Meghan Markle’s Royal Downgrade

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The TEAM at Gabrielle Bourne Media returned this week to glorious news. Meghan Markle’s Royal downgrade, along with husband Harry, is complete! Instead of individual profiles, the two ‘grifters’ have a joint bio, as a footnote, rather than a full spread. Moreover, they are below Prince Andrew in the pecking order on the Royal Family website. However, for some reason, the powers that be cannot leave well enough alone. Consequently, they had to spoil this good effect with a link to their official website. For whatever reason, the Palace ‘officials’ calling the shots are still trying to appease the two.

Meghan Markle Downgraded Royal Page

Meghan Markle’s Royal Downgrade: Question Everything

Whilst pleased with the changes, there is a reason why we are also questioning the latest update to the Royal Family website. Moreover, we are requesting the decision makers to STOP making concessions! Personally, they only deserve a one paragraph blurb.

Here is what we reported on 9th August 2023 regarding the previous update to Meghan Markle’s biography on the Royal Family website.

Meghan Markle's Royal Downgrade - Procter Gamble Lie Royal Family website

Thankfully, the updated website make no mention of the television soap advert.

Meghan Markle's Royal ?Downgrade