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Facts about Meghan Markle Tone-deaf Racism

Contributors: Annika | Lisa Choi | Sabina Guthridge

Meghan Markle is white?

Meghan Markle does not care about Black Lives Matter (BLM). That’s because she is tone-deaf on racism and blinded by her ‘whiteness’. Firstly, Markle existed as a ‘white’ woman in Hollywood. Just look at her filmography. Secondly, even her Hallmark movie, ‘Dater’s Handbook‘ depicted two ‘white’ men vying for her affection. Markle’s character even had a ‘white’ sister and a ‘white’ mother. You get the picture.

In real life, Markle dated mostly ‘white’ men. Both her marriages were with ‘white’ men. Her ‘best friend’, BFF Jessica Mulroney (until recently) and Markus Anderson are both ‘white’. Markle joined a mostly ‘white’ sorority at Uni, not the black sorority.

Atlanta Black Star | 13-August-13

Markle does not have the perspective to understand what it means to be black or brown. She never supported black or brown causes, unless it was for publicity. Just look at her “fake” George Floyd speech. Yet the media including Vogue, ET Canada and Newsweek, act like ‘fangirls’, fawning over her every move.

TRUE humanitarians work behind the scenes when there are no cameras to ‘capture’ the moment.’ Therefore, we are calling Markle out as a fake.

Immac’ – Immaculate Heart High School Instagram

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tone-deaf racism

Meghan Markle played ‘white’ in Hollywood. Meanwhile, her husband, Prince “Nazi” Harry danced with ‘KKK’ and ‘blackface’. He was caught on tape using a racial slur as a soldier for the UK. Now, they want to preach about “anti-racism”. Talk about hypocrisy!

The Daily Mail | 12-February-2009
Associated Press | 11-January-2009

Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson comparison

Prince Edward, Wallis Simpson and Hitler

Many monarchists are strongly opposed to Meghan Markle. Often times, she is compared to Wallis Simpson. We also made similar comparisons. Here’s why. Firstly, Markle and Simpson are both divorcees. They arrived from America and married Royalty. One was a scandal (Wallis) and the other was a ‘social climber’ (Markle). Secondly, both Princes, Edward and Harry were not prepared for duty and service in the Royal household. They both met women who aided them in their “escape”. Finally, both Markle and Simpson had to earn money to keep up with their expenses. They were both cut off from the Royal family purse.

Whilst Wallis was vilified by the UK media and public, Markle was accepted and welcomed. These accounts are not stuff of fantasy but well documented. Wallis was a Nazi sympathiser. Just look at her associations. Markle is an actress who will never retire from the ‘limelight’. Even when she is the ‘mastermind’ behind them. In this report, we expose her motivation behind the ‘CRASHED’ graduation speech.

BLM Coverage and ‘Systemic’ racism at private institutions

Editors Note (21-July-2020) – Gabrielle Bourne Media (GBM) ceased all coverage of black lives matter. Our investigations concluded that the Marxist BLM Inc is a corrupt organisation. They raised MILLIONS but never distributed any of the funds into black communities where it would have been helpful. They supported the looting, rioting and violence of communities across the world.

Editors Note (23-July-2020) – Gabrielle Bourne Media (GBM) believes that traces of ‘systemic’ racism still exist in private institutions. Private tuition schools are not held up to the same scrutiny as public institutions. Instances of micro aggression and racial bias experienced by BAME students is not fantasy. Even though the system as a whole have improved in the last 20 years, there is room for more expansion. All voices should be welcomed. An environment where students can feel safe, comfortable and included should be standard. (Condensed)

Meghan Markle’s BIG FAT LIE

Dear Friends,

​Meghan Markle’s ‘crashed’ graduation speech to her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School, was picked up by the ‘unreliable’ media. The systemic ‘racism’ claims made by students at Immaculate Heart High School, however, was ignored. Students posted comments on the school’s Instagram page expressing concern. Yet, Meghan Markle ignored it. So did the ‘fangirl’ media outlets. Ironically, it was a conservative media outlet that pointed out the obvious and exposed the ‘fake news’ that Markle NEVER addressed the graduating class.

The media, including ‘Finding Freedom’ authors were asleep at the wheel when the rest of us SCREAMED OUT — “Meghan Markle is a phoney who never supported black causes!” Wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘I won’t stand for racism,’ doesn’t count since it was part of a coordinated ‘publicity campaign’ about anti-racism. Markle is an expert in publicity, but not so much when it comes to ‘boots on the ground,’ unless there is a camera present for the photo-op.

World Vision Rwanda PR ‘Photo-op’

Meghan Markle ONLY served herself, as a ‘white’ privileged working class actress who climbed up the social ladder (with the help from her ‘white’ privileged friends). She took pictures with poor black kids in Africa for publicity. Markle served ONE YEAR (2016-2017) as the Global Ambassador for World Vision. Markle doesn’t have extensive “charity” history or long term for that matter. Now, she is using her ‘black’ privilege for a Marxist movement all the whilst preaching, again. She is the worse representative as a ‘privileged’ former royal who kept  her style, titles and status.

Meghan Markle Word Vision Rawanda trip early 2016

Markle wants to support Black Lives Matter? Where was Markle when the students and parents were raging against the systemic racism they saw and experienced at Immaculate Heart High School? Crickets!

Tom Bower’s ‘Revenge’ Revelation: “Rwanda”

Editors Note (21-July-2022): Meghan Markle Tone-deaf Racism. In Tom Bower’s book ‘Revenge’ he claimed that Meghan Markle arrived in Rwanda with “suitcases of outfits”, a photographer, and hair and make-up team. She also demanded and received first-class airfare.

Meghan Markle ‘CRASHED’ graduation speech

Meghan Markle is completely tone-deaf when it comes to racism. Markle was not ‘invited’ to give the commencement address to the graduating class of Immaculate Heart High School. Her video about “George Floyd” was not posted by the school. There is ZERO record of her existence and participation on the school’s website or programme. That should give everyone a clue.

Meghan Markle used the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement and timed it to Immaculate Heart High School graduation a week after Mr. Floyd’s murder. That is the REAL REASON for her ‘DELAY’ in SPEAKING OUT. Mr. Floyd was murdered on 25th May 2020. Markle waited 10 days before releasing her video, but it was released to the media in a carefully crafted publicity move. It was never part of the commencement address at Immaculate Heart High school on 3rd June.

The Federalist | 17-June-20

In regards to her friend, Jessica Mulroney, Markle continues to use her ‘mysterious spokesperson‘ to do her bidding for full media effect. Is Markle really ‘disappointed’ with ‘BFF’ Jessica Mulroney? Is she ‘considering’ severing the friendship? Markle is excellent at the three-card monte, because she tries to convince us all to look ‘over there,’ so we don’t see what she is really doing or even hiding.

When your commencement speech is accepted and appreciated, the recipients publicise it.

Wright State Instagram
Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management Instagram

Meghan Markle ‘Tone-deaf’ Racism

Has President Dickmann ever considered the aftermath of posting such a letter? No.