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Updated: May 2024; August 2020

Disclaimers Policy GBM Group. Gabrielle Bourne Media (GBM Group)Defends the Public Trust” by disrupting the status quo and unearthing the damaging spectre of the “ghosting” kind. This includes, but not limited to tangible frauds, scams, threats, hypocrisy and the outliers in the shadows.

Moreover, we are unapologetic, “outside the box”, free-thinkers. We are not influenced by the “herd mentality”, popular beliefs, “celebrity”, “sycophancy”, “main stream media”, or “political correctness”. We research and investigate public entities who rely on taxpayer and shareholder revenue and those who abuse the “public trust”.

GBM Group believes that fair criticism, freedom of expression and free speech is within the purview of all Human rights. If “RABID” stan accounts, hiding behind fake social media profiles, don’t like comments that are outside your own belief system, subjective impressions and “hero-worship,” no one really cares. We believe in critical thinking and the importance of debate to solve issues. We reject ethnocentrism and ‘extremist’ ideology, regardless of position.

Website use for information, non-commercial purposes only. The depository of information included within the website structure has been sourced from various media outlets, for the purposes of ‘review, criticism, comment, news reporting, research, study, parody and satire’ and falls within the purview of ‘fair use’ and ‘fair dealing’, and therefore not an infringement of copyright. The website materials or information should not be used for the basis of making any legal,  business or other decisions.

Disclaimers Policy GBM GroupContent

GBM Group reports on a variety of topics that may be controversial or unpopular. Moreover, f you find the materials or information on the website, including our blog reports, offensive or objectionable, please discontinue viewing the material(s) or information in question. Additionally, GBM Group provides critical assessments that are not influenced by sycophancy or political correctness. 

Whilst we make a concerted effort to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, services, products or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance on such materials is strictly at your own risk. ​

Whist GBM Group makes every attempt to ensure that the information contained in our site has been obtained from reliable sources, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions. All information in this site is provided ‘as is’, with no guarantee of completeness or accuracy Links that have worked in the past may no longer work, or pulled, as in the case of video presentations from Youtube, for instance. Content anywhere on the website can be moved, removed and updated at any time.

Disclaimers Policy GBM GroupInvestigative Information

This website provides researched and investigative information on ‘public entities’ who rely on taxpayer and shareholder revenue and those who ‘abuse the public trust’. The website also collects resources to aid in efforts to combat personal and privacy theft, including but not limited to identity theft, consumer fraud, personal security, safety and other threats, in addition to productivity, wellness and technology.

​Whilst our “undercover” social experiments have aided in these resources, we remember our military families who were directly impacted by personal data breaches and; our friend, Rebecca Schaefferwhose murder by a deranged fan prompted drastic changes to California’s DMV public records law.


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