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On 25th August 2020, CNN continued to call BLM riots ‘peaceful protests’. They also did the unthinkable. They changed their CHRYON to reflect their LIES. This proves that CNN doesn’t believe that Integrity Matters!

Media Bias and Culture Wars

Society is on the precipice of intellectual decay. Moreover our demise is helped along by media bias and culture wars. Whereas CNN changing their Chryon to suit their narrative, when the facts tell a much different story. For this reason, we are leaving this CNN blunder here for all to see.

During the Black Lives Matter riots, countless businesses have been destroy. Furthermore, many were small ‘mom and pop’ type stores. Instead of reporting honestly, CNN and other legacy media outlets chose to fabricate stories. This is such a case, where they changed their CHRYON to suit their narrative, proving they are nothing but FAKE news.


There are reports and even In Their Own Words as evidence of their vile hatred for Israel, but CNN continues to neglect the truth. Because this type of coverage goes against their media bias. They rather have a culture war than unify and admit to their incompetence. CNN continued to call riots and mayhem ‘peaceful protests‘ despite evidence to the contrary.

Watch the Media DEFEND Radical Leftist Violence.

01-February-2021 | The Daily Wire

GB Media | 24th October 2023 (Updated)

Any time is the ‘right’ time to defund the BBC. But this is the exact time to do so.

The BBC is at it again in grotesque fashion, ‘playing footsie’ with the truth. The BBC blatantly lied about the Gaza hospital ‘so-called’ bombing and blamed Israel, believing Hamas and Palestine. They should have done some fact checking prior to their coverage.

Watch this numpty and BBC ‘lifer’ Victoria Derbyshire support Hamas Isis. She shows more concerns about Gaza and the Palestinians, rather than the Israeli massacre perpetrated by Hamas Isis. Forget the beheaded and burnt babies, raped women and hostages forcefully taken. She took a leaf out of disgraced Anjana Gadgil, another BBC Pro-Palestine and Hamas sympathiser. When confronted with her biased enquiries, she tried to deflect. The BBC abruptly cut the feed, but notice how Derbyshire claimed she didn’t know how the ‘signal cut out at the end’.

Don’t believe the lies the BBC, New York Times, ABC, etc are spreading. Israel is only the start…don’t think it can’t happen where you live? Prepare because they have already infiltrated your schools, your government and cities and towns.

22-October-2023 | נפתלי בנט | Naftali Bennett

NewsGuard continues its campaign of online censorship and suppression of free speech by targeting anyone who questions elitist narratives about climate change, COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, elections, Planned Parenthood, and the World Economic Forum. PragerU CEO challenges NewsGuard to come clean about who funds their operations and which “partners” in Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the government are directing their activities. (PragerU)

22-November-2023 | PragerU | NewsGuard

Laurence Fox Speaks Out

GB Media | 5th October 2023 (Update)

GB News has shown its ‘true colours’. Consequently, can you ever trust them again? Furthermore, the last straw was the firing of The Reverend Calvin Robinson. Moreover, whilst we don’t agree with Laurence Fox’s tactics or use of language, we support his sentiment. In addition, could Fox be more tactful with word choices? Of course, but Fox admitted he was an emotional man. Why do society forgive women for using similar language, but yet totally destroy men when they do the same?

GB Media supports the feminism movement, but not misandry. We believe in gender equality…for both women and men. Further, we will no longer post any *new* GB News content, including Youtube videos. Besides, GB News and MSM stations are not where many people get the “news”. Alternatives such as Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh and Megyn Kelly are seeing huge view counts and increasing subscriptions.

As a ‘call to action’, if you value free speech, STOP watching GB News, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, et al. Moreover, their misleading coverage will not make you smarter, but perpetually ignorant of the facts. Instead, tune into alternative media including Megyn Kelly, Dave Rubin and Caroline Glick of JNS TV. (GB Media)

06-October-2023 | The Megyn Kelly Show | Laurence Fox

Media Bias and Culture Wars: Bye Bye Fox News!

GB Media | 24th April 2023 (Update)

Fox News lost $700M in Market Value after Carlson’s departure. Furthermore, Carlson’s departure and the rise of citizen journalists dilutes the value of legacy media and main stays like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, et. al. Moreover, you cannot trust the *news* as they are being reported. Consequently, you are being tainted by biased untruths.

Last November, Gabrielle Bourne Media exposed Fox for ‘censorship’. That’s because we heard your complaints and tested the waters with our own social experiement. Moreover, we posted the results of the Fox News Social experiment below. Apparently, we were not the only ones to expose them.

GB Global has been conducting ‘social experiments’ for over four decades. We know what’s at stake and why Integrity Matters!

24-April-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

Media Bias and Culture Wars: Fox News Exposed

29-November-2022 | John Stossel

GB Media | 29th November 2022

TEAM Australia hit a snag with Fox News USA when they disagreed with one of their guests. After amassing almost 20 likes on the comment, Fox News decided to delete it. That’s probably because likes and follows must really, really, really matter to Fox News and our comment was tracking too much for their censorship Czars. They promote themselves ad nauseam at the end of every video to like and subscribe.

Gabrielle Bourne Media can only surmise that since this “Gary” fellow is a “friend” of the channel, any dissent is seen as anti-Gary. Apparently Gary works in the financial sector, but obviously not interested in providing solutions for hard working Americans, albeit Fox News promoted his financial company on air.

This Gary is WRONG, of course, “Savings Rates” haven’t all of sudden plunged. Americans have been struggling since the Covid lock downs to save enough. Additionally due to US Feds raising interest rates, the online bank “Savings Rates” have been going up, WAY UP to 3% or MORE. Fox News didn’t want to read any of this. No. They want to keep the viewers stupid and uninformed, so they could control the narrative.

TEAM Australia referenced bank rate to check for online savings accounts that paid out these high “Savings Rates”. The comment below is the second comment left for this particular video. We are no longer posting Fox News videos on all our media. However, we will continue to support Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard.

Reference: “Fiat Currency”

“Fiat currency” or “Fiat Money” is tied to nothing. In 1971, President “dumb dumb” Nixon decided, “Hey, let’s remove gold out of the equation”. So, if the US currency ever collapses due to hyperinflation, blame Nixon and Biden who’s printing money like crazy to send to Ukraine and maybe for Climate Reparations. But who the f*ck cares because if you don’t rely on paper currency, like we do, you have nothing to worry about.

Media Bias and Culture Wars - Fox News Censorship

Media Bias and Culture Wars: NPR Exposed

Twitter Label added: 06 APRIL 2023 – US “State-affiliated” Media

Media Bias & Culture Wars NPR exposed

‘Wokerati’ Joy Reid epitomises ‘Dumbness’

Media Bias and Culture Wars Tiffany Cross
05-November-2022 | Tucker Carlson | ‘Guess Joy Reid’s IQ’


Media Bias and Culture Wars This is Savvy
09-June-2021 | This is Savvy

IGNORANT US Media on display – New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The View

Media Bias and Culture Wars Sunny Hostin

It is more BILE than BIAS…

‘Absolute moron’: Douglas Murray slams CNN anchor for ‘racist hatred’.

12-September-2022 | Sky News Australia

You can’t fix STUPID – Ali Velshi is dumb as PUCK

12-September-2022 | Sky News Australia

When the Media Lies – No covering this up

03-June-2022 | Global News

“Freedom of the press doesn’t mean they believe integrity matters. Sycophantic media destroys objectivity and trust”. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were booed at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Yet, this premise became a three-card monte trick by the sycophant media outlets.

Marie Claire, ET Canada, Newsweek, Hello and OK magazine used false headlines to sway public opinion. Whilst People took a neutral approach to their headline, they still contradicted the truth in their article. On the other hand, the Mirror acknowledged the booing, but claimed they were ‘lone’ boos. Once again, the PR spin redundant were hard at work trying to force a square object into a round hole.

Since GBM uses ‘corroborating’ evidence, this video will show two things. Firstly, the booing (and not lone booing) and; secondly, an ‘eye witness’ account by a Meghan Markle fan. It goes to prove that no matter how hard the ‘fangirl’ media tried to ‘mask’ the truth, the truth and integrity wins at the end. GB Media

Free Speech Pushback, the Gift of Fear with Gavin de Becker

30-June-2022 | Megyn Kelly

freedom of speech is specifically about

1:08:05 things we disagree with uh otherwise you wouldn’t need freedom of speech if everybody felt the same way and so is it

1:08:11 okay for me to have any opinion is it okay for RFK to have an opinion or Dr

1:08:17 Robert Malone to have an opinion the answer today or you Megyn the answer today is no it is not okay it is not

1:08:25 okay you get into what would be called forbidden speech and there’s misinformation that’s just an error

1:08:31 there’s disinformation that’s uh an intentional error and designed to mislead people they say and now there’s

1:08:38 malinformation do you know that one Megyn have you heard that one? I haven’t heard now information is

1:08:43 information that might or might not be accurate but tends to diminish confidence in the

1:08:49 government that’s called malinformation and so you know we’ve been here before. I

1:08:55 like to say on all of these things I go historically as you see in my books as well on all of these things it is not the

1:09:01 first time that a culture is facing totalitarian behaviours uh by government

1:09:08 you could blame it on Trump you can blame it on Biden or Clinton anybody you want but ultimately the federal government is so powerful at the moment

1:09:16 that it can control information with complete impunity which is going on right now

Kavanaugh attempted assignation explained by CNN

09-June-2022 | Sivaady | Whaaaat??? Whaaaat???

Media Bias and Culture Wars: Fact checking the ‘fact checkers’

10-September-2021 | Sky News Australia | USA Today and David Funke

The Rise of Citizen Journalists

03-September-2021 | John Stossel

The Washington Post has been ‘caught out’ by its lies

26-June-2021 | Sky News Australia
Media Bias and Culture Wars WAPO

Media Bias and Culture Wars: NBC and Lester Holt suppressed the F-A-C-T-S

28-April-2021 | The Officer Tatum

Brandon Tatum: The U.S. is not Systemically Racist

BBC: Whaaaat? Whaaaat? 🤷🏽‍♂️

22-April-2021 | The Officer Tatum

Media Bias and Culture Wars: CNN’s Charlie Chester exposed

14-April-2021 | Sky News Australia

Say his name: The murder of Mohammad Anwar

Media Bias and Culture Wars Mohammad Anwar
Image: GoFundMe
27-March-2021 | Rideshare Professor

Media Bias and Culture Wars: The tale of two headlines

The murder of Mohammad Anwar

Media Bias and Culture Wars: CNN ‘SCRUBBING’ the internet

Is CNN playing a shell game? This link should have gone to the video, but it didn’t. It went to CNN.COM instead “” We captured the search results description, but we had to pull the link’s landing page from the web archive. The video clip is searchable on Youtube. That is where we found it. You can view by linking over to the Meghan Markle Oprah Winfrey report. The video is at the bottom of the report along with other analysis of the inconsistencies.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'
Landing page

CNN Business Explains Parler

Here is a “hit” piece by CNN Business on the supposed ‘demise’ of Parler. CNN is anything but ‘fair and balanced’ yet lecturing people on the ‘evils’ of Parler. Why is Parler any more rife with ‘misinformation’ than Twitter, Facebook or even Don Lemon? The byline continued, “The platform has become a hub of Trump-backed conspiracy theories casting doubt on the election of President-elect Biden”. They only have to look at Nancy Pelosi’s tweet for conspiracy theories casting doubt on the Presidential election in 2016! Shameful that CNN would allow such rubbish! Where is the truth in lies? No points for double standards!

This CNN Business byline believed ‘racism’ is solely attributed to ‘white conservatives’ on Parler. It’s a ridiculous assertion when Black Lives Matter (BLM) proved that they are just as capable of racism and antisemitism. Could it be that CNN are BLM antisemitic deniers? Of course one could argue that. Just look at CNN’s ‘inaction’ to the violence that BLM perpetrated in the name of justice.

Deceit – A TLDR visual of “Color, Communism and Common Sense” (Manning Johnson, 1958) Page 53: “The MEDIA of public information is far from free of COMMUNISTS and fellow travellers who operate under the guise of “liberalism”. They are ready, at all times to do an effective smear job. Among the red tools may be found editorial writers, columnists, news commentators and analysts in the press, radio and television. They go overboard and give top news coverage to racial incidents for minted by the leftists and those incidents that are interpreted, so as to show BIASED, attitudes of whites against Negros“.

MEDIA SUPPORTED BLM: “Property damage has lit the fire under policy-makers’ asses forever”.

05-February-2021 | Lasse Burholt
Three Crowns