Meghan Markle: “I was such a Fraud”

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Meghan Markle lied to get a small part and SAG card

Image credit: The Sun via Twitter | Original report: 21st January 2020

In 2015, Meghan Markle said, “I was such a fraud” and admitted she lied to casting directors to get a small part and her Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card. She joked that these casting directors wouldn’t hire her today. Committing fraud is one thing, but joking about it is malice. We added the original ATX video, which starts at 21:20. Markle said she was “such a fraud” and we should believe her.

Markle may have landed the role in Century City, but at what cost? Her one episode role in 2004 could have gone to a qualified SAG member, instead. SAG membership is a big deal if you are an actor. Because it can open doors.

We should never commit fraud in order to get ahead. For this reason, we consider Meghan Markle a bad role model. It is important to live with integrity then lie, cheat and steal. In this instance, Markle demonstrated that she could (1) lie (2) cheat her way to the top and (3) steal a role. We already knew she was a bad pet parent.

Meghan Markle: “I’m such a fraud” (21:20)