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Gabrielle Bourne Media exposed the incendiary rhetoric of Don Lemon BLM riots on 31st May 2020. CNN equated the looting in Los Angeles and elsewhere to the Boston Tea Party of 1773! Lemon needed a lesson in American history. Adding fuel to the fires was Don’s BFF, Chris Cuomo who was schooled on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by a guy munching on noodles.

Don Lemon BLM Riots Exposed

31-May-2020 | CNN

‘Blue car’ guy looting a store in Los Angeles. Out of state number plate 4TYY851

White pickup truck looting an ATM machine.

Dear Friends,

​Don Lemon watched the looting in Los Angeles and elsewhere, from the comfort of his home studio, and started to call out Hollywood elites to support the protesters demonstrating against the death of George Floyd. Why? Furthermore, he wasn’t judging the looting, calling it anarchy, but also equating it to the civil unrest equal to the “Boston Tea Party” during the American revolution.

Don Lemon needed an education in American history. The midnight raid known as the “Boston Tea Party” was to protest the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773. The Sons of Liberty dumped an estimated $18,000 worth of tea into the Boston Harbour. What they did not do is run around Boston looting and burning businesses and their communities.

BLM Riots ‘RUINED’ small businesses

Many of these business entrepreneurs will experience more challenges rebuilding their livelihoods. Some of these businesses were not backed by riot insurance and have limited financial resources. The mandatory lockdowns for the last two months have not helped. Some of these non-essential businesses did not earn any income and relied on government assistance such as the Payment Protection Programme to sustain their businesses. 

Moreover, 2019 was one of the worse years for retail stores — both big and small. In 2020, the U.S. economy is on a downward trajectory with prominent retail stores including J. Crew, Pier 1 and Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy.

Instead of calling out these looters, Don Lemon excuses them citing that America had failed to ‘figure out this experiment’ a long time ago, again referring to the Boston Tea Party. Where was Don Lemon before the riots? Did he commit his salary and time to helping the poor black people and disenfranchised in his community? The problem with Don Lemon’s argument is that you cannot call out others, if you have done NOTHING yourself.

Don Lemon is providing “lip service,” without constructive historical action to prevent a future outcome. It must be nice being an “arm chair” observer and ‘virtue signalling’ whilst condemning the Hollywood elites for their lack of voice and leadership. 

Family looting together in Santa Monica, CA

BLM Mob looting an Amazon Prime truck in Santa Monica, CA

Don Lemon BLM Riots: Guy munching noodles…

“It’s the first amendment, you just got to look it up, Mr Cuomo,” the man said.

18-June-2020 | Sky News Australia | Kenny Report

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have FINALLY decided it’s time for the Democrats and Joe Biden to call out the violent riots in our streets…but it’s not because of the death and destruction, or the economic toll on the communities….I’ll give ya one guess why they’re acknowledging the truth all of a sudden! 😉

27-August-2022 | The News & Why It Matters