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Biased and Unhinged

Don Lemon was biased and unhinged when he called out Donald Trump voters. Lemon is nothing more than a Propagandist. He only tells one side of the story and fails to view and accurately report the whole story.

Don Lemon *FIRED* from CNN…Finally!

Biased and unhinged Don Lemon is fired after a significant fall from grace. He lost his prime time slot and showed nothing but contempt during his very short morning show stint. Now, he is finally out.

Don Lemon biased and unhinged - Don Lemon fired.

It all started with a ‘Shakeup’ at CNN

Don Lemon ‘squeezed’ out of primetime slot, moving to mornings.

16-September-2022 | Sky News Australia

CNN’s own Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have helped push dangerous and false narratives. One only has to review their Black Lives Matter (BLM) coverages as evidence. Both Lemon and Cuomo may not have lighted the match, but their rhetoric fuelled the flame.

Lemon said, ‘He wasn’t judging this’. He even equated the riots and looting to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Lemon doesn’t know history. The Sons of Liberty targeted the East India Company. They didn’t go around Boston looting and burning down their communities. Cuomo, who has a law degree had the audacity to ask, “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful?” He then got “schooled” on the U.S. Constitution by a guy munching on noodles!

Don Lemon Biased and Unhinged: Propaganda and Lies

13-May-2021 | Larry Elder with Epoch Times

It’s no wonder that Lemon is a flawed journalist who lost his objectivity and journalistic integrity. Obviously ‘success’ has gone to his head. Once he was a decent sort of chap telling black men to ‘clean up’ their act and pull up their droopy-drawers. But that was before he moved to Sag Harbor, the epicentre of ‘white privilege’ on Long Island.

Sure he’s also got an apartment in Harlem. But don’t be fooled by the neighbourhood. He just put the flat on the market for $1.75M. That’s more money than the average Harlem residents will make over their lifetime!

Lemon is now a power hungry loudmouth on CNN. You don’t need more proof than his video tirade. Basically, he said anyone who voted for Trump was in the same group as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the Nazis and the Alt-Right. So fixated with “white” he forgot about all the blacks who voted for Trump.

Don Lemon biased and unhinged

Black Lives Matter hates Jews too

What evidence does he have to back up his claims? None, of course! Because he is used to expounding upon things he knows nothing about. Take for instance his full support of Black Lives Matter. Did he ever vet the organisation? If he did, he would discover Marxist ideology and hatred for Jews. Apparently they have something in common with the Nazis.

In addition, he equated the looting and rioting to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. He went so far to say, “I’m not judging this”. BLM riots caused damages estimated over BILLION dollars! In the midst of Covid-19 lockdowns, the BLM horde rampaged small businesses, some black owned, and destroyed communities.

If Lemon even studied up on his history, he wouldn’t sound so ‘uneducated’. He would know that the KKK was created by Democrats. Who does he think freed the slaves? It’s not even a trick question. It’s astounding that he has all this clout, yet misuses his power to spew lies. Unfortunately, truth is not something CNN upholds.

Don Lemon Biased and Unhinged: Obsession with Donald Trump

Lemon’s distain for Trump has robbed him of his sanity. Instead of journalistic integrity, Lemon is unhinged by Trump. The sad part is that many citizens will fall for his lies hook, line and sinker.

But honestly, who wants to listen to someone who can so easily and callously get rid of long term friends who disagrees with him? If you are ‘unhinged’ by your friends’ politics, it’s really not them — it’s YOU! You are the “addict” Don. An addict of Groupthink, “Cancel Culture” and Double Standards.

Aren’t you working for “State TV”? The last we checked Fox News was not “State TV”. BLM and Joe Biden has been controlling the “State” media and narrative since *25th May 2020, weaponising the death of George Floyd, with the support of ANTIFA groups.

Soon you will become a mindless “Darkseeker” huddled together in a dark corner of a room mumbling gibberish.

*Originally stated as June 2020, but evidence shows that influence by “State TV” CNN had a much earlier time line.

Don Lemon Biased and Unhinged

Say their Names – What about the deaths from Black Lives Matter?

Any life lost is tragic. But did Don Lemon ever considered the lives lost during the Black Lives Matter Mayhem? BLM “took the lives of police officers“. “Took the lives of innocent lives who were there that day“.

Three Crowns

Don Lemon Biased and Unhinged “twisted” history lesson

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Don Lemon Biased and Unhinged on “black on black” gun violence

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