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Here it is folks! This just in. Paul Pelosi NBC News coverup is a “huge” development, if it is true. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi’s spin doctors including WAPO hard at work covering up details of the Pelosi ‘assault.’ NBC “expired” a news story that provided more details. But why? Gabrielle Bourne Media will keep on top of this breaking ‘news’ story because it ‘smells’ like a coverup.

There is an update to this story, but it still leaves more questions.

Paul Pelosi Wag the dog
Contributors | Editorial Opinion: Dana & Jordi | updated: 08-November-2022 | Paul Pelosi’s DUI

BodyCam Footage Unveiled…Finally

This video was made possible by San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Stephen Murphy who denied requests to keep this secret’. Furthermore, San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and District Attorney (DA) Brooke Jenkins weren’t forthcoming with this body cam footage either. This footage slightly differed from NBC News Miguel Almaguer’s reporting, but some key reports were credible. NBC News scrubbed Almaguer’s reporting from the internet.

27-January-2023 | The Times and The Sunday Times

It’s a ‘Coverup’ at NBC News 🤔🤥

GB Media | 16th November 2022

Gabrielle Bourne Media TEAM USA have gone completely Libertarian, helped along by ‘fake’ CNN and NBC News and the Dems establishment that is more “Ass” than Hero. Our UK TEAM no longer support the Tory Party, with many cancelling their membership after Rishi Sunak’s “No Vote” confirmation as PM.

Whilst you cannot trust every news report, NBC and MSNBC are the Kings of ‘coverup’. Don’t take our word for it. Look at their past and current performances of ‘deflection’, in some cases ‘blatantly lies’ and ‘censorship’ of their own reports. They ‘suspended’ Miguel Almaguer for reporting the truth, but kept the ‘fake news makers’ on the payroll, who also promoted racist division. Why employ ‘racists’ like Joy Reid? Critical Thinkers know that BLM Inc was a scam.

The truth will find a way, as it did with the ‘Russia hoax’ and Hunter Biden’s laptop. It will be interesting to see how they try to deflect from the FTX Cryptocurrency scam with connections to the US Democratic Party, Biden, Ukraine and Zelensky.

16-November-2022 | Fox News | Tucker Carlson Tonight

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup: ‘Wag the Dog’

Nancy’s husband is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Paul Pelosi ‘Wag the Dog’ moment was seized by the ‘fake’ media. What else is new? Just same old, same old. Spreading January 6th conspiracy…yet again. They were spinning this “merry-go-round” since January 2021. Moreover, they continue to hold on for dear life. Why? The November midterms. That’s why. So, it all ties back to their pathetic attempt to ‘hold onto power’. Not if the good and honest folks of the United States kick them to the curb. Let’s make it a reality.

The illiberal media including Washington Post, MSNBC, PBS News Hour and CNN are going gangbusters trying to tie Paul Pelosi’s attack to Republicans and even January 6th. Really? It must be a slow news day. More likely they are running scared of the pending ‘blood bath’ on 8th November.

Where were they when Congressman Lee Zeldin ‘knife’ attack was perpetrated by another ‘mentally’ unwell assailant?

The Paul Pelosi ‘attack’ has become a distraction. The ‘fake’ media even seized on this story to blame the Republicans by claiming that the attacker was right leaning, albeit he had left leaning tendencies. We don’t know all the details of this attack, so we won’t speculative on it because our job is peel away the layers to uncover the truth. Obviously, the truth is not the goal of these fake media outlets.

When it comes to ‘blame shifting.’ however, Nancy Pelosi is the PRO.

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup: The ‘Spin Doctors’

According to the San Francisco Police Department, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence and attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer. The rest of this story is so sketchy, there has been some misinformation. For instance, it was earlier reported that there was a ‘third’ person who opened the door. But that turned out to be false.

So far, all we heard from was the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and District Attorney (DA) Brooke Jenkins. Based on their rhetoric, they don’t seem to know what is going on either. So, discount whatever they say because just like the rest of us, they are still ‘piecing’ this together.

Not Confirmed but Interesting

Moreover, Gabrielle Bourne Media doesn’t believe in unproven “conspiracy” theories, no matter who dishes it. However, this article by Stan Greene tipped the scale. It kind of reminded us of the “Russian hoax” stories Hillary Clinton and the Dems spun — which turned out to be true. It was a hoax. Lies they created. Hunter Biden? Yes, that was true too. This is the same article Elon Musk tweeted out in response to Hillary Clinton’s tweet. He deleted that tweet. Musk should have stood firm.

Our personal investigative experience has lessened the degree of skepticism of ‘on the ground’ reporting. Furthermore, we don’t totally discount “street stories” either. Because, sometimes, they actually end up being the real story. So, we will leave it here.

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup

Capitol Police in the Headlines but for all the wrong Reasons

The ‘mystery’ solved on the security camera footage. The cameras were live, but no one was watching. U.S. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger was ‘stirring’ the pot, blaming Republicans. It looks like he’s been watching too much MSNBC. Now, release the video tapes.

There is absolutely no evidence that Republicans, have ‘emboldened violence and intimidation of voters and election officials.’ Manger is another ‘crackpot’ who should be fired for not minding the store at the Pelosi residence, where this ‘attack’ supposedly happened.

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup: Integrity and Transparency Matter

Well, the answer to who opened the door is solved, but gets weirder. It was Paul Pelosi. Here is what we still don’t know. What’s on the Body cam footage? What’s with the Shattered glass? And why Pelosi said, “David” is a “friend”? You don’t need to be Miss Marple to figure this one out. The details are being “concealed” and only the outline is being presented.

If these so-called media outlets did their jobs, then maybe, just maybe, we can believe them. But, like Piers Morgan said of Meghan Markle, ‘We won’t believe them even if they read us the weather report’.

05-November-2022 | Fox News | Tucker Carlson
Three Crowns
Paul Pelosi NBC News
15-November-2022 | Sky News Australia | Paul Murray

Paul Pelosi NBC News Coverup: Shocking details!

07-November-2022 | Megyn Kelly

Something ‘Fishy’ about DA Brooke Jenkins “Concealment”

A guy ‘breaks’ in and no alarm goes off? This DA won’t give a response?

Integrity Matters - DA Jenkins Jesse Watters
02-November-2022 | Fox News | Jesse Watters

Media bias and Culture Wars are as real as apple pie. Politico should be pointing fingers at themselves. The media con-man show continues. No wonder these losers support Meghan Markle, who is guilty of manipulating the public. They keep playing the three-card monte trick because they think the public is that stupid. Image credit: Fox News

Pelosi - Politico coverup