Go Woke Go Broke

The term, “Go Woke Go Broke” is the consumers’ battle cry.

Go Woke Go Broke Consumer Woke Alert
Woke Alert from Consumers’ Research

What is Woke?

The term stay woke started with the black culture in the USA in the early 20th century. It was a ‘black justice’ term, because back then, racism was widespread. The world has changed and since moved on, but not for the blacks who still hang on to a past that had faded. Instead of just reflecting on racism, ‘woke’ ideology is all encompassing now. Moreover, it includes transgenderism, environmentalism, critical race theory and identity politics. Furthermore, the numpties who support ‘woke ideology’ are not social justice warriors. Additionally, many of them are privileged ‘white saviours’ with too much time on their hands.

Unwoke, Inc.

Despite the rabid rise of wokeness, there is a counter balance and push back. Welcome to Unwoke, Inc.

08-June-2023 | PragerU

Go Woke, Go Broke in California

Besides, this is how California is competing to be the ‘wokest’ state in the Union. Moreover, United States Congressional Representative, Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) offers this stark warning.

They just make up the mandates man, you know Governor Newsom, who is aspiring to be president. I warn you people across the country who are watching, don’t fall for this stuff.

I’m from California. People, don’t do what we do…Okay? It’s going to affect your privacy, it’s going to affect your freedom, affect basic choices, affect your economy, of your household and your state.

It’s a real Market manipulation that nobody has asked for other than the ‘do-gooders’ in Congress, at the state level and others that are forcing us in many ways in our lives, they want to force how…what kind of home we live in, what we eat, what we drive, and how we power our stoves and our water heaters.

15-September-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

Go Woke, Go Broke: ‘Woke’ Companies Failing

13-July-2023 | Sky News Australia
Woke CEOs - Target Bud Light Disney Boycotts


“Colour is irrelevant, it’s an outer coating and tells you nothing about the person inside” (Nana Akua)

13-May-2023 | GB News | Nana Akua

Go Woke Go Broke: The Backlash

The woke culture proliferated on our watch, unfortunately. Therefore, the global communities allowed acceptance across the board. Consequently, the chickens have come to roost. Because it’s like the Trojan Horse. When you invite acceptance, without limits, bad actors infect the system. For instance, men pretending to be women to gain access to women’s spaces.

Now, the backlash is here. Bud Light and Target were just the start.

This House Believe Wokeness Has Gone Too Far

12-January-2023 | OxfordUnion
Replaces 13-January-2023 | Triggernometry

Go Woke Go Broke: Liberal White Women

Bring in the liberal white women! Blacks demand ‘reparations’ and liberal white women want rainbows. Charlize Theron will ‘F’ you up and Rachelle Lefevre ‘fake’ cries at Target for her ‘non-binary’ child. Firstly, there is no such thing as ‘non-binary’. Humans are either male or female. Secondly, a child has no concept of ‘non-binary’ unless it was taught to them. Children are like sponges. They absorb information, but very rarely do they understand what they are absorbing.

12-May-2023 | Sky News Australia | James Macpherson
Go Woke Go Broke - Charlize Theron transgender kid
Go Woke Go Broke - Charlize Jackson transgender

Go Woke Go Broke: ‘Virtue Signalling’

“Your seven-year-old probably believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and doesn’t know what non-binary is unless you forced it on him. This person is in need of attention – obviously their acting career isn’t going so well.” (Megyn Kelly)

01-June-2023 | Sky News Australia | Paul Murray

Life of Brian ‘Loretta’ scene

Why are the ‘woke’ numpties ‘afraid’ of this scene?

17-July-2018 | No Belief System Required