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All relevant reports on Meghan Markle. This includes, but not limited to the hypocrisy, virtue signalling, plagiarism, lying and ditching her dog Bogart. Markle is not only a bad role model, but a terrible human being and suitable to her nickname, “Hurricane Meghan”. A team player she is not.

The Pinocchio Syndrome - Meghan Harry Privacy Tour NYC

The Pinocchio Syndrome

The Pinocchio Syndrome is a pathological phenomenon where a person can’t stop lying. Whilst we disagree with Piers Morgan on many issues, he was correct about Meghan Markle. Subsequently, he coined her “Princess Pinocchio”.

Message for Harry and Meghan Who Gives a Shit

Message for Harry and Meghan

Message for Harry and Meghan came in the form of an “eviction notice”. No ‘stately home’ in the UK for the Ginge and his Cringey wife. In the words of Yeomni Park, who escaped North Korea, “Lady you really do not know what oppression looks like”.

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion

The Meghan Markle Royal demotion is only the beginning. Moreover, the palace and King Charles III have to be consistent with the changes they are planning to the Monarchy. The current royal succession line up is a real mess. Additionally, the incoherent attempt to demote her from the website the weekend of 24th September 2022 was clumsy, at best.