Category: Critique and Insight

Critique and Insight views debate as the foundation where we can agree to disagree. However, very few challenge baseless arguments, as long as it promotes an agenda. For instance, the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and the Guardian all have shown their biased hands. Colour scheme matters more to them than the truth. So, if you are black and hate white people, they will air all your grievances on air, whether that argument has any merit in facts. These baseless and made up ‘race’ agendas, politicising war and other illiberal noise gain momentum because of public silence. We know there is a lot of myths in some of the storytelling from even prominent figures. When Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens go on an Israeli rant, should we believe them? Carlson is champion of closing the U.S. southern borders, but just like Owens knows nothing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Scandinavia is not a socialist entity, but try telling that to Bernie Sanders. Intelligent and the well informed understand what a proxy war looks like and why Joe Biden wants it in Ukraine. The U.S. president has dementia, but Biden has long been on the ‘dark side’ for over 30 years.