Ngozi Fulani is a Fraud

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What happened to the thousands of pounds ‘donated’ to Sistah Space? Ngozi Fulani is a fraud and a hypocrite. She is also a Meghan Markle sycophant, who praised her in tweets. Why did she even attend the Buckingham Palace event hosted by Queen Consort Camilla? It was possible that Fulani had an agenda.

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This is Why Andrew Bridgen ‘Chose’ Reform

GB Media | 13th July 2023

On 15th June, Mr. Andrew Bridgen confirmed that the Reform party was “inconsistent”. Evidently, let ALL be reminded that Richard Tice (Reform) threw Lady Susan Hussey ‘under the bus’ in support of race-baiter and hustler Ngozi Fulani, who used ‘quite a few names’ to defraud. Furthermore, if you value free speech, vote Reclaim. Consequently, ‘now is the time to take a stand’.

Race-baiter and Race hustler of the Year 🤡🤥🏆

The Whinge and Ginge was a close second, but their pal Ngozi Fulani won this category. Here is the insight. Fulani aka Marlene Headley doesn’t dress this way in real life. It’s a costume to fool people into thinking she is a legitimate “African”. She is not. This is why Ngozi Fulani is a fraud and a hypocrite.

9-March-2023 | GB News

Ngozi Fulani’s ‘Fake’ African costumes

Ngozi Fulani is a Fraud

Ngozi Fulani AKA Marlene Headley Exposed

Ngozi Fulani is a Fraud

Ngozi Fulani is a Meghan Loving, White Hating RACIST

GB Media | 1st December 2022 (Updated)

Ngozi Fulani is a fraud and a hypocrite. Critical thinkers are not buying what Fulani is selling. She has proven herself to be a “card carrying” member of the Sussex Squad and a racist who would love nothing but to bring down the British Royal Family. One only has to review her past tweets and comments as evidence. Fulani is a joke and a Joker who wants to teach diversity training at the Palace? What a Sook!

Moreover, has she taken a good look at her soul lately? She may be born in the UK, but she definitely came from somewhere. Furthermore, with prejudice and malice, she refused to answer the question, “Where are you from”? It’s a simple enough question. Why was Fulani so uncomfortable with that question? What was she hiding? Why even show up wearing African garb, if she didn’t claim to be African, but holding tight to a citizenship she despises? Fulani is a disgrace and a liar, and here is proof.

The Tik Tok video uploaded by @notwoke101 exposes Fulani’s fraud. In the video, Fulani clearly states:

I sometime find I have to wear clothes that you wouldn’t want to wear. Ok. So a couple of them in a way that I expect main stream society to expect me to look. OK.

Disclaimer: You may safely view this video via the link provided, but DO NOT create an account on Tik Tok. Additionally, security issues have been raised regarding Tik Tok.

Ngozi Fulai is a Fraud Tik Tok
03-December-2022 | GB News | Nana Akua

This is Why Ngozi Fulani is a Fraud

Ngozi Fulani is just like Meghan Markle! That’s because the two-some are joined at the hips for embellishing the truth. Additionally, Fulani is a ‘paid up’ member of the Sussex Squad, spewing hatred for the Royals, whilst praising Meghan Markle. Here, Fulani is exposed once again for her fibs.

Caribbean Prince - Ngozi Fulani
Caribbean Prince tweet
Cariibbean Prince tweet

Debacle: Piers Morgan and Richard Tice (Reform UK)

Integrity matters in the ‘race’ debate. Tell that to Piers Morgan and Richard Tice.

Gabrielle Bourne Media no longer support Piers Morgan. Let’s not forget that Piers Morgan is part of the problem. He is a talking ‘contradiction’. Albeit Morgan whinges about Markle, he threw Lady Susan under the bus, without investigating the claims made by this woman with the FAKE NIGERIAN NAME. Additionally, he allowed Richard Tice to pinch hit during his absence. Piers also elevated ‘Toxic Hell’ Rob O’Neill. Nigel Farage is correct about Piers Morgan. He is a fake, believes in nothing and only serves himself. GB Media goes further and state that he is not a good judge of character either, in the company he keeps or toxic people he elevates on his platform.

At the same token, Richard Tice hosted Piers Morgan show and threw lady Susan under the bus, yet again. Who can ever trust a ‘spineless’ milk toast for UK governance? During the segment, broadcasted on Sky News Australia on 2nd December, the only sane person was Dai Davies, the Former Head of Royal Protection, who rightly said that this whole thing was blown out of proportion. We only heard one side, and interesting how this was all “expertly” recorded by Fulani. Tice threw softball questions and did not challenge anyone, but Davies was not having any of this spineless attack on Lady Susan.

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