The Curious Mind of Joe Biden

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Does he know where he is?

In the curious mind of Joe Biden, we explore his ‘diminishing’ return. In a Rasmussen poll conducted between 25th and 28th June, 2020, 38% believed ‘presumptive’ democratic nominee Joe Biden has Dementia. I will go a bit further and say he might have early onset of Alzheimer’s that causes Dementia. The former is a disease and the latter is a category of symptoms.

Having been on committees for various charitable and fundraising events, including for Alzheimer’s, I had spent several years with members who were impacted in this community. Whilst not a clinician on the subject matter, a personal experience provides more insight than an ‘armchair’ observer.

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Rasmussen Reports 29-July-2020

Normal gaffes vs. Cognitive impairment

It is a fallacy to point to the ‘Declaration of Independence’ gaffe as ‘evidence’ that Biden has Dementia. I will call on all stage actors at this time and ask, how many times have you flubbed or forgotten your lines? How about uttering the wrong names, title or styles when making introductions? I remember a well known Master of Ceremony who did just that.

Stuttering, muttering and the like are not evidence that Biden has ‘Dementia,’ it is more congruous than that, with other cognitive factors. The fact that he doesn’t know where he is gives me pause and cause to call out what others would not.

A serial plagiarist who is not inspiring

Let’s get real, Biden is NOT a great or even a good orator. He’s not in the same realm as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. or even Ronald Reagan. I have no clue why Biden littered early speeches with other people’s words, not providing them with full credit. Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist and because of it, I don’t consider him an honest person.

Biden’s recent speeches have been blah and boring. He is not that coherent and cannot string sentences together to be impactful. I don’t find him inspiring or bright, but all of these characterisations do not scream ‘Dementia’. It tells me that Biden is not well prepared. He’s an ‘off the cuff’ kind of guy. Sloppy in his overall presentation. Can’t command a room. And that painful to watch.

Anger doesn’t always equal Alzheimer’s

In researching this report, I came across a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. Yikes, if ever there was a political agitator. This is from a personal experience. Junior noted an incident Biden had with a voter, where he exhibited ‘aggressive’ and ‘angry’ behaviour. He then had the gall to quote an Alzheimer’s website as ‘proof‘ that Biden has the disease. Junior is loose with the facts. He’s mostly conjecture. What can I say? He went to the best school daddy’s money can afford and learned nothing in the process, always drawing conclusions with no evidence at all.

Whilst it’s correct that people living with Alzheimer’s can exhibit anger, aggression and even extreme sadness like crying, so can people who are depressed or assertively striving to put a point across to an ‘agitated’ voter. The voter was no charmer either, accusing Biden of saying something on a viral video. Whether Biden said it or not is moot. The point is that during a ‘heated discussion,’ blood temperatures can rise, voices raised, especially in a very noisy environment and heated words can be exchanged.

There are plenty of political tapes where such heated exchanges took place. Does Mayor Lori Lightfoot have Alzheimer’s because she said to Alderman Lopez that he was “full of sh*t?” Junior likes to shoot and won’t ask questions at all. Junior was suspended briefly from Twitter for misleading Covid-19 news, so that should be a clue as to his ‘credibility.’

Alzheimer’s Unmasked

Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes Dementia. There are other categories of Dementia and unless someone is physically diagnosed, hypothesis can be false. However, Alzheimer’s and Dementia should be more than just a series of ‘gaffes’ which others make as frequently, without being called out. There are ‘tell’ signs that would be obvious for someone with knowledge. Most ardent observer who is trained can pin point these signs as a ‘threat’ to life or ‘mental stability’. For instance, someone with experience can accurately assess an Ischemic stroke or the symptoms of hypothermia or dehydration.

Alzheimer’s does not rob a person’s long term memory. For this reason, a person living with the disease can recall a particular date such as a wedding 50 years ago, but cannot tell you what they ate an hour ago. People can stutter and mutter their way through speeches, but if they forget where they are, it’s more than forgetting a line.

~ Defender-in-Chief

The Curious Mind of Joe Biden. Perspectives

Gabrielle Bourne Media believes that integrity matters. Therefore, we strive to present our findings with corroborated data and reference materials. It isn’t our job to convince you. We provide the connections that led us to certain conclusions.

One of the most interesting discoveries during our research was an article that discussed Joe Biden’s diminishing mental capacity. Because the United States was in the midst of the Presidential primaries, the article ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. We have posted the ‘resurrected’ article below.

~ Sky News Australia 09-August-2020

~ Sky News Australia 30-July-2020

The Curious Mind of Joe Biden. Forbes “coverup”

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Joe Biden’
The author explains why this article was removed

The article Forbes didn’t want the public to see…

~ The Telegraph 19-Mar-21

The Curious Mind of Joe Biden – Blunders that can’t be ignored! #Elderabuse

“Since January 20th, we’re talking about 15 months ago…”

~ Sky News Australia 3-June-21
~ ~ Sky News Australia 12-May-21
“I got to the Senate 180 years ago…”
~ Sky News Australia 3-May-21
“I think that’s a Sentence”
~ Sky News Australia 25-March-21
“I came to the US Senate 120 years ago”