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There was a time when you looked forward to leaving your parents house to make your own way, to live your own life. You thought these were your rights, to think, to disagree, to be free to express yourself. Then you meet people who are literally, “Illiberal Nonsense”. They were on a mission to police the world and you in particular. Welcome to the new “normal” and the era of cancel culture.They controlled your speech, your thoughts and behaviour. They politicised race, so everything was literally ‘black or white’. Critical Race Theory (CRT) made sure that if you were black, you had advantages, but if you were white, you had no privileges. Then the rise of the ‘white saviours’ pushed illiberalism to a new front including transgenderism. What if they also controlled your livelihood? Welcome to Amerika and UKiran, where your freedoms are not your own, but state approved mind-control.

Meghan Markle Downgraded Royal Page

Meghan Markle’s Royal Downgrade

The TEAM at Gabrielle Bourne Media returned this week to glorious news. Meghan Markle’s Royal downgrade, with husband Harry, is complete! Instead of individual profiles, the two ‘grifters’ have a joint bio, as a footnote, rather than a full spread. Moreover, they are below Prince Andrew in the pecking order on the Royal Family website.

The Pinocchio Syndrome - Meghan Harry Privacy Tour NYC

The Pinocchio Syndrome

The Pinocchio Syndrome is a pathological phenomenon where a person can’t stop lying. Whilst we disagree with Piers Morgan on many issues, he was correct about Meghan Markle. Subsequently, he coined her “Princess Pinocchio”.