Meghan Markle Royal Demotion

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The Meghan Markle Royal demotion is only the beginning, but it doesn’t go far enough. Moreover, the palace and King Charles III have to be consistent with the changes they are planning for the Monarchy and with their messaging.

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion
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Meghan Markle Royal Demotion: Incoherent and Clumsy

The current royal succession line up is a real mess. Prince Harry made it clear he didn’t want to be part of the British Royal Family. So, get rid of the titles and don’t bestow any to their children as well. Additionally, the incoherent attempt to demote Markle from the website the ‘weekend of 24th September 2022’ was clumsy, at best. It also left more questions.

Any keen observer could see they demoted Markle, whilst still praising and elevating her. They achieved this by adding back her activities under the ‘charities and patronages’ section. They had removed the details on 9th September 2022, as we observed. It remained removed for over two weeks. Why add them back now? Instead they should have just relegated her to the bottom, without much fanfare, just like Prince Andrew, whose section header was void all together. We wrote about our observations on their nonsensical edits to the website on Monday, 26th September.

Either King Charles III or the Palace, or maybe both are playing stupid games. ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ and the Palace is setting themselves up for another one with the latest ‘demotion’ edits on their website, which isn’t a demotion at all. Gabrielle Bourne Media questions everything, especially illiberal nonsense. But it’s not enough to just question, we provide the proof as well.

The Royal Family Website: 9th September 2022

The Meghan Markle Royal Demotion reduced her “prominence” on the website. This occurred sometime on Monday 26 September 2022. Her profile is now above Prince Andrew. Royal reporters and the media first reported on the changes to the Royal Family website. However, another change occurred with little to no fanfare by the press. This change occurred on 9th September 2022 at 22:45:42. And it was a major change because it involved the complete removal of activities from Meghan Markle’s charities and patronages section.

This was in similar fashion to what happened to Prince Andrew. However, whilst Markle’s‘ charities and patronages section header remained intact, Prince Andrew’s was completely removed. Furthermore, an explanation for Andrew’s ‘status change’ was given on 13th January 2022. Additionally, Andrew’s extensive bio was significantly reduced. Now, that’s a demotion!

The Royal Family Website: The Duke of York

This is the change that occurred to The Duke of York’s Charities and Patronages.

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion

The section header was removed on 18th January 2022 18:23:55

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion

Meghan Markle Royal Demotion: Question Everything

As we stated on our 26th September 2022 observation, don’t pop open the bubbly just yet. We don’t know the reason behind the Palace’s decision to ADD BACK all of Meghan Markle’s previously removed activities under charities and patronages, which occurred on 9th September. There aren’t too many critical thinkers asking questions either. So far, we haven’t seen any reports suggesting that something is amiss.

It’s curious that for over two weeks, there was no mention of Meghan Markle’s activities, charities or patronages on the Royal Family website. Since Markle no longer holds these patronages, what was the point of adding them all back? If the British Royal Family wishes to remain relevant, they should be consistent and transparent with their messaging.

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