Twitter Verification is Overrated

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Twitter Verification is Overrated | Image: Internet stock

The ‘Blue’ Twitter Check Mark is Useless

Since joining Twitter, we heard nothing but “Oh you must get verified”. But why? Twitter verification is overrated. Even the blue check mark descriptions have changed under Elon Musk. Most blue check marks now say, “Legacy” account. Not really notable. In 2013, we wrote how Twitter went public.

Twitter verification is overrated

This obsession to be “verified” is beyond the scope of sanity, endlessly tweeting, mostly about illiberal nonsense. Is this newsworthy or Narcissism on display? The most compelling and ‘news worthy’ information come from the Twitter UNCHECKED accounts. It appears they do the work of the ‘verified’ who are more obsessed with likes and follows than providing any meaningful conversations or data.

Twitter and the ‘Verified’ would argue well, it’s about authenticity. The endless argument that the blue check ensures their security against impersonation is not logical either. What about hackers? Twitter verification is overrated. Social engineering is a real concern. Anyone can hack an account by using simple ‘association’ tactics to get into someone’s account.

Meghan Markle EXPOSED

Gabrielle Bourne Productions first joined Twitter in 2008. We haven’t really grown our followers since. Matter of fact, we lost plenty of followers since the Meghan Markle fiasco of 2018-2020. Unlike most of the media, who had a “halo” glow around Markle, we were ‘side glancing’ her because we didn’t trust her. We didn’t believe the verified Twitter accounts with their glowing reviews of Meghan Markle.

You can tell a lot about people from their rhetoric and thought process. Having read her TIG blog, we figured she was a Narcissist and attention grabber. How right we were.

Not to toot our own horn. There were others who also ‘side glanced’ this person from the get go, and much earlier than we did. These were not CHECK verified Twitter accounts either. They were concerned citizens, much more involved in the process of ‘investigation’ than the Media, who were still asleep at the switch, with the exception of Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia, et al.

We ended up doing the job of the ‘main stream media’ and evolved to become Gabrielle Bourne Media during this process.

Sam Bankman-Fried EXPOSED

The blue check is also misleading. The dumbest argument for the blue check is that some how, these people with the checks are “Influencers”. Just because someone has a check doesn’t mean they are trust worthy either. Just look at Sam Bankman-Fried. Would you believe ‘useful idiots’ like Tom Brady or Gisele Bündchen?

GB Equity Investments have always believed never to trust anything that appears to be “RED HOT”. How about the other ‘useful idiot’ Jim Cramer of CNBC calling Sam Bankman-Fried the JP Morgan of this generation.

Elon Musk is changing the FACE of the Twitter Verified. No longer are they “Noteworthy”. If the Blue check mark was useless before, it’s really useless now. You are only a legacy.

Before Elon Musk Took over

Twitter Verification is overrated - Notable blue check

Accounts WHO are Still Noteworthy on Twitter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Donald Trump, Sam Bankman-Fried, Piers Morgan Richard Tice are just “Legacy”. They are neither notable or exceptional. The Prince and Princess of Wales, The Royal Family (King Charles III and Queen Camilla), The Bidens (Joe and Jill) and Rishi Sunak are intact or elevated to Yellow.

Twitter is only concerned with current notables. So, if you are the current head of state, you’re in! But if you are Kim Kardashian. Who cares.

Twitter Verification is Overrated but Prince and Princess of Wales still noteworthy

NEW Twitter Colour: YELLOW

Twitter Verification is overrated Prince and Princess of Wales YELLOW

Elton: Illiberal Celebrity of the Year 🤡 🤣 🏆

What a hypocrite!!! Why can’t people just LEAVE Twitter without grandstanding? It looks like the BLUE tick really means a lot to Elton John. He verified his phone number and PAID to be on Twitter. He may not be using Twitter, but Twitter has him on a “paid subscription plan”.

Twitter Verification is Overrated - Elton John Twitter Blue

Maybe Elton John found out that he was no longer ‘notable’ on Twitter.

The question of which accounts are “notable” is being raised by the NEW Twitter Verification description. Elon Musk probably believes that celebrity voices don’t matter. And he is correct. They don’t. Some of the dumbest people we ever met were “celebrities” and so-called “influencers. There are plenty of sheep who follow them too, so don’t be impressed by their follower numbers.

Twitter Verification is Overrated - Elton John

Ngozi Fulani EXPOSED

Some of these NON TWITTER VERIFIED accounts also draws the attention of the Media, who should be doing a better job exposing frauds and scams. Moreover, one of the biggest stories to date is that of Ngozi Fulani AKA Marlene Headley. Additionally, she found out real fast the other side of publicity and making false claims. That’s because Critical thinkers are sick of race hustlers like Fulani Headley and calling her out in a massive wave.

This is why Twitter Verification is Overrated

Both Piers Morgan and Richard Tice (Reform UK) are Twitter verified. That didn’t stop them from misinforming the public about Ngozi Fulani. They literally threw Lady Susan under the bus. With egg on their faces, they fell hook, line and sinker for Fulani’s lies about a supposed “race row” with Lady Susan Hussey. Morgan and Tice threw Lady Susan under the bus. DON’T VOTE REFORM UK. You will get the same SPINELESS sh*t as the Tories.

12-December-2022 | GB News | Patrick Christys & Andy Ngo

Twitter Verification is Overrated: Pay to Play Scheme

Why are verified ‘check mark’ Twitter users losing their sh*t over Elon Musk’s $8USD monthly payment for this ‘privilege’? Frankly, Gabrielle Bourne Media (GB Media) will not be participating because we were never impressed by Twitter’s verification process, even when they offered it to the ‘peanut gallery’ aka, the general public, back in 2017. We were never driven by likes, follows and clicks.

Now, we hear that some may have actually ‘paid’ for their verification check mark before the launch of the $8USD subscription. How pathetic and desperate!

The verified “check mark” doesn’t mean these people are “influencers”. It’s supposed to mean something — but who knows what that is since most of the verified can only influence sheep, not leaders or critical thinkers. GB Media neither ‘blindly’ follows or influenced by ‘status symbols’. Moreover, ‘colour by numbers’ followers and subscribers count never impressed us. Of course we use ad blockers.

Many of these woefully inadequate personalities that end up with the ‘check mark’ don’t offer anything of value. Their modus operandi is to shout and level insults.

They don’t know history, nor understand cultures. They can’t analyse data. So what do they bring to the conversation but their own biases and conjectures? Who wants their “opinions” anyways since they are not based on facts, if they even know what that means.

Twitter Verification is Overrated 🤣

This is what you get when you pay a monthly subscription. Big deal!

Twitter Verification is overrated - Twitter Blue

How about sponsoring one of these?

11-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee
Three Crowns

Twitter Verification is Overrated: FACT Checking POTUS 🤣 🤔

Biden fact-checking should have started before he reached the Senate ‘120 years ago’ or was it ‘180 years ago’?

31-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

Oh My God, For Real, like Working? Seriously? 🤷‍♀️🤣

16-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee

This is how Elon ‘styled’ himself when he took over Twitter. Since then, he became its Chief Housecleaner. Gabrielle Bourne Media covered Twitter’s IPO launch in 2013. They haven’t profited since. Will Musk change the stars? Only time will tell. Twitter goes private, but will they return to public life like Dell Technologies? Only the future Elon Musk will know the answer to that question.

Whilst we ponder the blue check conundrum, the future may look different. Gabrielle Bourne Media will consider the blue check, only under certain conditions. Are you listening Elon? Moreover, why call the blue checks ‘legacy’? Additionally, drop the Twitter Blue notification. It actually cheapens the blue check. Call it Premium or something to that effect, instead.

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