israeli women and girls on and since October 7th. (StandWithUs)

23-November-2023 | StandWithUs

Noa Fay, Columbia University 🔥

16-November-2023 | StandWithUs | Israel Unity Rally, Washington D.C.

Rachel Goldberg, Mum 🔥

Rachel Goldberg, mother of 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin who was kidnapped from southern Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, spoke at the DC rally on November 14th about the anguish she is experiencing, along with so many other families. (StandWithUs)

15-November-2023 | StandWithUs | Israel Unity Rally, Washington D.C.
Three Crowns

Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie was one of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security members shown harrowing footage of the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel. (Sky News Australia)

16-November-2023 | Sky News Australia

Integrity Matters in History

Eighty years after the HolocaustExtremely powerful words from Germany’s Vice-Chancellor, Robert Habeck. Almost 80 years have passed since the Holocaust ended, and antisemitism is once again on the rise in Germany and across the globe. (StandWithUs)

03-November-2023 | StandWithUs

Integrity Matters for Survival

Douglas Murray is a British writer and political commentator. He is an associate editor of the Spectator and a columnist at the Telegraph and the New York Post among others. He is the author of many best-selling books including The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (2017), The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity (2019), and The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason (2022). (Triggernometry)

05-November-2023 | Triggernometry
Three Crowns

Media Hacks: BBC takes cover for Hamas

GB Media | 24th October 2023 (Updated)

Any time is the ‘right’ time to defund the BBC. But this is the exact time to do so.

The BBC is at it again in grotesque fashion, ‘playing footsie’ with the truth. The BBC blatantly lied about the Gaza hospital ‘so-called’ bombing and blamed Israel, believing Hamas and Palestine. They should have done some fact checking prior to their coverage.

Watch this numpty and BBC ‘lifer’ Victoria Derbyshire support Hamas Isis. She shows more concerns about Gaza and the Palestinians, rather than the Israeli massacre perpetrated by Hamas Isis. Forget the beheaded and burnt babies, raped women and hostages forcefully taken. She took a leaf out of disgraced Anjana Gadgil, another BBC Pro-Palestine and Hamas sympathiser. When confronted with her biased enquiries, she tried to deflect. The BBC abruptly cut the feed, but notice how Derbyshire claimed she didn’t know how the ‘signal cut out at the end’.

Don’t believe the lies the BBC, New York Times, ABC, etc are spreading. Israel is only the start…don’t think it can’t happen where you live? Prepare because they have already infiltrated your schools, your government and cities and towns.

22-October-2023 | נפתלי בנט | Naftali Bennett

The Biggest Loser: Candace Owens

GB Media | 17th October, 2023

Bye bye Candace Owens. She spent $18K on a business flight for herself and kids. She will be just fine.

Candace Owens has ‘lost the plot’ in the latest she said/she said with Megyn Kelly over the Harvard miscreants. Moreover, Owens is confusing ‘cancel culture’ with ‘blacklisting’, which every civilised country does to ensure security. After all, why have ‘No Fly Lists’ for terrorist cells?

Blacklisting is a preemptive strike to prevent any future security issues. This goes beyond whether a person believes in pro choice or pro life. This goes beyond ‘civil discourse’. People can form strong opinions during their development. However, when they exhibit ‘hatred’ and support terrorism, they should be blacklisted. When you disagree with issues, that is civil discourse. When you actively support the rapes, murders and the annihilation of a whole race, that is genocide.

It’s shocking that Owens can’t distinguish between two unrelated mental processes. Moreover, she has made a career and a name for herself ‘hunting’ down killers and calling out ‘celebrities’. Yet, she is confused about the Harvard groups support of Hamas. She makes excuses for the inexcusable.

‘Candidates for Hire List’ for Candace Owens (8:20) 🤣

Three Crowns

Remember Troy: Radical ‘Illiberals’ Border Infiltration

GB Media | 13th October 2023

Israel is a stark warning for the rest of the world. When the Giant sleeps, the enemy plans. Remember Troy. You don’t need armies or tanks. You only need human missiles. If you don’t believe this is occurring in the West, just look to France for clues. The borders are open and the enemies are welcomed in with ‘open arms’.

The Fringe and the Weirdos have taken over the asylum…just take a close look at Joe Biden’s Cabinet of Fools. Meanwhile in the UK, we had “oppressed” Albanians dancing in the streets last year, disrupting traffic and defacing Churchill with their flag. Pro Palestinian sentiment is nothing new, and we heard the chants during BLM. Now, it’s a sickness that has spread faster than the Coronavirus. Imagine celebrating the deaths and beheadings of babies!

13-October-2023 | Megyn Kelly Show | Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Three Crowns

Integrity Matters: Go Woke Go Broke

Gabrielle Bourne Media supports the Gay and Lesbian communities, not illiberal ‘extreme’ transgenderism. We do not support Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics, and Revisionist history. “The scholars who call themselves Afrocentrists have not written history in the strictest sense of the term; what they have produced is a therapeutic mythology designed to restore the self-esteem of black Americans by creating a past that never was,” Clarence E Walker

You ‘Get’ What You ‘Tolerate’

Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary

29-August-2023 | The Telegraph
Three Crowns

Integrity Matters: The Dangers of Groupthink

‘Groupthink‘ is conformity dressed up as diversity, and divergence of thoughts or opinions are squashed. Furthermore, aspects of critical thinking and thoughtful evaluation are missing. Likewise, celebrities don’t have all the answers and often hypocrites to their cause. Headlines, not causes are important to them. When peeling back the layers, these hypocrites don’t even know the issues. Moreover, they only mimic, mime and spew virtue signalling statements. Evidently, here are some examples:

  1. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is a mega wealthy black woman preaching about ‘white fragility’. Hypocrisy.
  2. Meghan Markle is a serial plagiarist, who also ditched her dog. She supported black lives matter, but ignored racism claims at her alma mater. Markle also admitted to being a fraud (in her own words}, so we should believe her. Additionally, what else did she lie about? Equally, she framed herself as an ‘eco-warrior‘, whilst trouncing around in private jets. She pronounced support for the Ukraine War, but didn’t know how to draw the Ukrainian flag? Fake Humanitarian.
  3. Chrissy Teigen told people to boycott Goya. She used Goya during a cooking segment. Indeed, Teigen is what’s wrong with Cancel culture. Moreover, Tiegen tweeted that she ‘accidentally’ purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine? Indeed a Tone-Deaf Jedi! This Markle bestie is also a bully. Like hypocrites flock together, it seems.

Chrissy Teigen is a “Needy, Attention-Starved Bully”

Megyn Kelly calls out John Legend over his misinformed comments about her, why his wife Chrissy Teigen is a “needy, attention-starved bully,” and more. (Megyn Kelly)

08-May-2023 | Megyn Kelly
Three Crowns

Democracy Dies in Dumbness 🇬🇧🇦🇺🇺🇸

17-June-22 | Real Time with Bill Maher
Three Crowns

Integrity Matters! Protect your Rights and Liberty

Gabrielle Bourne Media (GB Media) has created blocks of exposé content, including archives, that can be easily searched with key words. Freedom of Speech is the cornerstone of our protective beliefs. This includes the right of all humans to freely express their opinions, whether we agree with them or not. However, this precludes others from infringing upon the rights of others through intimidation, violence and compelled speech.

Defenders of the Public Trust

Gabrielle Bourne Media Integrity Matters - Defender in Chief

The Defender-in-Chief was created in June 2018 to expose the hypocrisy of Meghan Markle because integrity matters trumps hypocrisy! Indeed, it was the most requested reader submission of 2018. It has since expanded to include other investigative topics such as race hustlers and baiters in Sarah Jeong Exposé, insidious Social Media Trolls and social degenerates in Scams and Frauds.

Cultural bias and Dangerous Minds

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Cultural Attaché’

In the Cultural Attaché, created in May 2018, social issues take centre stage. We also explore media misinformation, disinformation and culture biases. In addition to UK politics, we also expose The Swamp that is USA politics. Moreover, GB Media started compiling evidence of the insidious Black Lives Matter scam starting June 2020. In 2023, the West is still ignorant about the Israeli-Palestinian history as social commentary is a cesspool of misinformation and disinformation. This from the likes of Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson. Ignorance is not bliss. It’s downright dangerous.

Food for thought Critique and Insight

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The Wave Journal was created in January 2013. Accordingly, it covers a wide range of social topics. This includes Joe Biden’s diminishing returns, The Puppet Master of the Ukraine war and the Failing state of China.

Thriving 101

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The Coronavirus Bootcamp was created in April 2020, as a guide on how to thrive during the pandemic, and beyond. More than ever, such guidance is needed as the world is wrought with financial and economic failure, in addition to woke ideology and radical ‘thought police‘. World citizens were forced to mandatory lockdowns, excessive masking and dangerous vaccines that did not stop the Coronavirus.

Illiberal Nonsense

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Cassandra Kassandra’

The Kassándra Chronicles is our latest that offers futurist projections from the present. Who would have thought that celebrating Black Lives Matter would lead to discrimination against ‘whiteness‘? Or that the successful failure of of CHAZ/CHOP will showcase the utter hypocrisy of the ‘black supremacy‘ movement?

Wonder Woman is a unifying super hero. That’s because she is a strong female power and energy. Additionally, she is intelligent, compassionate and has integrity. Since 2009, we have developed content for TRUTH (Reality) and JUSTICE (morality).

Today more than ever, our liberties are being attacked. However, we stand our ground, neither scared or easily influenced by these distracting noises. Moreover, we have influence, and we pride ourselves in our ‘multicultural privileges’, expanded into six continents,18 countries and in every realm.

Suella Braverman was half correct about a multicultural society. A Multicultural society can be successful, when all of its cultures understand the dominant edict serving all, under the law, and not outside the law. The Black Lives Matter riots exposed the weaknesses of many multicultural societies including the UK and the USA. Instead of demonstrating strength and resolve, some government officials as well as some law enforcement knelt before the mob. Moreover, they allowed the desecration of monuments, toppling statues and BLM radicals rabidly going after law abiding citizens.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Gabrielle Bourne’

Remember the Trojan Horse

Multiculturalism has been used as a weapon to destroy, rather than unite. Throughout the immigration history, there are examples of successful multicultural integration. They include the Irish, Italians, Asians and Nigerians, among others.

Regardless of right, centre or left, the divisions are clear. However, Gabrielle Bourne Media (GB Media) believes in border control, whilst allowing “legitimate” influx of individuals from other cultures who wish to make a home in their new land. All entry, however, should be based on merit, a quality deserving of praise and recognition. Just as we do not accept degenerates and radicals, nor should any sane countries, companies, institutions, businesses and organisations. Remember the Trojan Horse and how Troy fell.

Diversity has also been demonised, especially from the right. including Dennis Prager. Whilst GB Media respects PragerU, such absolute statements on culture, ethnicity and diversity should not be accepted, especially from those who know nothing about the subject. Multicultural integrations work, when everyone is reading from the same script. Moreover, citizens are required to abide by the laws, policies, guidelines of their communities and the government and the law need to enforcement them. Unfortunately, the UK, USA and Australian governments, among others, have become bystanders instead of enforcers. The left have completely destroyed societies. For this reason, the nutters are out in drove, because they know no one is stopping them from total chaos and destruction.

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Image credit: Brainy Quote