BLM Scam

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BLM Murky Finances
Bad Faith 10-February-22 | Did Black Lives Matter Leaders Cash In on a Movement?
Sean K Campbell – New York Magazine
BLM bought $6M mansion

Black Lives Matter Scam – Reprinted from 1st July 2020, with updates

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Black Lives Matter Scam. Like we told you.

BLM was build on a lie, “Hands up, Don’t shoot” never happened. They are not a 501(c)3 and monies donated are considered “gifts” not a donation. Monies are funnelled through ACTBlue and Thousand Currents. Here’s how they pocketed millions.

Editor’s Note: As of December 2020, BLM Inc received their non-profit status from the IRS.

23-February-2021 | AP Exclusive: Black Lives Matter opens up about its finances
09-April-2021 | Black Conservative Perspective

Susan Woods responds to Patrisse Cullors Quitting BLM Inc.

28-May-2021 | Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions

Guess who is censoring this story!

BLM: Race baiting = Profits

Racial Justice Groups are profitable enterprises. Just ask Al Sharpton. He carved a lucrative career in the “race baiting” marketplace. Now he is a “trusted” consultant on MSNBC. But no other groups can outshine the Black Lives Matter groups. They went from obscurity to the front end of the receiving line within 6 short years! How did they do that? The Black Lives Matter scam all started with the premise of ‘white on black police killings’.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about ‘black on black’ crime. Don Lemon even told Terry Crewes as much. Such crime statistics doesn’t make any money for BLM groups. But perpetuating the narrative of white police officers hunting down black men and killing them does. It’s a cash cow bonanza! And Black Lives Matter has been milking it ever since. Why not? Identity politics is big business, especially when ‘white on black’ crime galvanises the masses, including white people!

BLM: Where’s the money?

Black Lives Matter has been peddling the same lie since 2014, starting with Eric Gardner, Michal Brown, Antonio Martin, among others. In addition, they profited from their Black Lives Matter scam. To date, they have collected MILLIONS but none of the monies were used to enrich the lives of black and brown people that they purported to help.

BLM: Marxist Agenda

Under the guise of “peaceful protests” Black Lives Matter was silent on the looting, rioting and killings. The Ferguson unrest in August 2014 was just the precursor to something more sinister. Black Lives Matter tried for 6 years to push their Marxist agenda. On 25th May 2020, they succeeded with the death of George Floyd. Indeed, no one can dispute the horrific way Floyd died, but it also ushered in a new Marxist era in the U.S. And with the election of Harris/Biden, it guaranteed their scam would continue.


Black Lives Matter started with a simple yet powerful hashtag. George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin. We watched the proceedings as ‘armchair observers’. But as social scientists and legal scholars, we poured through the ‘evidentiary’ information. We concluded at the time that this was not a justifiable ‘killing’. Zimmerman was a neighbourhood watch coordinator and should not have been armed. Florida’s ‘stand your ground law’ prohibited Zimmerman from being arrested, since he ‘claimed’ self defence. Regardless, after the acquittal in July 2013, the black lives matter movement was born, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the movement found its footing with ‘white on black’ police killings, front and centre.

Organisational Structure

Black Lives Matter Global Network Inc. (BLM Inc) was incorporated in Delaware on 18th November 2016. There was some confusion as to their incorporated name. Some in the media and even Wikipedia referred to the organisation as Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc. There was also another filing with Delaware for that name on 16th October 2017.

Nothing on the website header or footer suggested the actual name of the organisation, so we dug a bit further. We found the organisational name mentioned under the ‘News’ header. In the 25th June 2020 press release, the organisation referred to themselves as Black Lives Matter Global Network (“BLM”), with no ‘Foundation’ reference. However, they used the word ‘Foundation’ for their 11th June 2020 press release. Confusing? Our investigation concluded the same on 30th June 2020. GBM began our investigation on 12th June 2020. These are some of the layers we uncovered on the Black Lives Matter scam. But wait, there is more!

Black Lives Matter Scam deepens – Not a U.S. nonprofit

A separate Black Lives Matter Foundation in Santa Clarita, CA was filed by Robert Ray Barnes, but is not associated with BLM Inc. Regardless of whether ‘Foundation’ or not, BLM Inc does not hold a tax exempt status with the IRS. Calling themselves a ‘nonprofit’ is misleading. They raise monies through ActBlue (with Democratic Party affiliation) and GoFundMe, in addition to other off-shoot funds collection sources.

ACTBlue and Thousand Currents – What’s that?

BLM Inc. has a ‘fiscal sponsorship agreement‘ with Thousand Currents since BLM Inc. is neither a foundation or a nonprofit, although they are erroneously reported as such by ​main stream media, which intentionally confuses the general public. 

This is a complicated money scheme because all donations go through ACTBlue, then funnelled to Thousand Currents and only a small portion of the donations are returned back to BLM Inc. Thousand Currents states they “provide the legal and administrative framework to enable BLM Inc in fulfilling its mission. Fiscal sponsorship is a common structure utilised by nonprofit organisations”.

BLM Inc is a for-profit organisation and all the monies paid to this organisation are considered ‘gifts’ by the IRS. Gifts are taxable after a set threshold, but the gift givers are the ones who are taxed, not the recipient. Not all the funds donated to BLM Inc remain in the United States.Thousand Currents only returns a small portion (minus their hefty “administrative fees”) back to BLM Inc. Thousand Currents funds agendas outside of the U.S.

BLM Inc Ideology – What you should know

16-July-2021 | New York Nadia

BLM Inc is not an altruistic organisation for the betterment of all black people. They cherry picked ‘white on black’ police killings for their overall activist agenda. No where on their agenda or press releases have they highlighted the recent shootings in Chicago, Minneapolis or New York or the deaths of young children including Mekhi James, 3 years old who was shot inside a car, where his father was the intended target. Amaria J Jones, 13 years old was shot in the neck whilst inside her home. BLM Inc has a definitive agenda, but they aren’t hiding it.

(1) abolish the police. Whilst they call to ‘defund the police’, what they really want is to get rid of the police departments and court systems. 

(2) not focused on ‘black on black’ crime for political reasons. BLM Inc’s mission is to galvanise the populace around ‘white on black’ police killings. it sells stories, it generate funds, creates global momentum since identity politics resonate with many minority citizens, especially blacks. 

(3) Create a power base for the black power movement and ‘black supremacy’. It’s not about equality, its about domination. 

(4) Total destruction of patriarchy. There are no ‘fathers’ in the picture in their new world order. Black men who need ‘father’ figures to traverse the landscape of life will be absent for good. 

(5) Annihilate capitalism. Marx believed in worker revolt, which meant the over throw of the ruling class. For this reason, BLM Inc never condemned the looting, rioting or violence, whilst George Floyd’s family had advocated for peaceful protests.

Trained Marxist

On 23rd December 2014, Patrisse Cullors, during an interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, was asked if she believed in ‘capitalism’. She faltered and then hung up on him. When the show’s producer tried to get her back on line, she denied hanging up on Peterson and said she would reschedule. She never did. Instead, she tweeted about her experience on 25th March 2015 calling the experience, ‘violent and demeaning’. 

During the interview, Cullors recalls her mum working three jobs. She never mentioned a father. When Peterson asked if she was born out of wedlock, she divulged that she had a father who worked at General Motors (GM). On 23rd July 2015, Cullors, on The Real News Network, divulged that she and another co-founder were ‘trained Marxists’. Melina Abdullah, a leader in their Los Angeles chapter is a communist.

#BlackLivesMatter​ Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors LIES to Jesse Then RUNS & Gets ‘Chicken Song’ ~ Jesse Lee Peterson 09-July-2016

Jesse Lee Petersen Explains what happened

Here on the radio show, Jesse interviewed Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors, artist, organizer, radical homosexual activist, and “freedom fighter”. She is the co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter​ hashtag. The movement with Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza. Patrisse says she grew up poor. Her mother worked three jobs. She hardly saw her. Her father worked for GM, but they still lived in poverty because of capitalism.

Jesse asks her four times if she believes in capitalism, she never answers. But gives a phoney intellectual answer. Then hangs up. Producer James Hake contacted her back. She said she did not hang up. But months later on Twitter she admitted she DID hang up 10 minutes in. This was right after she told James she’d reschedule and come back on. But months later on Twitter she advised others, “Don’t bother” coming on Jesse’s show, claiming it’s “violent and demeaning.”

19-June-2020 | Yupster2501
BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors admits BLM is a Hard Left Marxist Organisation “We are Marxists, We are Ideological” 23-July-2016
The Real News Source Link ​
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
The Atlantic
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
BLACK LIVES MATTER co-founder, Opal Tometi (right) with Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela. (circa 2015)

Black Lives Matter Scam – Propaganda and Funding

Patrisse Cullors has characterised George Zimmerman as a ‘light-skinned, white-passing man’, although he is of Peruvian descent with African ancestry on his mum’s side. He is of German decent on his father’s side. Melina Abdullah a “community” organiser and leader at BLM Inc chapter in Los Angeles is also of German decent on her father’s side. She is considered ‘black’ yet George Zimmerman, for political reasons is considered a ‘white-passing man’. Anyone looking at Zimmerman would have doubts if he was a ‘white’ man.

Melina Abdullah is the co-organiser and manages the funding for BLM Inc Los Angeles. Since creating the crowd funding page at GoFundMe on 13th July 2018, BLM-LA has raised over $2 Million dollars. The monies raised are considered ‘gifts’ according to the IRS because the Los Angeles Chapter of BLM Inc is not tax exempt. All the monies raised through GoFundMe is also not tax deductible. BLM Inc LA used the money for “materials and supplies, travel, and facilities costs related to actions, meetings, and our ongoing work“. None of the monies raised was used for programmes or projects in the black communities, where such resources could be helpful. 

Black Lives Matter Scam – Mum calls out BLM

Lisa Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher, a Black man who the LAPD fatally shot in 2016, called out the Black Lives Matter organization and its leadership, including Patrisse Cullors. “They came into this fight with the wrong intentions and took advantage of us mothers and fathers because we were vulnerable because the police had killed our children,” Simpson says. “I want them out the fight.”

20-April-2021 | BNC News

“Whole thing is shady”

We are not alone asking questions. During our research we had discovered other citizens concerned as well. The bottomline is where’s the money? In the six years BLM Inc started collecting funds, there were no empirical evidence that monies were distributed back to black and brown communities. Moreover there was no evidence that the monies went to the families of those BLM Inc martyred in the name of “justice”.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’

Susan Woods Investigates

One of the most thorough investigative research we came across was Susan Woods. This is her Youtube Channel. It didn’t surprise us that there were other people involved in looking into the Black Lives Matter scam. Because this is what it is. It’s a scam to get your money by martyring lives for profit. This was serious business. Because many people donated. Most did so not reading the fine print. It wasn’t like BLM Inc was hiding. Since BLM Inc was not a nonprofit, donors could not write off their “donations” on their taxes. In addition, these “donations” are considered “gifts” by the IRS.

08-July-2020 | Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions

Susan Woods explains what happened

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and all BLM chapters are accepting millions of dollars in donations under the assumption that they are helping black communities. Unfortunately, my investigations prove the contrary and these entities refuse to disclose where the money is going.

During my month-long investigation, I focused on seeking the answer to one question: “Where is the money?” Unfortunately, despite meticulous research, I could not find the answers. The results of each chapter’s investigation are listed under the “BLM Investigations” playlist. It is very clear that the whole notion that Black Lives Matter invests in the black community is absolutely not true. Check out the videos and see for yourself.

Black Lives Matter Scam – UK

If you thought the U.S. Chapters were raking the money in, check out the UK chapter. Approximately 10 days prior to this tweet, Labour Leader Kier Starmer took a knee, in grotesque allegiance to BLM Inc. BLM UK had been clamouring about Defunding the police. But what they tweeted and posted on their funding page was completely different. They stated that “Defund” meant “Investing in programmes that actually keep us safe”. But their funding page called for the abolishment of the police.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
Twitter screenshot. UKBLM lies again on ‘defund the police’. They already stated they were an “abolitionist movement,” thus they made clear their intent to abolish, NOT defund the police, which coordinates with the central BLM “Marxist” ideology to abolish the establishment.
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’
Credit: Kier Starmer | Kneeling to the BLM mob. Time to say NO to Kier.

Black Lives Matter UK thinks Climate Change is Racist

What does open borders have to do with climate change? Because only by asking questions will you understand the REAL motives of BLM Inc. They already told you their agenda since it’s an “open” secret.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’

Black Lives Matter UK is Antisemitic

BLM UK already came out in support of Palestine. Contrary to the “warm and fuzzy” support messages from some Jewish organisations, BLM Inc are anti-Jewish because Jews are seen as part of the “establishment” and as oppressors.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for ‘Black Lives Matter’

Media coverage is covered up!

In the United States you have CNN. In the UK, we have The BBC. They cropped this photo of a protester wielding a long stick.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'BBC BLM'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'BBC BLM'