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Filter Bubble, Cultural bias and Dangerous Minds

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Filter Bubbles and dangerous cultural bias cannot be underestimated. Indeed, this is true in politics, media and the education system. We live in a world where mob rule, or rather the minority rule. Furthermore, the ‘cancel culture’ permeates society for devious purposes. Meanwhile social media gags free speech and the internet filters out differences, leaving redundancies. As a result, society hasn’t improved with age, it has gone completely backwards.

Society is left ‘intellectually isolated’. Whereas, algorithms have replaced humans and our education system is brainwashing the next generation. Welcome to the new cultural norm which will consequently have an adverse effect on the human race.

Cultural bias and Dangerous Minds - Loony Lefties losing it
Cultural bias and Dangerous Minds: Loony Lefties losing it (Victor Davis Hanson)

The Cultural Attaché: Racism, Indoctrination and Lies

When the Cultural Attaché took flight in May 2018, it was at the height of “Meghan-mania”. That’s because Meghan Markle, an American had married British Royalty. It would have been an amazing story if not for one thing. Furthermore, this was no fairy tale.

At the time of its inception, The Cultural Attaché explained British Royal Styles, Titles and Honorific. Moreover, Markle had many titles, but “Princess” was not one of them. Moreover, whilst the average citizen would have a difficult time understanding the nuances of titles, many generations grew up respecting these traditions. It’s part of the cultural mindset and identity of Britain.

Markle’s failure as a British Royal, speaks volumes about multiculturalism. Whilst it is important to maintain one’s cultural identity, it is also critical to assimilate and contribute to society. Unfortunately Markle never took any of this seriously. Instead, Markle was more interested in the “clout” such an association would bring rather than the “work” her role actually entailed. She tried to bully the British Royal Family, instead of contributing for the greater good.

Markle falsely accused the British media of racism. Later, in the Oprah interview, riddled with lies, she also claimed the British Royal Family was racists too. Additionally, she had no intention of becoming a British citizen either. LESS than 2 years (May 2018-March 2020) into the J-O-B, she quit. As we covered in The Minx Report in 2018, Markle is a quitter.

The damage Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had done was immense. For several seasons, the general public believed them, until, their lies and indoctrination process caught up with them. In addition to being dumped by Spotify, their popularity plummeted in the UK and USA.

01-September-2023 | Victor Davis Hanson | De-Civilisation of America
01-November-2023 | Reclaim The Media

GB Media | 16th October 2023

Dominik Tarczynski, a Polish lawmaker and Member of the European Parliament (13:20) is not afraid to say what many believe. Moreover, a strong border results in a safe, thriving and independent country, free from radical woke ideology. No country is perfect, but Poland’s wilfulness to ‘buck’ the norm of other spineless bureaucrats possibly safe guarded the future of its legitimate law abiding citizens. Elsewhere, in the UK and the US in particular, the future looks bleak, as millions of illegals have made the border crossings, with many more disappearing into the landscape.

As foreign villages and towns empty, the invasion of mostly “war aged” males, will not only impact an already fragile ecosystem, but deplete the remaining resources from legitimate citizens. This long term transitional non-integration is not sustainable.

12-October-2023 | Daily Caller | Tucker Carlson

Cultural Bias and Dangerous Minds: The Unraveling

23-August-2023 | Victor Davis Hanson | United States Is Done

The Feminist Roots of Woke: How The West Went Mad

The concept of ‘cancel culture’ is even more sinister. That’s because it is about de-platforming and policing free speech. Additionally, it’s about Trans radical activism to Black Lives Matter and even Extinction Rebellion. “Woke” ideology has permeated almost every aspect of public and even private lives. Not even the English language has escape unscathed.

How did we arrive in a world of “chest feeding”, “pregnant people” and even “bonus hole”? where even the most basic definition of “woman” can tie a political party in knots? We now live in a world where police can tell a member of the public to “check your thinking”. Even removing monuments of national heroes in order to protect them. Employers force absurd courses drenched in pseudo-intellectual theories of race and gender.

29-November-2022 | The New Culture Forum | Rod Liddle

In this entertaining talk, Rod Liddle traces the myriad origins of the woke movement, tying it to feminism, in particular.

Cultural Bias and Dangerous Minds: Indoctrination

GB Media | 16th July 2021

“Even North Korea sin’t this crazy” (Yeonmi Park)

At Columbia University, professors are “triggering” students with “woke” nonsense. Students are taught to hate white men. If you like Jane Austen, that is “wrong think”. Columbia thinks she was a bigoted minded white supremacist. “Give us your pronouns” and make sure you get ours correct. Gender fluidity is applauded. They might identify as a boy in the morning and then a girl in the afternoon. And parents thought they were paying for higher learning. It’s time to demand a refund.

16-July-2021 | The Telegraph | Yeonmi Park

Cambridge University “Anti-Free Speech” Backlash

GB Media | 7th November 2022

This is how you do it! It’s about time Universities get a taste of their own medicine. Henceforth, they need to stop capitulating to “cry-baby” student body, too triggered by their own inadequacies. No body gives a f*ck about your “feelings”, especially the Alumni. Leave “cry-babies” to their own demise. That’s how you ‘handle’ these minority factions.

07-November-2022 | GB News

Cultural Bias and Dangerous Minds: Censorship

Uncanceled: Join Digital Editor Jack Houghton as he takes you through some of the moments on Sky News Australia from this week that Silicon Valley stopped you from seeing.

05-August-2021 | Sky News Australia | Uncancelled

‘You’re ALL Sheep’

14-October-2022 | Tom MacDonald | Sheeple

Culture Wars: Reclaim History and the ‘Truth’ about Slavery sans BLM lies

07-September-2021 | Reasoned

Wokeness is a ‘contagion’ which is ‘taking over’ the West

30-March-2021 | Sky News Australia

ACU Senior Research Fellow Dr Kevin Donnelly says wokeness is a “contagion”. It has taken over mainly Western nations. “There are many reasons why it’s so pervasive”. Dr Donnelly told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “It goes back to education in particular.”

Cultural Bias and Dangerous Minds: Racism

Dangerous Cultural bias - Culture Wars Meghan Markle
Protester outside UN where the hypocrite Prince lectured the world on “climate change”

Meghan Markle’s entrée onto the world stage, brought the “woke” bandwagon of “racism,” largely fuelled by Markle herself. Whilst racism does exist, Markle and her sycophantic chorus saw it EVERYWHERE and in places where it didn’t exist, namely The British Royal Family, who welcomed her with open arms. The Queen even “fast tracked” her into the fold, breaking royal protocol to make her feel included. Even the British media created a “halo” effect around Markle, during the early months, calling her a “breath of fresh air”.

The worse bit was that Markle fuelled the “black and white” op-ed “hit” pieces supported by sycophant trolls on social media. Furthermore, Markle never claimed to be a “black” woman. Mixed race, yes, yet, she embraced “whiteness” in Hollywood, judging by the ‘white’ parts that littered her acting career.

Sycophantic ‘fan girl’ media such as BuzzFeed failed to provoke a response with their “racist-fuelled” hit piece. As if avocados, belly rubs and flowers were somehow racist. BuzzFeed’s objective was clear, “saint” Markle against the “white” establishment, the Duchess of Cambridge. It was one of the worse sort of media bias, where the byline had a distinct “halo” glow around Markle.

These same writers neglected their due diligence as journalists. Because when you peeled back the onion, it had a distinct pungent odour that didn’t smell as sweet as the coverage they gave her.