The Defenders of the Public Trust and Rights

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The Defenders of the Public Trust and Rights are on a mission to disrupt the weakest links in the system and expose fraudsscams and threats. We can not achieve this without the support of our dedicated T.E.A.M. Working chiefly ‘undercover’. They include investigators, researchers, consumer advocates, cultural and social scientists. They are supported by other relevant experts.

Society is too dependent on smartphones. Likewise, oversharing on social media platforms have become the norm. Furthermore, the ‘celebrity’ culture and ‘influencers’ have increased the severity of the problem . In so far as the daily routines we post that have made us less safe and more complacent. Technology has not made our society SMARTER, but REDUNDANT. The once ‘old school’ efficiencies such as ‘crack’ customer service has now been replaced by algorithm. Even customer service agents can’t get our request(s) right the first time. Hold times have exceeded human comfort!

Entitlement and Power Grabs

Meghan Markle embodies the worse of society. Those who support her behaviour, are also culpable. Lodging racist claims, without any proof, and using her title to gain favours and revenue, demonstrates her envy and greed. Additionally, government officials including Biden and Truss, coupled with business entities have not become champions of the people but “greedy” agents. Take for example Liz Truss pledge of another £2.3B to Zelensky. Hope the UK get a receipt! They are more interested in their own preservation than helping others.

There are never a shortage of news feeds on such corrupt and unscrupulous individuals (Elizabeth Holmes), organisations (The Cancer Fund of America) and corporations (Wells Fargo). These individuals, among others have little regard for the public welfare. Integrity doesn’t matter to them!

Most everyone, it appears, from local, state and federal agencies are asleep at the switch. They have forgotten their role as “Public Servant.” Corporations and government officials who forget their societal obligations to “Do the right thing” are reminded and rightly exposed. We hold them accountable for deceptive trade practises, neglect and; “backroom deals.” If citizens demand the best and never accept worse, often times, we get it.

Know your rights United Kingdom: Consumer Rights Act
Know your rights USA:  The Consumer Review Fairness Act

What’s new in 2022

In 2022, we continue to expose bullies, racists and sycophants, adding the idiotic claims of “reparations” is just a start. Let’s face it, social media is a cesspool. You can try using the troll spray, but they just multiply like Gremlins. People who pretend they are good in real life act as degenerates with a fake account. Then you have professionals who take their frustrations out on a 16 year old freely expressing her views. Gabrielle Bourne Media believes in freedom of speech. We may not agree with you, but we won’t squash your right to express it.

What has the world come to when you have one of biggest names in media supporting a known racist? Even CNN loudmouth Don Lemon thinks Democrats should ‘Blow up the System‘. He became unhinged when he called out Donald Trump voters. Now, Lemon is out in the cold. His Primetime show cancelled by CNN. He has sunk low to a morning show.