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Who is the latest Meghan Markle Stan?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Emily Andrews Meghan Markle sycophancy is a superficial attempt to remain relevant. Her comments are tainted with illiberal nonsense. She’s more prone to make shit up, not fact checking. Emily Andrews showed her true colours as a ‘mean girl’ when she supported Vanessa Feltz ambush of Angela Levin.

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Emily Andrews Meghan Markle: Reporting Once ‘Palatable’

When Emily Andrews started reporting on Meghan Markle, she had a critical eye and a level of honesty that was palatable. She made good observations and reported on what she saw. She wasn’t influenced by The Sussex Squad or pro-Meghan Markle sentiments at the time. Andrews’ reporting was fair and balanced. She gave credit where due and set the record straight when needed. One such reporting occurred during Meghan Markle’s trip to the Fijian Market in 2018.

Emily Andrews’ report on the Fijian Market incident was based on her observations, and not on the “official reason” given. There were no issues with “crowd control” as multiple media outlets reported, including Andrews.

Emily Andrews Meghan Markle - Gabrielle Bourne Media

Emily Andrews’ fair reporting based on her observations went over like a lead balloon by Pro-Meghan Markle sentiments. Moreover, she was roasted on Twitter by the Sussex Squad. The abuse got so bad, she put out this statement. A statement of explanation only fuels the flame, so we don’t recommend it. Furthermore, Andrews should have just ‘stuck to her guns’.

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Emily Andrews Now Just Makes Shit Up

Emily Andrews is not a royal commentator that we follow. When she does make an “appearance” she’s often incoherent and not well informed. She doesn’t add any value to the conversation. Moreover, her reports are sycophantic in nature and no longer observations. It’s one thing to provide an “opinion”. All Royal Reporters do. It’s another to just make shit up.

During the October interview with Sunrise, she made a wild and unproven “claim”. She stated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry filmed their docu-series for Netflix for a year. “They’ve been very honest very open”. About what? Has she seen the docu-series? Andrews made this assertion without any proof.

Instead of drawing from history and even insight to Meghan and Harry’s past behaviours, not to mention the “pound of flesh” of the multi-million dollar Netflix deal, Andrews spins a sycophantic yarn. Andrews must believe the public is that stupid. The comments section for this video will enlighten her. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are proven “liars”. Emily Andrews is more interested in covering up their lies, instead of telling the truth.

Emily Andrews Meghan Markle
06-October-2022 | Sunrise

Harry & Meghan reportedly at odds with filmmakers. Transcript

1:11 death of Queen Elizabeth the late Queen

1:13 has kind of thrown everything

1:15 um out of kilter and Harry and Megan

1:17 have been filmed for a year they’ve been

1:19 very honest very open and now they

1:21 suddenly want to row back now that

1:23 Charles is king we know that Harry’s

1:25 been very critical of his father they

1:26 want to roll back and take stuff out of

1:28 the docu series but Netflix is standing

1:30 firm and saying no…