Joe Biden Diminishing

We warned you America! Consequently, you voted in a liar and a serial plagiarist. Similarly, Biden has these in common with Meghan Markle. Moreover, he will be losing his mind in public too. Therefore, Joe Biden diminishing returns will have a detrimental impact for the U.S. Consequently, Biden will need more than a White House Bunny to rescue him.

19-April-2022 | Sky News Australia | Bunny to the rescue

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns

This White House and US Democratic Party’s programme of ‘elder abuse’ has to stop. Moreover, take a cognitive test or resign.

26-April-2023 | Sky News Australia

This also goes for your buddies too. Senator Diane Feinstein can’t remember people’s names a minute after they introduced themselves. John Fetterman can’t string cohesive sentences together. Mitch McConnell the RINO can’t get through a press conference without freezing.

27-July-2023 | TheDC Shorts | Senators and Biden in bad shape

Biden “Crime” Family Exposed

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) spoke to witnesses about alleged corruption by the Biden family and the censorship of reporting on it.

20-July-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

Joe Biden Diminishing: “Crime Family”

Joe Biden Wannabe Dictator?

In Ep.4, Tucker Carlson addresses the Fox Chyron “Wannabe Dictator”, whereas Fox deliberately or unknowingly did.

Integrity Matters - Tucker Carlson Ep4 - Fox Chyron Joe Biden Wannabee Dictator
Integrity Matters - Tucker Carlson Ep4 on Twitter - Wannabe Dictator Biden

Biden/Harris ‘Open Borders’ Policy

During House floor remarks on Tuesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) spoke about the HALT Fentanyl Act and issues at the Southern Border.

26-May-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

Biden excoriated over exploitation of ‘Migrant’ children

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) exposes the exploitation of migrant children.

15-June-2023 | Forbes Breaking News

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns Impact Report

Newsweek had journalistic integrity, ‘back in the day’, and was not afraid to expose Biden. However, they are now covering up his fumbles. In addition, “state media” CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, WAPO and NPR are turning a blind eye. In conclusion, watch out for inconsistencies in media reporting.

Before Joe Biden was President…

07-March-2022 | Sky News Australia

Tsunami of ‘Memes, Jokes and Punchlines’

Joe Biden’s “mental acuity” was in question before he was elected. In other words, ‘clean up on aisle 46’

26-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

In the Sesame Street song, ‘One of These Things’, children are asked to point of the difference. For instance, the blue balloon doesn’t belong. In other words, Biden is the ONLY one in a mask during a video conference.

07-June-2011 | Sesame Street
Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - One of these things

The Saudi’s said to Biden, ‘No oil for you’! However, they weren’t finished. They also laughed at him.

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - Saudi SNL mocks Biden Harris
02-November-2022 | The Babylon Bee

The Racialism of the Biden Administration

The Biden Administration welcomed IN millions of NEW ‘voting bloc’. Furthermore, they just left the southern border open to everyone, and we mean everyone.

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - Voting Block

Joe Biden: “Illegal immigration is a gift”. Consequently, ‘This human misery they’ve created is a source of joy’

31-March-2021 | Sky News Australia
Joe Biden Diminishing Return - Simpson Kids in Cages Southern Border
Kamala Harris Milk Carton

The First Bi-racial Black Indian Woman VP

Kamala Harris Black Indian VP

‘Nurse’ Kamala Harris to the rescue.

30-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

Kamala Harris is direct From ‘Central Casting’

Harris talks like she is reading to a second grade class. Moreover, her speeches have no content. For instance, she talks in circles with no beginning middle or an end. Therefore, she talks in circles.

Dr. Seuss Kamala Harris

All jokes aside, Kamala’s speeches really do sound like they were written in crayon. Additionally, she talks in circles, as we had previously established. Likewise she is keeping in lock step with her boss who loves ice cream and long naps.

13-December-2022 | Babylon Bee | To Clarify
04-July-2021 | Sky News Australia
Kackala Harris Batman for President
04-October-2022 | Sky News Australia
Even The Daily Show is poking fun

Kamala Harris to South Koreans during a visit to the DMZ: The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with North Korea”.

03-October-2022 | Sky News Australia

Kamala Harris is a diplomatic nightmare. For instance, she wiped her hand after a handshake in South Korea.

21-May-2021 | Global Viral News

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns: $85B in equipment to the Taliban

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - Taliban
Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - Taliban
Joe Biden Diminishing Returns - Taliban

Joe Biden Diminishing Returns: Serial Plagiarist

14-July-2020 | Lasse Burholt

Joe Biden’s record of plagiarism goes back decades, however, in 2021-2022 he’s using the same lies and quoting Mao. In addition he is spewing dangerous socialist propaganda.

19-May-2021 | GOP War Room