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Your right to disagree with Critical Race Theory (CRT) is protected by law…

Critical Race Theory Thomas Sowell

Tampa Bay HC Todd Bowles says ‘NO’ to Critical Race Theory

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17-October-2022 | PragerU | Replaces: 13-October-2022 | CHARPMedia (taken down by Youtube)

Emphatically, it’s an outrageous notion that “race” is a social construct and not biological in nature. Because that’s what Critical Race Theory (CRT) teaches. Moreover, CRT is nothing more than a social construct itself to divide people based on “skin colour”.

Amy Gallagher Suing Tavistock & Anti-Woke Revolution

26-April-2024 | Bombshells

CRT voids out culture and subcultures to explain the existence of humanity. Indeed, CRT only looks through the lens of colour to explain our existence. Certainly for ‘white’ people, they are on the far end of the spectrum. That’s because CRT only cares about ‘non whites’ vs ‘whites’. Moreover, there is nothing in between. At least no rainbow of colours that make up humanity.

Regardless, CRT is not without its distractors. Especially thankful for that. One impressive push back occurred during a press conference with Tampa Bay Head Coach Todd Bowles. Once again, the “woke” media were out in force for this press conference. However, the best offence is an even better defence. That is exactly what coach Bowles did. Despite the Media’s ‘race-baiting’ enquiries, Coach Bowles didn’t take the bait.

You Can’t Fix Stupid: Whoopi and the Holocaust 🤡

Critical Race Theory Whoopie Goldberg
12-Sep-2021 | Sky News Australia
Whoopi Goldberg is ignorant and racist, argues Andrew Bolt

You Can’t Fix Stupid: Joy Reid and Critical Race Theory 🤡

12-January-2023 | Sky News Australia

Critical Race Theory: ‘Reverse discrimination’

IDENTITY POLITICS TAKE 1 Warning: Language. It seemed very odd when President Elect Joe Biden made a statement about helping out certain businesses based on race and gender.

20-January-2021 | Lasse Burholt | Source: TikTok, Jim Suprenant

IDENTITY POLITICS TAKE 2Moreover, is there a ‘white entertainmentcategory on Netflix, HULU and Prime? Furthermore, is there a ‘white-owned’ restaurant category on UBER eats?

28-January-2021 | Lasse Burholt

Critical Race Theory Founders “bragging” about Brainwashing Youth

The reason CRT is so prominent in western learning institutions such as Columbia, Harvard and Yale is because Richard Delgado, Derrick Bell and Jean Stefancic were all entrenched in the education systems of the United States for over 20 years. Still, that’s a full generation to do a a lot of damage.

Critical Race Theory
26-April-2021 | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Rita Panahi says we are seeing “cultural Marxism in action” after Year 11 schoolboys were “shamed” for their gender, religion, and skin colour during a talk on privilege and pronouns. Moreover, “Parents are rightly appalled … it’s the culmination of the long march through the institutions that began decades ago,” she said.

Furthermore, the schoolboys, from Parkdale Secondary College, were subjected to a “racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant tirade” in the name of “equality and diversity,” according to Ms Panahi. Besides, “They were labelled ‘oppressors’ by a Kingston City Council employed youth worker”. “It’s tantamount to bullying if you ask me and all the more shameful because it was perpetrated by an adult in a position of power.”

Ms Panahi noted the “same toxic ideology” was at play last month when schoolboys were “similarly shamed” at Brauer College in Warrnambool. “Perhaps schools, and state and local governments, could focus their attentions on driving academic excellence rather than social engineering,” she said. Consequently, “Parents must take a stand against the politicisation of the curriculum and the relentless leftist indoctrination in the guise of tolerance and equity.”

25-May-2021 | Sky News Australia
Our young people have lost their innocence and sense of fun

“The Woke nonsense infiltrating our schools, colleges and Universities needs to stop”

15-June-2021 | Turning Point UK

Columbia University teaches you to Hate ‘White’ Men?

23-June-2021 | China Unscripted

Columbia University CRAZIER than North Korea? | Yeonmi Park. Transcript

5:25 I mean even North Koreans wouldn’t do that. Even North Koreans wouldn’t come up with this  

5:29 narrative. Every single thing comes to white men. The horrible thing. The most horrible thing that  

5:35 destroys the world. Yeah they were in a way hating white men, the western civilisation  

5:42 more intensely than North Koreans do at this point. Really yes at some point I was thinking  

5:49 am I in North Korea? am I in America, right? Well irony like I escaped that country now ended  

5:55 up in this country where I have to intensely hate Americans right. Intensely hate everything  

6:02 about the western democracy. That’s what they do at Columbia. This is what they’re being taught. Yeah so  

6:08 that’s the thing. Like the Colombia has its course studying western civilisation of music and art,  

6:14 so every class they say before the class day, so who has a problem study western civilisation music,  

6:20 and everybody raising their hands. And they’re saying is uh because of the western  

6:27 men where the white guys colonise Asia and Africa. They mess up entire humanity so now they silenced  

6:36 all those talented minority women artists now. We have the ending of studying bigots like  

6:42 Mozart and Beethoven…

The ‘Religion’ of Critical Race Theory

07-Sep-2021 | John Stossel

“I am not oppressed and I am not a victim”

12-Sep-2021 | Sky News Australia
The left is ‘keeping racism alive’ and ‘fuelling it for their own ends’

“Yeah, you can make friends whatever colour they are”. Stop Critical Race Theory

A video, depicting a father educating his young daughter about the dangers of Critical Race Theory, has gone viral on the internet as Republican state houses across the country move to ban the academic theory.

02-June-2021 | Sky News Australia
03-June-2021 | Sky News Australia

Integrity Matters to this mum – “I have a Dream”…

A Virginia mother has fronted her children’s school board to educate them on why the Critical Race Theory should not be taught, arguing its “racist” and “abusive”. “CRT is racist, it is abusive, it discriminates against ones colour,” she said. “Let me educate you. Besides, an honest dialogue does not oppress, an honest dialogue does not implement hatred or injustice”. The woman, who is unnamed, told the school board she won’t stop fighting against CRT. “You cannot tell me what is or is not racist. Look at me,” she said. “I had to come down here today to tell you to your face we are coming together. We are strong. This will not be the last greet and meet, respectfully.”

13-May-2021 | Sky News Australia
Replaces Charlie Kirk 17-May-21 made private (

How do I have two medical degrees when I’m sitting here oppressed?

Ty Smith, a Black father and radio talk show host, went viral after he heavily criticised the idea of schools teaching Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting that was caught on video.

18-June-2021 | Newsweek
Replaces Charlie Kirk 17-June-21 made private (