Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown

Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown
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Welcome to the Shannon Coulter “Shit Show” 🍿

Shannon Coulter is “literally” the ‘Illiberal Noisemaker’. Pass the popcorn for the Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown and welcome to The Shit Show. Written and directed by Sharon Coulter, the ‘mean Coulter’.

When you think about ‘Trump derangement syndrome’, remember Shannon Coulter, the woman who boycotted all things Trump. Never mind that Coulter had no issues with Ivanka Trump before the Presidential campaign of her father ‘The Donald’. No, ALL THINGS TRUMP had to go. So, she created a campaign to get Ivanka Trump out of retail. Her whingeing was so deafening, even Nordstrom’s capitulated to this ‘cry baby’. In turn, Gabrielle Bourne Media boycotted Nordstrom’s. Karma is a Bitch!

Coulter is a hypocrite. She is not a proponent of “Women’s Rights”. Matter of fact, she boycotted a woman-owned business venture because her last name was Trump. How ‘deranged’ do you have to be? Well, in the case of Coulter, ‘Seriously deranged’.

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Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown on FULL Display

The Shannon Coulter Twitter Meltdown was on full display. She is a middle-aged whingeing cry baby. She doesn’t believe in free speech, or free press for that matter. This middle-aged woman turned into an adolescent girl, crying about Trump, Elon and Twitter to Apple and Google. What a Sook! We bet she celebrated with the ousted Twitter Executives when they banned Trump from the platform in 2021.

Coulter should have just deactivated her Twitter account. Now, she’s just a meme and a punchline.

Shannon Coulter Needs Serious Help: Twitter Meltdown

Shannon Coulter started a “block list” reminiscent of the Sussex Squad and Meghan Markle trolls. Coulter then justifies this list by saying she “only block companies” and not individuals. She wants Musk to take a strong stance against ‘misinfo, disinfo, hate speech’. Moreover, she believes that ‘fake news’ media CNN and NBC News are ‘reputable.’ She admits that the block list doesn’t include them.

Shannon Coulter is in the same sinking ship as her ‘racist’ colleague Sarah Jeong. Both supported by The New York Times to turn out misinformation, disinformation and hate speech. The irony of Coulter’s latest antics on Twitter is the fact that Twitter is not squashing her rights to free speech, as she tried to do with Donald Trump.

The lesson here is that you can’t TRUST Shannon Coulter. She will take away your RIGHTS if you have “wrong think” because she only cares about “Group think” as long as you are in ‘lock step’ with her ideology. She’s a hack with a “God-complex”. She is a danger to herself…and sheep. The sheep are all hiding behind this ‘self-imposed’ block list.

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