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Gabrielle Bourne Media lives by the mantra, “To thine own self be true“. Integrity Matters! Moreover, self reliance and self-less service powers us, whilst ‘political incorrectness‘ sets us free.

Furthermore, being mindful of race, gender and equality makes you a caring human. This has nothing to do with ‘political correctness‘, which is designed to limit your liberties. By the same token, “truth” is important, but don’t rely on“your truth”. It won’t set you free. Only the truth can do that.

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Why Integrity Matters

Groupthink has placed a ‘strangle hold’ on freedom of speech. Evidently, this has resulted in diversity of thoughts and opinions now being challenged by ‘Wokerati’ rants. Easily offended “Snowflakes’ make up the minority, yet their constant whingeing is deafening.

Equally, rampant ‘celebrity’ hypocrisy goes unchecked by the sycophantic media. Henceforth, headlines is the new “fashion”. Therefore, they believe the public is too stupid to know the difference, unless we draw attention to this. We are not swayed by political views and party lines left, right or centre. Integrity matters. Given these points, let’s explore.

FREE TO DISAGREE – Many of the groups who have been involved in Defend Free Speech have joined a sister campaign in Scotland. Free to Disagree, is opposing a controversial Scottish Government Hate Crime Bill, which could undermine free speech. Lawyers, police, academics, commentators on the left and the right, feminists, Atheists, Christians, Humanists and civil liberty groups have all warned that the Bill poses a serious threat to free speech. To find out more visit:

The Prince of “woke” explains why he doesn’t ‘get’ the First Amendment

Integrity Matters - First Amendment United States
The Constitution of the United States | BILL OF RIGHTS | First Amendment 
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19-October-2022 | Australia
Integrity Matters Koalas Australia
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Phoenix Rising 🔥

Amaury Guichon

HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh

Duchess of Edinburgh Sophie

Princess of Wales’s early years campaign

Integrity Matters Princess Catherine Early childhood programme
31-January-2023 | GB News | Cameron Walker
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❤️ Celine Dion ❤️

08-December-2022 | Celine Dion
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Get the ‘Hell Out of My City’

Integrity Matters Lori Leftfoot
16-March-2023 | Forbes Breaking News
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This House Believes Wokeness Has Gone Too Far 🤔

13-January-2023 | Triggernometry
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Cringe Ginge and The Whinge: Our Sentiment, Exactly 🤡

Integrity Matters Spare Us Harry Meghan who gives a shit mug
Message to Harry and Meghan | Image source: Twitter

The “Un-Titled” Campaign Begins…

10-March-2023 | GB News | Mark Dolan

Hypocrisy Sh*t Show: ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ 🤥

Hypocrisy Backlash: Chris Rock exposes ‘Fake’ Racism

06-March-2023 | The Telegraph

Integrity Matters! Losing Frogmore is the least of their worries. Al Qaeda orders Prince Harry’s death because of Harry’s ‘pie hole’.

Integrity Matters Harry and Meghan evicted

Respect Our Privacy! The Tour 🤣🤥

Integrity Matters Southpark Harry Meghan

While Kyle does his brand homework, the Prince and his wife demand privacy with a fireworks display.

16-February-2023 | South Park Studios | Full Episode S26 E2
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Integrity Matters in Leadership: “Do as I DO”. Lead by Example

25-November-2022 | Neil Oliver

Rob O’Neill is ‘Toxic hell’ and ‘Jackass’ recipient 🤡😬🤥

GB Media | 11th January 2023

Dan Wootton, the GB News presenter ends his segment with the “Union Jackass”. Well the votes are in and our “Jackass” is Rob O’Neill, ex-SEAL Team Six. Rob O’Neill reared his UGLY head in a Sky News segment on Prince Harry’s Afghanistan “kill count”. We are not posting that video here, but it is still available on Sky News Australia Youtube channel.

In the segment, O’Neill makes light of a serious military breach by Prince Harry. In a weird statement, O’Neill said that Prince Harry calling the Talibans ‘chess pieces’ is “giving them a compliment”, noting that the Apache helicopter is a “kill helicopter”. Prince Harry was a co-pilot gunner. O’Neill added “I think he was nice about it. If it was up to me and they were actually terrorists, I wish he would have killed more”. This from someone who ‘boasted’ he killed Osama Bin Ladin. His account was challenged by military personnel.

O’Neill also ‘downplayed’ the “amplification of the fact he’s a member of the royal family doing this”. He didn’t believe it would put a “bigger security risk target against the royal family, against him and his family now in California and potentially against the British troops. This has already been disputed by several well-respected military personnel in Britain, including Prince Harry’s fellow warriors.

Integrity Matters - Rob O'Neill Seal Team
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Integrity Matters: The Puppet Master of the Year 🤡🏆

Gabrielle Bourne Media support the people of Ukraine. Zelenskyy and his cronies are a different matter. Whilst many in the western civilisation are still asleep, we will do our part to expose illiberal nonsense like supporting this puppet master.

Puppet Master of the Year Cover art

Now it makes sense…

integrity Matters - Ukraine de facto NATO

Meet Kamala Harris’s 6-Year-Old Speechwriter 🤣

Why did Kamala’s speeches sound like they were written in crayon? Now you know.

13-December-2022 | Babylon Bee

Integrity Matters: Race-baiter and Race hustler of the Year 🤡🤥🏆

09-March-2023 | GB News

The Whinge and Ginge was a close second, but their pal Ngozi Fulani won this category. Here is the insight. Fulani aka Marlene Headley doesn’t dress this way in real life. It’s a costume to fool people into thinking she is a legitimate “African”. She is not. This is why Ngozi Fulani is a fraud and a hypocrite.

Integrity Matters: Sycophantic Media of the Year 🤡🏆

Gabrielle Bourne Media exposes media outlets, editors, journalists, royal reporters who don’t believe that transparency and integrity matters. They continually cover up the truth, calling blatant lies, “exaggerated” whilst ignoring facts. Hypocrites like Vanessa Feltz, TalkTV is a ‘mean girl’ and a bully in real life. Meanwhile, Newsweek, Insider, BuzzFeed, among others, turn a ‘blind eye’. We have the receipts.

Integrity Matters: Illiberal Celebrity of the Year 🤡🏆

Gabrielle Bourne Media bids ‘adieu’ to Elton John who may or may not be notable on Twitter.

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Integrity Matters: The Dangers of Groupthink

‘Groupthink‘ is conformity dressed up as diversity. In reality, divergence of thoughts or opinions are squashed. Furthermore, aspects of critical thinking and thoughtful evaluation are missing. Likewise, celebrities don’t have all the answers and often hypocrites to their cause. Headlines, not causes are important to them. When peeling back the layers, these hypocrites don’t even know the issues. They only mimic, mime and spew virtue signalling statements. Here are some examples:

  1. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is a mega wealthy black woman preaching about ‘white fragility’. Hypocrisy.
  2. Meghan Markle is a serial plagiarist, who ditched her dog. She supported black lives matter, but ignored racism claims at her alma mater. Markle also admitted to being a fraud (in her own words}, so we should believe her. What else did she lie about? Equally, she framed herself as an ‘eco-warrior‘, whilst trouncing around in private jets. She pronounced support for the Ukraine War, but didn’t know how to draw the Ukrainian flag? Fake Humanitarian.
  3. By the same token as Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen told people to boycott Goya, but was caught with a can of Goya during a cooking segment. Teigen is what’s wrong with Cancel culture. Moreover, Tiegen tweeted that she ‘accidentally’ purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine? Indeed a Tone-Deaf Jedi! This Markle bestie is also a bully. Like hypocrites flock together, it seems.

“We are Losing Our Sense of Free Thinking”

29-May-2022 | GB News


After being released from our YouTube suspension, join Digital Editor Jack Houghton as he takes you through some of the moments on Sky News Australia from this week that Silicon Valley stopped you from seeing.

Cambridge University “Anti-Free Speech” Backlash 👍🏻👍🏻

It’s about time Universities get a taste of their own medicine. They need to stop capitulating to “cry-baby” student body, too triggered by their own inadequacies. No body gives a f*ck about your “feelings”, especially the Alumni.

07-November-2022 | GB News
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    Democracy Dies in Dumbness 🇬🇧🇦🇺🇺🇸

    17-June-22 | Real Time with Bill Maher
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    Integrity Matters: “The Blue States are the Problem” 🤔

    09-November-2022 | The New York Times
    Liberal Hypocrisy is Fuelling American Inequality. Here’s How | NYT Opinion

    The Curious Mind of Joe Biden

    Well, we warned you America! You voted in a liar and a serial plagiarist. Biden definitely has these in common with Meghan Markle. He will be losing his mind in public too. Back in the day, Newsweek had journalistic integrity and exposed him. Now they are covering up his fumbles, along with the “state media” CNN. The Media coverup and lies continues with Joe Biden.

    The Curious Mind of Joe Biden - Integrity Matters
    Does He know where he is?

    Meanwhile…Biden, together with Harris, “Bungles” Along

    02-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee

    The Racialise Regime of Joe Biden


    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Thomas Sowell race is on life support'
    28-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

    California is the Biden Administration’s role model for America?

    What are they thinking? The state loses 170,000 people every year.

    06-April-2021 | John Stossel

    Integrity Matters: This is why America is in Trouble

    27-July-2022 | Kyle Dunnigan
    “Who’s My Name?” New track from President Joseph R. Biden

    Before Joe was President…

    07-March-2022 | Sky News Australia

    Joe Biden the punch line: ‘Clean up on aisle 46’

    26-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

    ‘No Oil for You’

    Integrity Matters Sleepy Joe Biden

    Now, calling ‘Nurse’ Kamala Harris

    30-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

    Integrity Matters??? LOL! It’s Kamala “Veep” Harris, the Comedian

    Integrity Matters failure Kamala Harris
    04-October-2022 | Sky News Australia
    Even The Daily Show is poking fun
    Integrity Matters Joe Biden ranking Kamala Harris

    Joe Biden: ‘One of these things’

    07-June-2011 | Sesame Street
    One of These Things
    Joe Biden
    Virtual call – One is not like the others

    Joe Biden Sees DEAD PEOPLE

    Meanwhile Kamala Harris tells South Koreans, during a visit to the DMZ, “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with North Korea“.

    03-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

    Joe Biden’s Handlers working overtime including ‘White House Bunny’

    19-April-2022 | Sky News Australia | Bunny to the rescue
    13-June-2021 | Sky News Australia | GF Gaffes

    Integrity Matters: Who’s “really” running the show?

    #PresidentHarris #Elderabuse

    18-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

    The Biden Administration ‘Handed over’ $85B in equipment to the Taliban

    The Biden Administration ‘Handed over’ ‘Kill List’ of US Allies to the Taliban

    Integrity Matters: Southern Border Crisis

    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Joe Biden'

    ‘This human misery they’ve created is a source of joy’

    Joe Biden: “Illegal immigration is a gift”.

    31-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

    Kamala Harris is direct From ‘Central Casting’

    04-July-2021 | Sky News Australia
    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Kamala Harris'
    14-April-2021 | Daily Mail

    Integrity Matters: Kamala’s Diplomatic Fumbles

    Harris is just rude and crude.

    21-May-2021 | Global Viral News
    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Kamala Harris'

    Integrity Matters: Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist

    Joe Biden’s record of plagiarism goes back decades but in 2021-2022 he’s using the same lies and quoting Mao, in addition to spewing dangerous socialist propaganda.

    19-May-2021 | GOP War Room
    14-July-2020 | Lasse Burholt

    Integrity Matters! Protect your Rights and Liberty

    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'

    The Defender-in-Chief was created in June 2018 to expose the hypocrisy of Meghan Markle because integrity matters trumps hypocrisy! It was the most requested reader submission of 2018. Archives are available. It has since expanded to include other investigative topics such as race hustlers and scams.

    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Integrity Matters'

    In the Cultural Attaché, created in May 2018, social issues take centre stage. We also explore media misinformation and ‘fan-girl’ sycophancy, in addition to culture biases.

    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Integrity Matters'

    The Wave Journal was created in January 2013. It covers a wide range of social topics.

    Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘The Coronavirus’

    The Coronavirus Bootcamp was created in April 2020, as a guide on how to thrive during the pandemic, and beyond. More than ever, such guidance is needed as the world is wrought with financial and economic failure.

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    The Kassándra Chronicles is our latest offers futurist projections from the present.

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    Wonder Woman is a unifying super hero. That’s because she is a strong female power and energy. She is intelligent, compassionate and has integrity. Since 2009, we blogged about TRUTH and JUSTICE.

    Today more than ever, our liberties are being attacked. We stand our ground, neither scared or easily influenced by these distracting noises. More over, we have influence, and we pride ourselves in our ‘multicultural privileges’, expanded into six continents,18 countries and in every realm.

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